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Space Bag Complaints
Total Complaints: 46
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5/17/2007 - Tina writes:
These are awful. I purchased the travel bags (3-pk.) and a 2-pk of vacuum Space Bags and neither set work. The blue zipper falls off easily and the seal itself does not close properly. Every last one of them leaks air. The two large ones don't even last 1 day. These need to be taken off the market!

5/10/2007 - Diana writes:
I purchased three different size bags. I even had a professional engineer seal these bags with the cleaner. We tried many times on each bag. They do not work. In a few minutes they were all back to normal size. I called the number on the bag and they told me they were defective. I had to send back the logo and etc to the comnpany in Calif. the other bag I returned because I bought it at [] which was close. I had 3 bags and they did not work. I spent over 20.00 for these bags and spent a whole afternoon of frustration trying to get them to work. I gave up. They do not work.

5/1/2007 - Jess writes:
Space Bags are a horrible product. When they are sealed (IF one can get them to seal), they leak. I have trouble getting the valves to completely work, as they often don't allow the air to completely exit the bag. I used them to (try) to pack away seasonal clothing. I ended up laying *on top* of the Space Bag to get all of the air to exit. This is QUITE the humorous sight. Essentially, these bags would not be fit to hold one's garbage, let alone store garments and other items that could presumably be shrunk down for easy storage.

4/10/2007 - Tehran writes:
Like someone else said I wish I would have seen this site earlier, I would never had bought them. I ordered space bags in feb. and its April and I still haven't recieved anything and everytime I call I get disconnected I even got a live person to talk to and she hung up on me. I ended up leaving a message just waiting for a responce. I think we should report them to the B.B.B

4/4/2007 - Ann writes:
I bought a double pack at Linens and Things, packed away four down blackets and some clothing, stacked them on the floor to the back of my closet and two days later, all bags were full of air and even though I did it again, all leaked. The zippers don't work as the zip thingie falls off and you have to zip by hand. Besides being a waste of 20 bucks, I have to do the whole thing all over again. This is a scam.

11/9/2006 - Anonymous writes:
Space Bags, Purchased a pack of 5 for $15 at [] to try out before my mom bought them on TV. Not as easy to use as shown. Valves stayed intact, zippers stayed closed though catch came off on 2. No tearing problems. Only _____1_____ holds a vacuum. My math says 20%. Apparently when you buy a space bag you become the "Quality Control" department for Space Bag. Called Customer Service, got rerouted to another number where I had to leave a call back message - surprise - got a call back in about 2 hours. Explained problem and the rep said for me to cut out the logo's on the bags and return them and they would ship out replacements. Haven't done this - figure 3 of the next four would probably be bad too! Good idea cheap quality. Best thing we can do is to print out this column and send it to [] and [] etc. Cut their distribution channels out from under them. They need to go out of business and soon.

10/13/2006 - Erin writes:
i also ordered a set of bags in march as a present for a friend's birhtday. my account was also debited immediatly. it is now october and i have not received bags nor explanation! is it even legal to charge someone's credit card so far in advance of goods being shipped?

8/14/2006 - Cheryl writes:
I packed the spacebags that I ordered. Not only would the bags not seal at the top, only one would 'squish' down when suction was applied. That one was the first used when I moved and I was, at that time looking forward to the storage problem being solved. At moving, I loosely packed the other bags and found they wouldn't seal at the top, or operate as shown on TV. I now have eight bags sitting in my storage area, not even sealed from any dust. I tried to contact SpaceBag, to no avail. I am very disappointed.

7/28/2006 - Connie writes:
I ordered a double order of Space Bags on July 2nd...I received the order on the 27th! I had tried this product earlier and found the bags wouldn't hold the seal but I thought since it's been years, perhaps they had perfected them. Boy was I wrong! Some of the jumbo size bags wouldn't even line up enough to close much less hold a seal! This product is JUNK and the ads should be taken off the market. I won't bother returning them as I understand the shipping is too high. I guess I can just use them as big sandwich bags to keep out dust. What a disappointment!

7/5/2006 - Gary writes:
This product is junk. I ordered directly for ITW's website, it took 33 days to get delivered. When I did received the bags (which I had to go the to post office to pick up), I tried several only to find they leaked. After close inspection I could easily see a flaw in the manufacturing that caused the zip lock not to line up and the ends. Getting through to customer service was impossible and three voicemails were never returned. When I did get a response from the company they told me to ship the bags back and they will refund less the original shipping costs, so on a $50 order the shipping was $16 and it is going to cost me another $10 to ship it back, I will get $25 back and the can resell the bags (to another sucker).

