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Ted Thomas Investing Tax Liens & Deeds Complaints
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8/2/2005 - Doug writes:
I've seen this bombarded on our local channels at various times; and, of course, it all looks straight-forward, easy, and a way to get just a little bit more in the bank. But the VHS and audio tapes are a commercial disguised as information. 'Of course', you will want to spend more to learn more; but the product lacks useful information. A lot of the info is available on the internet-check out the state government sites. The "material" jumps from topic to topic so often that it is impossible to take notes or have anything provided in the manner that we are used to. Intro to topic, body of material, summary.It would be nice if they used some visual aids, such as diagrams of the process, background lettering, subtitles for that guy from Georgia (how did he put so many garbled statements together?). The audio material is so interrupted by further advertising and poor sound quality as to be useless. Mostly, the audio and visual material is either advertising for more products, or people telling of the results of their success, but not DETAILS!!!! The "directories" are ok, as a compilation of information from the State governments go, but even they use pages to provide you more opportunities to take money from the bank on further courses (didn't I want to put money in the bank?). God help you if you try to return this, even with the credit card company help. After 2 months I have spent more time on the computer writing letters to try to get my money back. By the way, before buying this "course", I had found most of the information on the internet. I'm no closer to being more knowledgeable re: this subject by this purchase. Don't be deceived by the offer of further training (at $29.95/mo. convieniently charged to your account) or other sucker offers. You could max out your card(s) before you exhausted all of the special offers. Didn't I just want to go the other direction with my finances???? 

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