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Swivel Sweeper Complaints
Total Complaints: 34
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6/6/2007 - Juliet writes:
This product worked ONE time time beautifully. For the next two time it held the charge for only about three minutes, (after a 24 hour recharge period). Ont the fourth try it would no longer recharge

6/3/2007 - Marion writes:
Do not order the Swivel Sweeper from TV. I just fell for it. I like the Swivel Sweeper I bought from [] for $34.95 last week, so I ordered two for my family from the TV infomercial, which offered two for $40 with free shipping. If there was any info in my packaging about battery life and replacements, I missed it. On the 800 line, you dont get a live person. For one Sweeper, you give your credit card no. to a computer and it automatically matches and tells you your name and address from your telephone no., which has come up on their caller ID. It has added $14.95 shipping. So, now an unknown computer has my credit card information matched to my name, address and phone no. This makes me very uneasy. Then the Computer offers the second Sweeper free plus $14.95 shipping. Then it recommends (several times) buying extra batteries (which last only 45 min), extra swivels, extra filters, each at an extra price plus shipping. There's no option to end the call or cancel the transaction. Then they offer a $50 Walmart certificate if you sign up for free magazine trials. You are still dealing with a computer and it doesn't give the option of saying no. The only way to get rid of it is to hang up, not knowing exactly what the computer has you on the hook for. I'm now wondering if I should cancel my credit card.

5/19/2007 - Eileen writes:
After viewing the infomercial, this product seems like an adequate solution to light cleaning. However, this so called POWERFUL cleaning tool barely holds the charge on the very battery that is supposed to give you the power. Also, the plastic "clips" on the dirt tray break quite easily. When I complained, they said I could buy a new battery and should be more careful in emptying the unit! I WAS CAREFUL...this is just a cheap piece of junk. The local Dollar Store has merchandise constructed better than this....BEWARE!!!! Customer service is actually rude and quite belligerant! Stay away from this product and it's fraudulent infomercial!

5/19/2007 - Sam writes:
what a scam. i order the product a month ago and still haven't received it?? and yeah, they charged by double on S&H!! definitely a scam!! any takers on taking on this company?? don't order by phone - or even order!!

5/4/2007 - John writes:
I haven't used it yet, but the S&H charging is definitely a scam--especially if you order by phone. Twice I called to confirm the total amount that would be charged to my account, and I wrote it down. When the charge came, the S&H was doubled. I called their customer service to complain. But all they could offer was an apology for the order-taker. It's bad business and downright unethical to do this type of bait and switch.

4/26/2007 - Lisamarie writes:
i bought several swivel sweepers for my family at xmas time 2006. two of them do not even work. the two will not hold a charge or even work half the time. i wrote them and they have not responded as of yet it has been one month. i want my money back on the two that do not work. the t.v. commercial is a scam and it does not work like it say it does and it also throws dirt out of the front of the sweeper. so that just doubles your work and doesn't clean right. do not buy this product you'll be very disappointed...i'm informing the better business bureau and more.

4/24/2007 - Jennifer writes:
I bought the Swivel Sweeper about three months ago and thought it was the absolute best product I'd ever purchased, and it was - up until about two weeks ago. It just stopped working. It will hold a charge for about 30 seconds and then die. You have to disconnect it from the charger then reconnect it then it'll last another 30 seconds. I've contacted the company about replacing it but they stated I had to purchase another battery. It's not the battery it's the machine. I was about to purchase another battery and was even thinking about purchasing a whole new swivel sweeper until I read the complaints. Thank you so much for saving me a ton of money. I'll throw it in the garbage where it belongs.

4/15/2007 - Karen writes:
I, like so many others, was impressed by the TV advertising and purchased two and like so many others got ripped off on shipping. It's outrageous. Also they worked great for about 3 months. I did like it while it worked and even my friends bought one. Same thing-they work for about 3-4 months and this is with light cleaning, none of the 4 were used in anything but light dust and little debri. They just don't last and are not worth the money. Also be aware of shipping. Ontel Products Corporation which is offering 2 for the price of 1 is a shipping ripoff deal. You will pay $29.98 for shipping on the two, in their advertisement they say they weigh 2 lbs., so you pay nearly $30 for a wight of 4 lbs

4/12/2007 - Anonymous writes:
Hair gets stucked on the bristles of the swivel swifter, making it difficult to clean. One day, the battery just died. It's in the trash can now where it belongs.