6/22/2006 - Linda writes:
i found these things cumbersome an dhard to use you have to get the clothing exactly positioned right or it wont work..and the price...yikes..what a rip off

6/16/2006 - David writes:
I purchased from www.spacebag.com and the order took just over three weeks to arrive. The 2 extra free bags / bonus offer was not included with my order. I’ve called the company and was put on hold and then transferred to a machine to leave a message. I’ve sent e-mails from the “live person chat” link …yes the chat with a live person link on the bottom right of the home page is only and always a link to send e-mail, which I’ve never received a response from. I did get one response from this e-mail [email protected] under customer service but only after two attempts in regards to why I hadn’t received my order yet, which they replied with “please allow 7 to 10 business days to receive your order”... it had already been 10 business days. For the bags themselves, so far 2 out of the seven do not work. At this point it’s not even worth the continued aggravation to try and get the 2 bonus bags and replacement for the defective bags. If you want to try out the "Space Bag" I would buy them from a local store, you’ll get to return them without hassles after you realize they don’t work. Based on some other reviews I would assume it’s only a matter of a few months before all seven bags no longer hold the vacuum.

5/26/2006 - Gill Oneill writes:
I would love to try product. i ordered 3 sets on 22nd of March and my bank account was debited instantly.($95+ ) Since when I have not SEEN 'hide nor hair' of these products despite emailing the company on numerous occasions. I am reluctant to phone in case that is another way of grabbing money off me with no intention to ship. Have they gone out of business??? I really want their product why don't they respond.

5/25/2006 - Susan writes:
I purchased a total of 10 bags. One of the sets offered on the "Official Website" and several from a local merchant that carries this product. Not One of them holds the vacuum. I have read through the testimonials on this site but nobody seems to have the problem I did. They all had small tears or cuts in them. I tried patching some to see if they would work, and they did hold the vacuum longer than the others but eventually they all reinflated. I guess the saying is true, there is "one born every minute."

3/27/2006 - Frank writes:
I chose to save by purchasing the large package, including various sizes and two 'travel' bags.  Not one of the 17 bags holds a vacuum.  The only thing they're good for is for creating a temporary reduction in size so you can squeeze them into a tight place.  Then, just pray you can get them back out after they loose the vacuum.

2/1/2006 - June writes:
I purchase this product for a christmas gift. It arrived after christmas and I refused the item, returning to the post office and requested a refund.  To date I have not recieved my refund even though   I have been in contact with the company on a weekly bases. The person who told me if I wanted the product by Christmas I should have placed the order as and expressed order.  The telephone order systems does not give yout hat option.  This company plays a lot of games and has poor customer service.  I placed a stop payment on my account for this order, since the company is unwilling to resolve the problem. I will never recommend them or place orders with them again!

2/1/2006 - Carol writes:
I used these for underbed storage. The principle works fine, but be careful not to "catch" the bag on any sharp object. The ones I pushed under my bed got caught in part of the frame and were totally useless due to the leak it developed. The plastic should be made stronger (poke resistant). It would be nice if the product would have a repair kit enclosed with it.

1/17/2006 - Elena writes:
Great Concept However, the product doesnt work. After 15 minutes only 1 bag out of 14 had not re-inflated. One bag lost the valve (into the vacuum hose) when we pulled vacuum on the bag. The one good bag lost the vacuum after one hour. We tried recompressing the zipper and at the same time apply vacuum but it didnt help either. The trick is to suck the air out and quickly put the Spacebags in the suitcase (and hope the zippers hold and at the same time pray that a customs officer dont ask you to open the suitcase  because you cant close it again without a vacuum cleaner) Calling Customer Service didnt help (got a prerecorded message). They did however call back 3 weeks later. But there was nothing they could do (because we had not purchased the bags directly from Spacebags). We had seen the product on TV but needed it quickly before a family trip, so we bought it at Linen and Things. Subsequently, we took the remaining bags back to Linen and Things. They reimbursed us for the bags we brought back (we lost the money for the bags that we discarded at the destination because the valves on these bags also ended up in the vacuum cleaner) It is about time that the Glad Products Company or one of the other quality manufacturers takes the concept and run Spacebag out of business by introducing a product that works.

1/9/2006 - Gary writes:
i've bought 3 different sets, they ALL don't work ! The only kind I've found that works is for your luggage, where you roll the bags up with your clothes in them. the bags push the air out, and nothing comes in. works great. but, don't travel with them. you'll go over your bag weight limit and have to repack at the airport. that happened to us !

12/18/2005 - Helen writes:
I was really impressed with the spacebags infomercial. We live in a duplex and storage space is at a premium. I'd stored some stuff...sweaters, winter bedding, ski clothes...a couple of months ago. When winter started, I tried to store my patio furniture pads. (They'll be nice and fresh next summer, right???) One bag leaked air immediately  and was back to full size within 15 minutes. Tried to suction it down again and the rubber fixture went down the vacuum hose. Luckily, I managed to hit the power button and grab it before it got into the main part of the vacuum. Another bag did work, but then when I went to put it with the other bags that were sealed a couple of months ago, I found that EVERY one of them has leaked air. I've just sucked the air back out again, but obviously, this product is not performing as expected. Thank God I didn't put important photos and documents in one and dump gallons of water on it, as suggested by their infomercial! This product is a GREAT idea. I would be really happy with them if they actually worked. Don't waste your $$ until they fix the design flaws. After the first week of ownership, I'd recommended these to my friends. Now I'm going to have to go "eat crow" and tell them that they're junk. I'm sorry, but how hard is it to make a plastic bag that stays closed??????

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