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Super Blue Stuff Complaints
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Sharon writes:
I ordered this product for someone if my family who has a chronically painful condition as a gift. That was back in the first week of December. I never received the product (fortunately, I haven't been billed for it either) but several attempts to contact them about it have fallen on deaf ears. I am not re-ordering because of this lack of care for their potential customers... 

Karen writes:
On February 3, 2002 I ordered 12oz of Super Blue Stuff ober Blue Stuff's web site. My American Express card was charged on February 5, 2002 and I have long paid AE. As of April 20, 2002, I am still awaiting receipt of the product. Weekly phone calls have been made to Blue Stuff and for the first few calls I was unable to get in touch with their customer service (non toll free line). The last few phone calls to customer service have been made by my husband and he is getting firmer and firmer with them. They claim the product was shipped to us on April 5, 2002 and since we get stuff from the US all the time (within a week), someone is not being truthful. They also claim that orders are being held up at the border and my husband has spoken to both Canada Customs and the Health Protectorate Branch and both say there is no reason to hold these shipments as there is nothing illegal in the product. My husband also faxed a letter to company CEO, Jack McClung, via a fax number on McClung's charitable foundation web site and this gentleman has chosen to ignore the letter. We have also filed information with American Express, Better Business Bureau of Oklahoma City and a number of other websites. We certainly wonder about the legitimacy of a firm that takes your money and nearly three months later has still not sent the product. Obviously the CEO is too busy counting his cash to respond to appeals for the product. If you're going to try Blue Stuff, far sooner order it from a reputable dealer that offers overnight delivery as you'll get the product far quicker.

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