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2/3/2007 - Sara writes:
I got sucked into the Greatest Scam into the world by the Greatest Vitamin In the World. I talked to them on the phone thinking what do I have to lose -35.99 and went to my back yesterday and they had withdrawn 799.00 out of my account. I called them today and they said that I agreed to everything. In reality the salesman said everything really fast and was asking me question like "wouldn't you like to have 5 people under you already?" I said yes but I didn't know that each person was 150.00. They told me that I said I understood everything they were telling me but I didn't understand that they were going to steal all of my money. Now, on a Saturday morning, I have to get a hold of my bank and let them know that I have been a victim of FRAUD. Thanks to you all who have posted, I know that I am not the only one! I hope we can stop these people.

1/27/2007 - Dan writes:
If you are reading this, do not do the 'greatest vitamin in the world' program by Don Lapre. I ordered the program back in early November of 2006. The intro package was $35. The next day I bought the 'targeted visitors program' for $2,400. The next week I bought the 'internet upgrade package' for $795. It was on that same day in the evening that I realized I was being scammed. I received a phone call from one of their salespersons to buy the 'platinum package' for #3,300. I told him I had just bought a program earlier that day for $795 and I was tapped out/didn't have the money. He dropped the price by the end of the phone call to $995. Also, he was offering some things in the 'platinum package' that I already had when I invested in the two other programs...the guy had no clue what I had and I was a customer of theirs who had just given them over $3,200 at that point. So all in all, his demeanor about him being completely fraudulent, his little knowledge about what I already had as a customer/independent advertiser of theirs (nor did he care), and the huge price drop made me realize that they were more interested in making money off of me than helping me sell the vitamins for them. It was obvious something was wrong. After the phone conversation, I decided I was going to call their customer service number and get the money back since it was a 1 year 'no risk money back guarantee'. I called and spoke with a lady in customer service who told me I'd receive my full refund back (over $3,200), but that first I would receive a phone call within 24 to 48 hours from someone within their 'quality management team'. I thought this was odd of a refund but I had no choice to agree and wait at that point. That night I did what I should have done before I started this whole thing; I researched on the internet. That was the point at which I got furious because I saw that people were complaining about not getting refunded. This set off a red flag in my mind so I called my credit card company/bank that night(they're 24 hours), and I reported a potential fraud in the making. I gave them all the info up until that point. The next day I did receive a phone call from a 'quality manager' from their 'quality management team'. He told me that I would receive the refund of $3,200plus within one billing cycle or 30 days. I was adamant with this guy about getting the refund very soon due to what I had read on the internet and he then said he would put an 'expedite' on the refund so I had a good chance to get it within a half a billing cycle or two weeks. I said okay. During this time my credit card company and myself agreed that I should give him the two weeks promised before I call him back. I returned the intro packet and made sure I had the post office put a tracer on it so they couldn't say they didn't get it. I thought I was becoming Detective Columbo or something. So, two weeks passed and there was no refund. I called him and left a voice mail to see what was going on with it. He never returned the phone call. I left him two more voice mails but still no reply. Finally at the end of the first week in December someone else, another 'quality manager' from their company calls me and tells me something completely different. He said that there was 'no definite time frame' for the refund, but that it was 'in process' and would come 'sooner rather than later'. So, between two different managers of their company and some lag time, the refund went from being 30 days, to a good possibility of two weeks.....to now being no definite date, and 'in process'. Also, the guy told me that since it was a business opportunity it would take a series of steps in order to refund it. I told him, that's not my burden, that's your company's burden...I am guaranteed the 1 year no risk money back guarantee so if you are going to refund me anyway it makes no sense to put it off. That is their company's responsibility to recover money on their end just as it's my responsibility to recover money I spent. He then said he would put an 'additional expedite' on it to speed it up. I was not happy with this conversation and I informed him that my credit card company/bank has been notified of everything said, dates, names, etc. all up to this point. We agreed that he would be the contact should my credit card company need to speak with anyone. This was the last time I spoke with anyone from the 'greatest vitamin' company. I then received the credit card bill for the amounts spent ($3,200 plus). This is when I refused to pay it being that it should have been refunded already and it became a 'dispute investigation' on the part of my credit card co./bank. After so many weeks by the end of January (recently) I recieved in the mail notice by my bank that they found the ruling in my favor. I should have had a party for 24 hours straight. I guess it was a no brainer for them considering all the bad comments written about them by the Better Business Bureau. I don't believe the 'greatest vitamin' and Don Lapre ever intend on people actually making money by selling the vitamins; their goal is to make money off of us, the independent advertisers (so to speak), by selling us tons of advertising packages and selling us on the idea that without this advertising we will be unsuccessful. They moniter the web site so you never know what is really sold....but I never got to that point....it was obvious to me before I got there. They ultimately make their money by simply not returning your money. Heck, what's to lose...it's a "1 year no risk money back guarantee". Well, unless you have a good credit card co./bank, you have alot to lose...I'm here to tell you. I ended up losing close to a hundred dollars between faxes to the credit card co./bank, the bottle of vitamins (which I threw the rest out due to my disgust with anything associated with the company), and all the shipping charges...but I'll take that instead of the $3,200plus. I was really naive and stupid to even entertain doing this thing. It was a period of time in which I wasn't in the best state of mind and wanted to make money quick and easily....there is no such thing I am finding out. They prey on people that are in a situation as I was at the time. I could have written alot more than what I wrote here as I have many more details but I hope you have enough info here so as to prevent you from doing this 'greatest vitamin' thing by don lapre. I went through about two months of misery, anger, and some loss of sleep due to the liars at that company. I learned my lesson(s) during that time. Well, I wish you the best in your future endeavors....just be careful. Good luck.

