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Sonic Blade Complaints
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1/17/2007 - Frank writes:
I ordered the Sonic Blade (2 for 1 complete) on Dec 8,2006 and was told I might have it by Christmas. (the second knife was for a gift) I didn't receive the shipment until 12-29-06 and was missing the "food holder," the "manual," and the "garlic peeler." I called on 12-29-06 and was on hold for 35 minutes, (talked to Matthew) and was told I would receive the missing items in about 4 or 5 days. I didn't receive anything!!! I called again on 1-8-07 and was on hold for 45 minutes and refused to talk to the rep (Matthew again) who answered and was transferred to a supervisor(Sonja) who told me the items would be shipped in 5 to 7 days and she credited me $7.95. Again, I didn't get the items. I called again on 1-16-07 and asked for a particular telephone ext (2040) for "Sonja" and was told that she was out to lunch and would return my call as soon as she returned. NO ONE CALLED !!! I called again on 1-17-07 and was on hold for 10 minutes before being answered and then put on hold again for another 10 minutes waiting for supervisor "Sonja." A different supervisor answered and explained that the missing items were on backorder and would be sent to me within 2 1/2 weeks (HONESTLY) and issued me a credit and is sending me some additional plastic containers that I asked for, for my inconvenience. This particular supervisor seemed very apologetic and very sincere, so I'll see what happens from here. I wouldn't reccommend doing business with this company. I asked the supervisor how she would feel if she bought a new car and it came without a steering wheel, how would she feel? She agreed with me.

1/11/2007 - Brian writes:
We purchased a sonic blade from the tv commercial .It arrived about 6 weeks after we ordered it . My wife did not like the product as her hand kept hitting the safety switch ( which was in a bad position on the knife )shutting the knife down . We returned the knife complete with the free plastic containers we could have kept and paid the return shipping charges .When I got my refund they had deducted 68.70 off it saying this was for shipping & handling .It also cost me 37.40 to send it back from Canada . All toll it cost me 106.10 for something we don,t have . Let the buyer beware

12/28/2006 - Jan writes:
i order two of these items and the rechargible battery pack was missing in both.. that makes them useless. i called and 2 weeks later i got a package of upgrades- but no batteries. 2 months afteri ordered i still have nothing.

12/20/2006 - Dane writes:
December 20, 2006 Dear Infomercial Scams.com: I purchased the Sonic Blade knife and find it to be a good product. But Sonic Blade's marketing is a scam. I declined all of the "free" accessories, because the additional shipping charges that Sonic Blade wanted were more than I judged the accessories to be worth, and so did not get charged those ridiculous additional S+H fees. But, guess what? They sent those accessories anyway, at no additional charge. From the packing of the shipping box (which was well packed), it became clear that Sonic Blade is only set up to ship the whole package, including the accessories. That is, if they find a buyer who is willing to pay their outrageous additional S&H for the supposedly "free" products, it's pure profit. So don't accept any of the added "freebies," because you'll be getting them anyway. The other problem is that Sonic Blade charged my credit card a higher amount than I had authorized; this amount included California state sales tax and the excessive $39.95 S&H fee. Further, they overcharged the California state sales tax by several dollars. I wonder if they even remit the sales taxes they collect to the California Franchise Tax Board? I have sent the Sonic Blade customer service an email, asking that a refund be posted to my credit card, or else I will file a "changed amount" dispute with my bank. I am also considering sending emails to the California Franchise Tax Board and to the Utah Tax Commssion, since Sonic Blade is located in Salt Lake City. Regards, Dane []

12/7/2006 - Jon writes:
We ordered the Sonic Blade by dialing the toll free number provided by the infomercial. The product never showed up at our home. I checked my bank account, and they hadn't charged us. So the wife called to ask about the status of our order. They told her that they had no record of the order. We thought that maybe they had forgot to process it, and decided to leave well enough alone. This is where the problem began. You see, about four weeks after we tried to order the thing, they took eighty dollars out of our checking account. We have never received a thing from this company, and now we can't get through to talk to anyone. My wife got all the way to caller number six, and then they bumped her back to twenty-three. I will be reporting this company to the better business bureau, and quite possibly getting a lawyer. The way this company does business is appalling.

