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Spin Spa Complaints
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3/16/2007 - Ty writes:
Tried using it once. Doesnt have enough power to really do anything. Your better off trying to exfoliate by hand =/ dont waste your money!

8/13/2006 - Tina writes:
I purchased my first Spin Spa from []. During the first (and only) use of that one, some of the heads would wobble and come off no matter how much care you exercised in putting them on, then the knob the attachments click on to stopped turning. I took it back and got a second one. In two weeks the same thing happened, so I returned that one and am on a quest to find a similar product that actually hold up for more than a few uses. So many of the products that are seen on 'infomercials' are now available in stores. If you see a product you'd like to try, avoid the non-refundable 'shipping costs' and unexpected credit card charges and purchase the items from a retail outlet instead!

8/3/2006 - Karen writes:
This is a worthless product. We saw the informercial and I was intrigued by it, but didn't want to pay over the phone. [] had the same product, cheaper, so we bought it there. The thing is a worthless piece of junk. The foot "sander"--which was what we were really interested in--falls off if you try to actually press it up against your foot hard enough to do anything, and the "spinning" isn't fast enough to really exfoliate the feet. It's loud, too. We returned it and got our money back. Don't bother with this product!

4/26/2006 - RoJean writes:
I called to place an order for Spin Spa, and The automated order line was so long I constanly repeated, Just forget it} Just cancel the order, I don't want it. Spin Spa took the money from my credit card anyway and never sent any product. and every time I call they give me the run around, they hang up on me, they say I am talking to the wrong people, They won't refund my card. Now I am stuck having to file a law suite for theft by deception against spin spa.

3/7/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I tried to order after seeing the TV offer..the tel number  you call is all AUTOMATED  and they keep asking you to add  and add more and more items to your original order, they offer a free robe , then they tell you thats 3.99 extra in shipping plus the 7.99, then they offer some wal mart related deal that will keep on charging your CC 14.99 a month unless you [remember ] to cancel ,it is endless and there is NO way to stop it , I HAD TO HANG UP MY PHONE AND CONTACT MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY.then I found a number for SPIN SPA on the web ,I called  ,they said  I have to wait 24 -48 hrs!!!!! this is as bad a being hijacked by pirates. 

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