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Steam Shark Complaints
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10/26/2005 - Bradley writes:
The machine looks so good on television but in reality, DO NOT BOTHER WITH IT! They don't seem to have the problem that I do on the infomercial and that is that when you use it it gives off this ear-splitting noise. It is so bad it should come with free industrial streangth ear defenders for those of us that don't own a pair already! I tried it at around 8 pm and 12 hours later my ears are still having problems. Ok so admittedly i bought a reconditioned one but it had been back to the factory and thoroughly checked out to make suse it was sellable and as good as new. If it is as good as new then they must all make this dreadful noise! And now I have to pay nearly as much on postage and packaging in order to send it back to thenm as I did to buy it! THAT STINKS!!!!!!!! Doubley so as I am EXTREEMELY short of money due to being on benefits!

Tom writes:
I saw this advertisement for the Shark Portable Steam Cleaner on an early morning informercial.  This thing looked and worked great. For that matter, it never stopped working!  I mean this thing never ran out of steam or pressure! It even blew these emty gallon jugs off a table! You could probably breath on those containers and do the same thing! They claim that the steam pressure last for up to 30 minutes!  No such thing. I got about 8 to 10 minutes at best when I initially turn on the appliance and waited for steam to build. The problem starts when you start to use it on a continuous basis. It just doesn't cut it. That "Super Heated Steam" they claim just isn't there for any appreciable time. On the informercial they showed this guy and a girl ranting about and using the steamer with a continual blast of what looked liked powerful steam cleaning action.  What they don't tell you is that they set up all the areas to be cleaned to fool the people into believing this thing is doing some serious cleaning! No such thing. Go to someone's home and try cleaning their oven! The twosome will make a day of it and still won't get it done. Total baloney! Well there seems to be no truth in advertising these days. What you are seeing is usually an illusion or just a lie. They also indicate that when the green light comes on, you should have a full head of steam, no such luck. When the green light came on after 5 to 8 minutes I had barely any steam! When the red light came on I had some steam which didn't last more than a couple of minutes. You can hear the thing start to boil.  After the steam died I got a fine column of warm water which didn't do anything but make a mess. I could probably clean better using a hot rag with soap and water. It's just another sales pitch to get your money and make a killing.  You can always try it and give it back like I did for less than $100.  It's not worth $40. What a disappointment. Don't be fooled. 

John writes:
I ordered one of these products through the website connected to the TV infomercial that they were running.  First of all, I had to wait nearly three months for the product to ship, though they stated it would only take 7-10 days.  When it finally did ship to me, it was improperly packaged and had been seriously damaged in shipment.  Upon contacting customer service, I was requested to pay for their defective product to be shipped to New York for repair and they wanted me to insure it as well.  Aside from the fact that the item shipped to me from Chino, CA (I live about 30 miles from there), its not right to make the customer pay for a the repair of a product they delivered in a defective state.   After letting them know how unsatisfactory I found this situation, I informed them that the item is being returned for refund and I want all billing removed from my credit card.  Interesting note, to return the item for refund I send it to the Chino address.  My advice is to have nothing to do with these people and anything they have to offer.

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