1/17/2007 - Barry writes:
I was taken in in Sept 2006 and my story is very similar to Garrett who posted here 1/28/2006, but without the happy ending so far. I have $4305 on the line and have been promised a 1 year money back guaranty. By the end of Oct 2006 I was asking for a refund because I was spending half the day on hold waiting to get through to the coaching dept of GVW or the tech support dept to get help customizing my website. It took over two weeks from the time I asked for a refund to talk to someone who actually claimed to have the authority to give me a refund. At that point this person offered me a few extra services and the reduction of my fee to $1800, with a refund of $2500 to come in their so called Dec billing cycle. That came and went and no $2500 refund to me, with my email inquiries being answered along the way with promises that it it was in the works. I finally got a firm refund date of Jan 5 2007, and was told I would see the credit on my credit card by Jan 12, which passed with no refund. Now my phone calls and emails are ignored and not replied to. I will be emailing them and sending a certified letter invoking my total money back guaranty and canceling all services and demanding my $4305 back that I am entitled to per their email to me at the start of this so called refund process nearly 3 months ago. I will be filing with my credit card company for a refund and sending them all my emails to this company, as well as filing a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General office consumer complaint dept. I will post further updates on this site as this progresses.

12/21/2006 - Lee writes:
I, like many other suckers out there thought I saw a way to make some easy money with GVW. Wrong!!! It's the same old bullshit, they lure you in with promises of making money with a little investment on our part, $35. to start with and then they spring the trap with now all you have to do is buy our products ranging in the $1000s and you will double your money in no time, again, wrong!!! luckly I saw right off the bat something was fishy when they wanted to sell me contact names to buy their product. The next day I called them back asking for my $35. back, that was in Oct. They told me it would take about 2 months for them to return the money. I'm still waiting. I have decided that legal action needs to be taken against this company,in the form of a class action law suit. what do you all think about this idea?

12/15/2006 - Lisa writes:
Ok well first off I was excited about the company and I am not here to say it works or it doesn't...I am here as proof that the Greatest Vitamin In The World sold mine and my boyfriends information to many different companies as I started recieving mail to my address with his name on it and the greatest vitamin in the world was the only company that has the two linked together...He does not live with me...So it's obvious that it was sold which is prolly how the company makes a considerable about of their money. It's pretty disapointing..I contacted the company and of course was told that it doesn't happen and they tried to convince me that it happened some other way but the fact is that it is impposible in our situation to have been any other company but The greatest vitamin in the world...I also contacted the corprate office of the company it was sold to and they admitted it was bought...just could not tell me from who exactly...and being that the greatest vitamin in the world was the only company who had our imformation linked it's obvious that it was them.

