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Sweep N Mop
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10/14/2006 - Walt writes:
This kind of thing sux. Looks like a good deal at first. A rip off is a rip off....plain and simple. This product and it's marketing/sales are nothing more than a scam. It's been way over a month since ordering online. No mention or even option of reviewing a total charges is available and no way of backing out of the deal is provided. i didn't even get an e-mail until it was too late to do anything about it. Paying 116 dolars for a 10 dollar mop is a bit extreem, especially when mop heads are where the bulk of the charges lie and they're supposed to be "free for life"? i have informed all government agencies concerning consumer protection and have made it my "mission" to see that the fewest people possible don't fall for the same scam I have.

9/25/2006 - Soumya writes:
Hi, I saw the commercial on TV & as the busy working mom of a little boy I thought why not?Anything that would help me make things easier.And once I began at the site I wanted to cancel my order immediately but then it refused to cancel & the total bill was $39!!I called their customer service the next day & the lady said she has cancelled the order-but in a week the mops arrived!So I called again & was asked to return the mop for a refund-which I did-i do hv a tracking number also.But no refund for over a month!Now if I call the customer service number-its a friendship hotline!My god!What a scam!I have never done anything like this before!

9/17/2006 - Rina writes:
My Mom ordered this item by phone & never spoke to a live person. It was all done by an automated system. When she got her credit card bill from them, it was $298.00!! They apparently were sending her items that she never ordered. She was only trying to order the $10 deal advertised on TV. She refused any & all packages from them & her credit card company got her account credited. She was lucky. Please do not order from this company. I'm amazed that they are still in business!!

9/9/2006 - Jim writes:
Please do not buy or attempt to buy these mops. Once you click on the buy button, then you find out shipping is the rip off. You cannot cancel this product, don't fall for it. Everybody sends them back when they find out the shipping charge and you will not be refunded the shipping charge. I think they probably only have one mop and six replacement heads that people who have been ripped off keep returning. They make there money on the shipping and handling. They are crooks. Please don't waste your money like we did.

9/6/2006 - Joyce writes:
We also got scammed by Sweep 'n Mop. My husband saw the TV commercial and ordered the stupid mop and 6 replacement heads. When the order came, I tried the mop - the telescoping handle would not stay locked, the mop head fell off and (after unscrewing the head and jamming the mop back into place) you could only pull the mop because if you pushed it the sponge mop fell off again. Then I got my credit card bill - $59.59! I called and said I was overcharged - she said it was $19.95 (it was supposed to be $10) for one sweep n mop and one FREE sweep n mop plus $7.95 per mop S&H and, even though the 6 replacement mop heads were supposed to be free under their “free lifetime supply of mop heads offer, “ the charge for S&H was $3.95 per mop head. Bear in mind that the 2 mops and 6 heads were in the same package! I told her I wanted to return everything because the mop is junk. She said S&H charges are NOT REFUNDABLE, but they would give me a $10 credit and send another mop. I asked for a supervisor and, not surprisingly, none were available. I called again and asked for a supervisor, then was told they would send me a shipping label to return the product. Two calls later, I finally got the label and return instructions. They said to enclose a copy of my original invoice — however, there was no invoice in the package when I received it. So I shipped it back 8/15 and am now calling repeatedly requesting my credit, but they keep telling me they have no record of the return. They want a tracking or delivery confirmation number, which I do not have because the PO said nothing other than their return label was needed. I filed a complaint with my credit card company - they also asked for a copy of my invoice.
This is very frustrating!! I will persevere though because I want my refund. I am also going to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau and Connecticut Attorney General. You can see lots of other sweep ’n mop complaints at []

8/21/2006 - Tommy writes:
It was late at night- I saw the stupid commercial on TV- I decided at $10 who can lose? Well as I went through the process online- I noticed they tell you the one on the commercial is almost guaranteed to break why not upgrade to the good one? I did. Free mop? ok. Free mop heads? why not?!? I just got my credit card statement- $120 F-ing dollars- FOR A MOP. I am sure it costs almost a $100 to ship this crap. I am not going to refuse the package- if it ever comes(has been 3 weeks). I am going to file a formal complaint against the company.

8/13/2006 - Janet writes:
I too was just looking at the Sweep and Mop commercial thinking "That looks good for 10.00..." When I saw the shipping was 39.90 I clicked right out of the page.. Too late!!! Like has been said they want the credit info up front.My bank wanted me to talk to them but I figured if they are dishonest enough to steal from me they will dither about return shipping and I decided if I had to pay one penny I was just gonna keep the stupid mops!Please don't even look at their site unless you really want these mops.Sweep and Mop stole from me.Don't deal with them.

8/6/2006 - Sunny writes:
One Saturday night (7/8/2006), my parents saw the Sweep 'n' Mop commercial on TV. Initially, they thought that it was a good deal. I mean, for $10, you can get one of these lovely things. But wait! There's more! You get another one of these mops for free and get free replacement heads for life! With that, they happily sent me to punch in an order for a set of the two mops and a set of 6 replacement heads. Now that I think about it, there were many red flags that we should have noticed. Here is a few: 1.The system asks for your credit card information upfront. 2.There is no way to revise or cancel the order once you have started it. In any case, our order turned out like this: $10 – 2 mops $7.95 * 2 – Shipping for 2 mops $3.95 * 6 – Shipping for the set of 6 replacement heads TOTAL: $49.60 After we figured out that something was not right, my parents had me cancel the order first thing in the morning (7/10). During the call, they claimed that they are unable to cancel the order because it has already been shipped out, and that I can obtain a refund by refusing the package. Their claim that the package has been shipped out is shady at best because they cannot provide me with a tracking number. Additionally, it was 8:30 in the morning when I made the call. The post office could not have opened that early and I know that no sane company would go and individually take each package to the post office as they come along. The package came on 7/21. We refused the package as the postmaster tried to deliver the package, and she took it back. Out of curiosity, I checked the delivery records and the credit card records today (8/6). It turns out that they billed me on 7/13, and started the delivery process on 7/18. If I remember correctly, they promised to not bill until they started the delivery process. The thing that infuriated me most was the credit they put to my account: $10.00. These scoundrels took $39.60 for “shipping!” I feel sorry for Tammy that they will claim $59.58. I have photos of the package we wrote “REFUSED” on it, a log of what happened, and printouts proving all their dishonesty. I am going to dispute this charge first thing in the morning! Even if we do not get our money back, this lesson is absolutely free to those willing to read. Go forth, be wiser, and save yourself from having to graduate from the School of Hard Knocks!

8/1/2006 - Tammy writes:
I bought a sweep-n-mop I thought wow great, need to mop the kitchen, need a new mop.. First they wouldn't give me a total online, then they said you need to call back in 72 hours because it takes that long to go through the system. So I called back in 72 hrs, they had charged my card $69.58. It was only supposed to be 10.00 plus s&h. And its already been shipped, so I have to refuse the shipment and wait for them to credit my account, and you know that'll be a fight. And in a month I can get it at the drug store for 10.00 bucks.... duhhhh

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