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Steam Buggy Complaints
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10/16/2005 - Melody writes:
I don't agree that it doesn't work at all or hold enough water. With the narrow nozzle, mine (purchased in 2001) worked GREAT. I had realistic expectations - after all, it's only a blast of steam - and adored it with that nozzle. Everything else was a fizzle. Clothes steamer sputters incredibly. Flimsy terry cover for window and floor cleaning doesn't fit and therefore doesn't work. The wider the nozzle, the more the sputter. Only useful brush - the little round one - wore out quickly and there's no place to buy a new one. Then the cap started leaking for no particular reason. It shoots steam out the sides, and there is NO way to contact the company included in the paperwork, or, for that matter, a company name on it.

Betty writes:
I was very impressed with the infomercial on the Steam Buggy and thought it was just what I needed.  I does not clean as they stated.  If the stains are fresh it will clean them.  It will not clean old stains, mildew, or baked on grease and dirt.  It certainly was not worth the price I paid for it. My old cleansers does a better job.  So buyer beware, this product is not worth the money and does not do the job that they advertise. 

Val writes:
The Steam Buggy does not blast away rust. It will do mildew only if it is fairly new and loose already. No change at all on old stains. It did next to nothing in my oven. Again, only on very new drips. It's just not as powerful as they portray on tv. I feel it was really misrepresented. I don't think it's worth what they asked for it.

Linda writes:
This machine is not what is portrayed on TV. It does not get any old stains out, nor does it melt the grease on the stove top or in the oven. Total waste of my money and time.

Karen writes:
I have a steam Buggy that I purchased in 1999. I used it twice. I thought this would have great pressure coming from the machine to blast away the mildew and lime from my shower stall. Well, it didn't. It spread the liquid around and did not loosen any of the mildew that had been embedded on there for a long time. This is not worth the money the infomercial charges. It's is worthless. I do not recommend this to anyone. Buyer beware!!

Dee writes:
I also got the steam buggy due to the TV ads. It is a total waste of money.  I had to do twice the work to clean anything that I used it on.  I wish now I would have just saved my money and bought more cleaning supplies.

Don writes:
I purchased the Steam Buggy as a gift for my wife. Like everything we tend to believe what we see on T.V. as Truth! The real truth behing the Steam Buggy is that it cleans almost nothing. So people Beware that this product does very little in the way of cleaning. Your better off getting the scrub brush out and use the conventional method of cleaning then to waste your hard earned money on this product. In a rating of 1-10 I give it a -10.

Curt writes:
Bought with utmost excitement and enthusiasm. Sold under a facade to transfer money from consumer account to theirs. I now personally believe any advertisement lacks truth, integrity, and moral substance. Used twice with frustration. Free to anyone who is interested. No refunds, will not accept back.

Virginia writes:
My husband purchased the steam buggy after watching the infomercial.  It's claims are grossly overrated.  The one thing it does reasonably well is to clean hard surface floors, like tile or wood.  I used it only for that purpose and was satisfied until, on the 3rd use, the plastic part of the cap broke and the unit no longer contains the steam.  I contacted the distributor to have the cap replaced 6 months ago.  They keep telling me it is on back-order.  I believe they have no intention of replacing it.  At this point I certainly would not recommend this product to anyone.

Linda writes:
it doesn't work as they say it would...it just ran the dirt all over...the tank's not large enough to hold enough water to do any good.   Easier just to clean with cleansers, etc.. BUT...this is not true with all infomercials... some (most) of the products I bought (as seen on tv) work as well or better than they say they will, there are just a few "oddballs" out there.

Josh writes:
This thing is a piece of junk.Looks great on TV but when you get it its a different story.Man what a waste of money and time. Don't even buy it for 10.00 at a garage sale.

Myriam writes:
I bought the Steam Buggy after seeing an informercial in November 2001. It is the yellow one.They not only overcharged me but delivered the steam buggy 2 1/2 months later than the 4 to 6 weeks promised. After using it a few times the black top cap broke, so the steam buggy can no longer be used. I called their customer service and was promised a new cap would be sent to me within 2 weeks. That was in Mai 2002. On January 6, 2003, I faxed them a request for the black cap and told them I would report them. I got a voice-mail message saying it was on back order, that they were still waiting for the caps to be shipped from China but that they expected to receive them "soon". Since then, nothing. It is now April 20, 2003. I spent almost $200.00 for the steam buggy, and have been given the run-around since January 2002. It is a ripp-off. Beware of any products coming from Tristar Products.

Janelle writes:
Don't Buy It!!!! The yellow steam buggy doesn't do what they say it does.  It's too heavy for me to have to carry around anyway.  What a Scam!!  How do these people sleep at night?  Don't they have a concience? Maybe not....but I know they took our money. To me.... It's called theft of services!! They should ban infomercials.  If it sounds too good to be true - don't buy it.

Colleen writes:
I bought mine about 2001, it is a piece of junk, didn't do anything and it costalmost $200, this is the 2nd time I was taken by this company, got my money back both times because I filed complaints with attorney general etc. they have a long list of complaints against them

Peggy writes:
I bought the yellow steam buggy in 2001. It cleaned nothing. The black cap also broke on mine. Never buy one of these.

Russ writes:
My mom purchased a staem buggy in 1997 and I tried it then and it didn't work properly. Hot water drips down the hose and steam comes out the holes where the hose connects to the nozzle and I got burnt by it.  I had forgotten it was so bad and my mother had just sold her house and I found the Steam Buggy again. Thinking that this was a unit that had replaced the bad one I tried to use it and had the same problems. I am surprised no one else has had this problem. So I am going to throw away the $200 item that was a big waste of money.  Unfortunately this is an item bought in 1997 so I am not even goingt to waste the time and effort to do anything about it. Just cash in the trash as another infomercial says. But their product is excellent

LeAnn writes:
This product purchase was another major mistake on my part. The tank does not hold enough water to do anything. It is awkward and clumsy to use. And after using the steam buggy on my shower (which was the only time I used it) I cleaned it with my regular cleanser. This was a waste of my time (and it takes a lot of time to do a little) and money. Do not buy this product.

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