12/2/2006 - Anonymous writes:
wow all i want back is my investment i see no one wants to buy the product it cost way to much yea i got scammed so what do i do if any of you out there have any info on getting my $$ back please help

6/19/2006 - Mari writes:
Yes, The Greatest Vitamin In The WOrld is a company that takes advantage of good, honest people who are trusting and believing what Don Lapre and his employees are selling. If only they would leave you alone after you spent the $35 for the program everything would be fine. However they keep calling you trying to convince you that you need to buy these very expensive traffic (advertising) packages and tell you about all the money you will make from all the people they will be sending to your website if you buy these packages. If you say you cannot afford it, they tell you not to worry about the thousands of dollars they are asking you to spend because you will get it all back before you will have to pay for it if you put it on your credit card. The problem is that the advertising programs they are selling you are worthless and bogus and you will not make any money. So when you call up customer service to complain they tell you need to buy more programs such as television informercials to promote your website and it just keeps getting more rediculous until you finally come to the realization that you've been scammed and by that time it's too late to get your money back. I just feel so sick when I think that this is going on and that people are still getting scammed and there is nothing I can do to put a stop to this. It's just not right. I met a woman who told me that the same thing happened to her. I also became friendly with someone from customer service at GVW and he said he was quitting because he couldn't sleep at night thinking about all the people who were being scammed by the company. He couldn't in good conscience defend them any longer and just wanted to get away from there. I feel so helpless that there is nothing I can do to put a stop to this unscrupulous company. Please let me know if there is anything that can be done to get our money back and put a stop to this unscrupulous company.

5/23/2006 - Donald Powers writes:
The whole program is a crock of chicken droppings. Just like any other TV get rich plan, then get you realed in and take your money.

I am not happy with Don Lapre and his way doing business. Someone needs to put a show out that tells the truth about these scam artists. I might have to be the one to step up and explain to the American people what these scams are all about before they purchase the chicken droppings.

1/28/2006 - Garrett writes:
When it's all over, you think to yourself, "How the hell did I fall for that?  Here's how it went down.  For me personally, a change in anxiety medication gave me 2nd shift insomnia and severe depression.  All I could do was lay there and watch T.V all night and possibly fall asleep by 8 or 9 a.m.  Girls Gone Wild, Real Estate Infomercials and Don Lapre all night long, fluttering by me with a blank stare on my end.  A recent Nutrition graduate from college, anything related to nutrition draws me in, wanting to learn more.   The "Greatest" Vitamin in the World!  Wow!  And I finally thought to myself, "What the hell, I'm gonna take a risk, $35 or whatever, that ain't nothin'!"  I didn't know I opened Pandora's Box at the time.  Next, the phone calls came, oh, and they came.  And it sounded so great.  Only $1200 for the gold bullshit package that will give you your "Guaranteed Traffic" of such and such amount of people, oh Garrett and your website will have 65 characters in it and will be impossible to figure out.  And all the great people I talked to.  Heath Bebout!  Heathy!  And don't forget Pepper Jones!  These guys were awesome, truly remarkable people!  I should say aliases right?  I tried to get out of the program a few times.  They refunded me $2000 of the $5000 I spent at one time and told me they were going to give me some extra, platinum "fuck me in the ass because I'm their bitch" package to compensate for my troubles.  Finally, every ounce of me knew I was getting screwed and I stepped up to the plate with Satan himself, who told me vehemently, "What?!  How much did you think you were going to sell?!"   I guess he thought I had gone past the 30 day guarantee.  Oh, "by the way asshole," I thought to myself, then said this, "I'm within my 30 day guarantee period, so I don't want to have to get my bank or my attorney involved here."   After that, I went straight to my bank and filed a EFT claim report for these transactions.  And you guessed it, my buddies at the "Vitamin shop" were trying to get ahold of me, uh...  you guessed it, I didn't answer.  My bank took care of everything and were very nice and understanding of me, not a very typical bank.   I went there completely broken, so embarassed, so defeated.  I can remember just being hunched over and barely being able to say anything.  Everything was still up in the air at that point.  A lady from one of their claims department called me and told me she would be able to take care of it and she came through (God, I wish I could remember her name, she was so nice) I was so grateful!  To see the money come back into my account was one of the best feelings in the world, not the money itself necessarily, but the principal of standing up for myself and not being taken advantage of.   I had never really talked about it before much, because it's so embarassing.   To tell someone you fell for a Don Lapre scam and almost lose $5000 plus in the process made me feel smaller than I've ever felt in my entire life.  You feel so stupid, like you fell in a pile of shit and everyone you despise in life is laughing at you.  It was like something else controlled me during that time.  Maybe severely depressed, insomniacs do crazy things sometimes and this turned out to be my "wake up" call.  I quit the 2nd shift job, got on new meds and actually started working for the same bank that helped me.  I like to think that in my tenure there that I lived my gratitude and was one of the most lively tellers to ever live. Maybe I'm a little grandiose too :)  See!  Some good did come out of this debacle.  but every once in a while, like a wound that just never heals, I think to myself,   "How the hell did I fall for that?"