11/29/2006 - Dale writes:
You decide if this is a scam. I recieved the Sonic Blade for my birthday about 2 months ago. There were no instructions, the trigger was frozen and the battery would not charge (did I "accidentally" get somebodys return?). So I called Sonic and desribed the problem and they said they would send some replacement items. Over a months passes amd still no parts, so I called Sonic again and got lip service about backorders etc, but they would ship the parts in 2 days. Guess what, here we are 10 days later and no parts; so I called today and now they will ship in 2 weeks on 12/10/06. I asked then to refund my 70 year old mother who purchased this for me and I would throw this knife in the garbage where it belongs, but Sonic refuses to do this. They would offer some sort of refund if I pay the shipping back to them though. (This would be brilliant though on thier part; keep revolving this broken junk across the nation to unsuspecting seniors, they could make thousands from one item!). Well, its too late for us to call the credit card company (never, ever order anything that takes longer than 30 days to arrive), so I hope this helps some of you. Just what we need, more Chineese Caraaap!

10/18/2006 - Richard writes:
Like Beth writes on 9/11/2006 I started to order this product. But as the amount grew I decided to hold on, not complete the order, and conduct some further review. The postings here at Infomercial scams.com were the major reason for me not completing the order. So I wondered; would I be charged and shipped a product that I did not complete an internet order for? One week passed and I receive an e-mail confirmation on this order I placed from Sonic Blade. My first reaction are they this dumb? The e-mail stated the order was placed on 10/18/2006 when I actually visited the web site one week prior. The confirmation e-mail did not even include a confirmation number. This was the only e-mail received after visiting their web site. I acted immediately by calling their 1-800 number and politely told them to cancel this order. I was told the order would be canceled and I would not be charged. Before ending the call I requested a confirmation number which I was given. I politely recommended that if they wish to conduct business like this on-line they should change their we site behavior and ended my call. I did not stop there and contacted the credit card company concerning this. My only option is to dispute the charge if I am still billed. If they continue to be that dumb then I should hopefully win out on the dispute. Wow-I have purchased many products over that past several years online with no issues like this. Fortunately I stepped back and reviewed. This site and the posting by Beth definately stopped me from completing the order and I really wondered if they were that gutsy to continue their practice? At first I thought - no. But a week later they proved me wrong and Beth correct. Thank you so very much. Watch this one! They need to be reported...No disclaimers, no warning, no confirmation number? Just vist their web site and once they have what they need you're it! Credit card protection also halps.

10/18/2006 - Richard writes:
Comments: My wife sent for an electric knife off your channel. It is called the "Sonic Blade". The package was to cost $129.89 plus shipping/handling. Money back guarantee if not satisfied. The knife is unsuitable for cleaning fish because of its ballance and length from your hand to the blade. After checking with Sonic Blade I found out that they charged me $40.64 shipping/handling. I checked with DHL and found I can ship it back to them for $7.66. They have "fine print" that states s/h costs are not refundable. So for about $48.30 I got a chance to see their product! Their shipping/handling practices a not ethical. They explained their cost by itemizing what it would cost to ship each item even though they were all shipped togeather. This is fraud! I hope you will not accept their business or at least require complete disclosure of their shipping practices. I'm a sportsman that enjoys watching your channel and feels informed, even by the commercials. I have delt with many companies offering outdoor/hunting&fishing products and have always been treated fairly. Not by Sonic Blade! Thank you, Richard

9/24/2006 - Seymour writes:
I purchased the Sonic blade as a result of watching the infomercial. I have several electric knives, however I thought that this one would be far easier to use than the others, judging from the demonstration I was mistaken. This thing does not hum, or sing or cut. Save your money. "Sonic" implies nothing but a very poor electric knife. The only sound, other than the sound of the ineffective blades moving, will be the sound of your frustration as you open the kitchen drawer to take out a real working knife

9/11/2006 - Beth writes:
I went on their website to place an order. I entered all my personal info, including my checking account number. After seeing how much this product was going to cost, with all the upgrades and add-ons, I did not want it anymore. It would have been double the $99.00 advertised price. There was no mention on the website that if even if you did not get to the end of the order and accept it, you would still have the product shipped and your account debited. I did not want to purchase it since the product was so misleading. I got out of the website. A couple of weeks later it arrived on my doorstep, and I refused it. My checking account was debited. After 2 months and many phone calls, one of which I was hung up on because I wanted my money back, I finally got part of my money. I am still waiting for my S&H of $39.14. I never finished the order process, and there was no disclaimer that I could not cancel once I started the order process.

7/14/2006 - Eunice writes:
The blades come apart and won't stay in the holder. Customer service hangs up when you call. It seems like they make their money on handling because you're suppose to lose your shipping and have to pay to ship it back!

7/14/2006 - Matthew writes:
This product was shippped with obvious defects. The mechanism needed to keep the two blades together is defective and can seriously injur the user. Also the on switch is very difficult to operate. Just because a product has a 30 day trial, it doesn't mean defective products should be intentionall shipped, costing the consumer the cost of shipping and return which could run $30.00

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