3/29/2007 - Van writes:
I bought two swivel sweepers. One for us and one as a gift. Because a well charged battery did not do the job I bought a back up and that was just as bad. Batteries last about 1 minute or less on a rug. You will notice that all the commercials show them vacuuming on a bare floor. The battery is a complete dud and I am embarrased to think I gave this piece of junk as a gift. I have almost $100 invested in junk. "AS Seen ON TV" is on my donot buy list.

3/26/2007 - Kristi writes:
I bought this and thought, Hey it really works. BOY was I wrong. It Never Holds a CHARGE. They say that there is nothing they can do, You can buy a new battery, but this thing is just a piece of garbage..... Don Waste Your MONEY!!!!

3/26/2007 - Sally writes:
Do not waste your money it is a PIECE OF JUNK!!! If you purchase an electric broom it would be less expense and do a much better job. I used it a few months, got so disgusted with it, I threw it in the garbage where it belongs.

3/25/2007 - Irene writes:
I ordered the Swivel Sweeper and received a confirmation e-mail that it was undelivered. They sent it to the wrong town. The e-mail also claims to NOT reply to the e-mail. My cc has been charged. This sucks!

3/19/2007 - Nan writes:
Bought the Swivel Sweeper on-line. Received it and couldn't use it - had to have the battery fully charged. After the battery was charged (overnight) I used the sweeper - not impressed. Use it sparingly, however have kept the battery charger plugged in so it would be ready, well the battery charger is dead. This is a piece of junk! Save your money and buy a Swiffer (the orange one for carpets) - it works great!

3/16/2007 - Chuck writes:
After seeing the infomercial on the swivel sweeper, I went online to order it, but after seeing how much it was going to cost for S&H I opted instead to buy it at a store. We used it for a couple of months and my wife and daughter liked it, but I agree with other post here that it does tend to flip over spilling the contents. However, going into the 3rd month, it just stopped working altogether. I thought it was the battery so I recharged it again, but its not the battery. It appears the motor has burned out and only after less than 3 months use! If you read the warranty, you have to send $13 for return S&H plus pay the postage to ship it back to them. Forget that, especially after reading these posts. I agree its junk, do not buy it.

3/10/2007 - Burt writes:
Not only is does this company air infomercials that mislead customers to feel that they are getting MUCH better of a deal than you actually are, but this company has representatives working at their call center that offer absolutely NO help!!! I saw the ad and thought it looked like a good deal. I called in and the first thing they asked me for was my credit card number. Of course, I should have thought this was suspect. The problem is after about 10 minutes on the phone, it because not a great deal because I Am also being told I need to buy this for an additional 15 dollars and that for an additional 7 and there is an additional shipping charge of at least 5 dollars for everything else you ordder. I Cancelled the sale and out of curiousity came online here and saw all the complaints. I then called back out of concern that my card would still be charged. The representative and the supervisor were completely and totally rude and unhelpful and the only consolation they could offer me as a consumer is that I could wait til monday( it is saturday morning now) to call the billing department to make sure it wasnt processed. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! they are swindlers

3/8/2007 - Steph writes:
I had the same problem listed with the "cost" being more than it appeared to be advertised. I orderd it online and went ahead with the cost. Fine. I received the product about two weeks ago and about a week ago, I began getting calls from companies that they had sold my information (including my credit card number!) to...one company had acutally already charged my card! I am now forced to cancel that card and have a new one issued. Isn't that illegal? I have gotten no response from the company regarding this issue.

2/16/2007 - Anonymous writes:
I purchased the SwivelSweeper because the commercial showed a woman vacuuming under a sleeping baby. I bought two for my niece who just had twins. It's noisy, doesn't work, is a piece of junk.

2/12/2007 - Beverly writes:
my order was stated as being shipped on 1/27, it's now 2/12, no product and $161.00 charged on my cc. Some needs to put these people in jail.

2/11/2007 - Ashley writes:
This product is great...for a bald person. Cleaning is easy enough. Emptying the tray simple and fast. It's removing the hair that's the problem. If a person has hair that's an inch long or less, they will probably enjoy this product. Otherwise, I found that the little tool provided was not going to solve my hair wrapped around twelve times over. I realize this may be a in-between-vacumming sort of product, but we all have hair that falls out every day, so even if you vacuum one day and use this product the next-you will still have hair wrapped around twelve times over.

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