1/19/2006 - Scott writes:
i bought don lapres greatest vitamin in the world selling package because im an idiot that wants money but doesn't know that i am exactly the kind of person he is targeting, anyways i have been trying to get my 35 ya right more like 400 dollars back from those scam artists but no luck i repeat NO LUCK im not sayng dont try it go ahead and try it but dont count on paying 35 dollars and dont count on getting your money back, i want my money back but i dont think it will ever happen unless i have help.

1/8/2006 - Anonymous writes:
i have to use the internet at the library thanks to the horrible don lapre / / I have lost everything I own thanks to don lapre and his army of thieves and villians. i invested ( hah) over 6 grand.   I turned on my family and friends.  I bought everything they the telemarketers   pitched even using my friends phone untill this one guy i was living with screamed at one of dons people to quit calling or else.  my phone got unpaid and was disconnected.  my cell phone ...the same.  my credit cards have been all sold to third party companies.  my checking and savings accounts that used to have money have been sucked dry and overdrawn and reported to telecheck.  collectors began calling and threatening me and the guy whos phone was registered to.  he warned me to quit the bullshit and pay for my stuff and get a real job.  i had to use his PC because mine was in hock and i had to move product in order to get the computer out.  my site wouldnt go up and when i would call and scream at the people at don lapres place they would warn me about my language...then they would put up my lame ass looking site that looked like something a 12 year old put together but i trusted them to route "buyers" to the site.   the calls came in constantly from don lapre and collectors.  he kicked me out and kept my stuff for collateral for non-payment on my side of the rent.    I  had to live in my car and practically beg for food.  I had a bad tooth and ended up getting it pulled because I could'nt afford to get it fixed correctly.   I no longer believe in god and if he does exist he's too busy with other things to bother with the likes of me.    There is nothing to live for anymore and my days are numbered.  I have lost so much weight and people look at me weird when i walk the streets.  they look upon me with concern and pity and yet i hate them all.   i hate people because they breed people like don lapre who prey on the weak and feeble minded.   why would a man like him do this to me?  what didd i do to deserve this?   i walk into the library and read about wonderful places around the world.  i see the internet and its window into the world OUTSIDE the building.   i hate it all because ill never see anything but the underside of the highway.   im so sick and wasted.  i miss my family and i miss my life.  my mother is gone and i miss her so much. ... i sit and stare at nothing.   there is nothing left for me and i will die.   and it'll be worth it because i can finally rest in peace and quiet.   i just want the pain to stop and my hands to stop shaking and my tears.   please tell anyone listening that its not worth it.   stay at your work and job.  listen to your family even if it bugs you.   learn a new skill.   go take classes in anyhing you want.  work 9-5 or 5 to 9..it does'nt matter because you'll get payed by the hour.    be a good person and go to church if it suits you.   or even if your church is a street corner giving out flyers then so be it. . you get your money at the end of the day and you'll feel like you accomplished something...anything .    i know a divine light awaits me and i cant wait reallly.    my stomach hurts alot yet i know god will finally have some free time from his busy schedule and tell saint peter to come pick me up .  hand in hand he'll lead me away from all this.   god is a nice person and i will lay in his arms and feel safe from everything.    i know the garden of eden exists and i want to see all of it.

1/6/2006 - Phillip writes:
i tryed this thing from don lepre for the gratest vitemin in the world. the truth is i found it to be the gratest fake in the world. this guy named spence kept trying to get me to buy advrtising for $800 that he said would get me my first 20 people,what a joke. thank god for true web sites like [http://]

Josh writes:
These are not any of my own customers and I personally had people buy the product and they have recieved nothing. I have not sign off to the company yet untill I am sure I did not make any sales through the Guarantee 3000 customers. and so far at the top in over 5 months that is all I got. I am guaranteed 3000 customers in a year and its been a half of that year so far and nothing has come in already. What should I do in a situation like this? The Greatest Vitamin in the World is a joke so far and I am learning my lesson and time goes on. I still have my site which is: fountainvitamins.com and so far this site is all a front to get me excited to advertised even more. p.s. pass out flyers huuu what a rip off.

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