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The Bean Complaints
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2/8/2007 - Kris writes:
I purchased The Bean. Upon receiving it, I attempted to blow it up per the instructions. It would not blow up properly. I contacted the company, which took about 30 minutes on hold. I went over it with them, and it was determined that the Bean was defective. They had me cut the Bean logo off to destroy The Bean & return the logo to them for a replacement. The replacement never came, I waited & waited. Each time you try to call them, they say it is a 7 minute wait, which usually is 20 to 30 minutes. You cannot e-mail them on the internet--at least I have not figured that one out. I finally got through to them and found out they had the wrong address. I told them I just wanted a refund as I had had enough of them. They asked to have the rest of The Bean returned to them - a platform. They told me to get it boxed up and ready for a UPS pickup in the next day or two. This was a week ago. I tried to call The Bean and ask where my free UPS pickup was and the guy started jerking me around trying to tell me I would not get a refund, etc. when I had already been promised a refund. They clearly state on their ads on TV and internet that they will give a full refund. As I write this, the package still sits here. They are quick to send the product and bill you, but don't want to back up their warranty for refunds. I went out and had UPS package up the product at my expense. The Bean is way too hard to work with. The consumer better be sure they will be happy with the product because they may or may not get their money back if they try to return it. At this point, I doubt if I will ever see my money!!!

1/27/2007 - Janine writes:
I ordered 2 beans, expecting to receive them within a few days, since the infomercial stated "rush processing if you cal now"......
Also, the ad claimed "free upgrade" to the deluxe model. I did receve an e-mail confirming my order was received within 24 hours, however 9 days later, I received an e-mail stating the product had now been shipped and I could expect delivery in yet another 5 days. When my beans fianlly arrived, neither was the "deluxe" model. I cannot find a way to contact them via e-mail and the phone #for Customer Service is not available on the weekends. I will try calling on Monday to see if they will either refund my money or re-send what they promised.

10/22/2006 - James writes:
The infomercial has alot of big stars. After 3 months of use it lost air. When I called they said they would send a new one. I waited 1 month then called back,they say the company changed hands. After several more calls they say they will send a new, but it never comes. The lifetime warranty is a scam.

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