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Tempur-Pedic Mattress Complaints
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12/12/2006 - Camille writes:
I purchase a tempupedic mattress...it was very uncomfortable...it really was too hot to sleep on it...but the worse part was that after a few months, I turned the mattress upside down and lo and behold...there were mites of some kind incubating inside of the mattress...I had to get it out side of the house immediately...I had a hard time sleeping after that, thinking that all of my bedding must be mite infested too...so I gave all my bedding a hot hot wash and a rinse...even though I did not see any evidence of an infestation in my original mattress and bedding...Horrors horrors horrors.

7/25/2006 - Larry writes:
We bought one of these... they are pricey , but they were strongly promoting that they had a 60 day trial period, so, why not ? It took a long, long time for it to be delivered. They deliver it with third party trucking firms, I think, because after returning from a holiday vacation we found the wet box sitting outside our door. That was no problem...the thing is made of foam, right, so rain doesn't hurt it. After about a month, I called the 800 number back, got transferred to a different number and told them that the mattress was just too hot and hard for me...the thing doesn't "breathe" and it just felt like laying on a hard lump of foam. They told me I should wait for the entire 60 day period, that it needed that long to "learn" my body and that it would become more comfortable over time. I asked if the 60 day period started when I received delivery.... I had no idea when they delivered the mattress. I told them what day I unpacked it and started using it and they said 60 days from that date. A month later I e-mailed them and asked them to pick up the mattress. I was within the 60 day period...I thought... but no, they said that the 60 day period had expired the day before. tough luck! I explained how I was counting the 60 days and asked to talk to a manager... sorry, not possible. These guys are shysters. I will sell this for half price to anyone out there.

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