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The World's Greatest Treasury of Health Secrets Complaints
Total Complaints: 9
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12/17/2006 - Yolanda writes:
I saw the infomercial and decided to order the book; then I got pressured into ordering other books. In the meantime, I visited a friend of mine who had just bought it and had a chance to check it thoroughly. The book is undiluted crap. It is a scam, it tells you basic information. I am afraid now that if I refuse delivery, I will be out of luck in not only not seeing my money back, but not having anything at all. What can we do? How can the well known tv anchor lend himself to this fraud?

12/16/2006 - Richard writes:
After giving them my card number, the phone-clerk began to hustle me for the price of an additional 'addenda edition'. I became wary at that point and told her she had just reminded me of a common street hustler who, after successfully bumming a cigarette, asked for the money to buy a pack. Then, she proceded to hustle me for unrelated magazine subscriptions. I did, ultimately, approve the initial book purchase. I phoned back in less than 60-seconds to cancel the order. I was told to call their customer service number, which was closed on a Saturday. I called the advertised number back twice and was told there was no supervisor to help and my order could not be cancelled. I am still waiting for the charge to appear on my online statement. As of one-hour, it has not appeared. Maybe I'm lucky.

12/12/2006 - Ernie writes:
I received my order today, theoretically. What I received was an empty box, marked by the Post Office that it was "unsealed" and "without contents" at the point of shipment. What a great scam. Ship an empty box for $47.90. I am sure that this represents a true "Health Secret" for the publishers, BoardRoom, Inc. For a web-based business, they do not have a web-based solution to this problem, which is indicative of a situation where I may encounter great difficulties in receiving a refund from the publisher. If not, I will be filing fraud, mail fraud and interstate fraud claims as well against the publisher while protesting the payment from my credit card. Thank God I did not use PayPal with their vendor friendly resolution procedures which take days of work, multiple forms, and months to resolve.

12/9/2006 - Virginia writes:
The book is a waste of money and also I never received my (2) free books. There was nothing in it that I didn't know already. The book is a JOKE!!

11/9/2006 - Judy writes:
I purchased the Treasury of Health Secrets which was charged to my visa card on August 9/06. I sent it back a few weeks later and I am still waiting for the credit on my visa statement. Now I am having a problem getting to the correct source. The number I had written down said I never got the book from them. I ordered direct from the TV infomercial. I sent the book back as they said you could but so far no money back to me. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

10/28/2006 - Jimmie writes:
I orderd the books and waited over 10 weeks and never received the book's! I called cust. service and they said, yes my visa had been billed, I said well where are my book's? I never did receive them even after a year and numours phone call's, from what I read on the rating's I guess I would be out my money anyway. But it would still have been nice to get the book's I paid for. And my money had NOT been refunded.

6/23/2006 - Ted writes:
This book was nothing but crap, and they got me for both shipping charges. It took them two months to credit my card. Then in the mail I am getting scam letters about secret societies and how lucky I am to have been selected. These people are horrible people.

6/16/2006 - Solita writes:
I do not want to spend too much time on the computer or writing complaints but I feel that it is important to warn the rest of you out there who may get entice to call the 1-800 as you may be, just like me, be captivated by the great infomercial advocating this book. Warning!!! DO NOT fall for this. Do not call the 1-800 and make a big mistake by giving your credit card number to these people!!! Please. A concern citizen, Solita

4/17/2006 - Jimmie writes:
I ordered the book's and they were never received and, customer service say's payment was made, I have waited since January and this is April. still have not received the book's. from what I read I guess I am out the money anyway if it is such a scam. live and learn. 

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