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2/9/2007 - Shannon writes:
Wow, I really wish I'd found this site before ordering from FirmDirect.com!I placed an order with them, and I got a comfirmation reply, but time passed by, & there's no charge on my card from them, nothing, so I called their customer service (which is a complete joke, they have some nerve calling it customer service', if you ask me), & the lady was very, very rude.It was apparent from the first word she spoke that she just did NOT want to be bothered.I asked about my order, & she said it's on backorder!They weren't even going to notify me about this, which I find absurd!They won't let you cancel, either.This woman had a 'It's your problem, not ours' attitude, which I think is unacceptable for a customer service worker.Beware of []!!They take forever, & they're RUDE!!It's a shame, because The Firm products are amazing, too.If you want to order Firm products, order them somewhere else.If you want the TransFirmer system, go to your local [] & buy it.If you want something else ny The Firm, I would recommend [], they ship super-fast with no problems, & they notify you when they process & ship your order.But please, please, please, save yourself alot of hassle, & skip []!I know that I wish I did :-(

10/9/2006 - Sadara writes:
I recently ordered the Firm TransFIRMer system directly from Firm Direct. I am finding that at 3 weeks after ordering this product, I made a mistake ordering from them directly. I have used the Firm videos in the past and they are worth using. But, I am upset over the poor customer service with this company. It's been almost three full weeks and I have not received my shipment yet. I only received one email from them that was from when the order was placed. No more communication from them. I called today only to find out it was on back order at one point, it's now been shipped, but their system has no tracking number for it. This FedEx Smart Post they use sends the package to my local post office and as I understand should have a tracking number, but he couldn't locate one for me. So, he tells me I may have to wait until the 18th of October to do anything else, if the shipment hasn't been received yet. I'm not happy about this, of course. If I don't receive the package until the 18th, that will make a solid 4 weeks between order placement and the product being recieved. I sure wish I had seen the complaints from other people before I ordered directly from their site. I won't make that mistake again.

10/6/2006 - Ann writes:
Beware of this company! I ordered this product online and got a response that my order was in process. Over 2 weeks later I had still not received it. I called to inquire about it and was told it was on back order. I was planning being out of town for an extended amount of time so I wanted to cancel the order as I did not want it delivered while I was away. I was told that I could not cancel the order and further that they could not tell me when it would be delivered to me as it was still on back order. No one could answer any question I had regarding this matter and that was the end of story. I finally received it. The videos are great but you can get this same thing on ebay without the hassel. Also beware, if you join the internet group for "free" they will charge your credit card 30 days later for use of it. No warnings, no emails, nothing. Just very small print in a very light color on the internet (that I have now found after looking hard for it). I intend to call and cancel the membership and contest the charge. There is no easy way to cancel. The only way is to call an 800 number which can only be called on certain days and certain times. Beware.......buy elsewhere! They will not work with you to find a solution to any problem!!!

8/5/2006 - CJ writes:
I wanted to buy this item after reading so many good things about it from others who have lost weight. My only warning to you all is 1) Make sure you buy it online and 2) Don't click on anything that says "free trial" because it's not really a free trial. They send you a "30 day supply" and charge your credit card immediately. This was not specified ANYWHERE on the page I was ordering from. And when I went to check out - it just said that my credit card would be charged "0" dollars. Wrong! So, if you want the TransFirmer (which I haven't got yet by the way - but they charged my card) then go to the web site and just click on the transfirmer - nothing else. Their customer service is useless. I called immediately after I placed my order when I relized I was going to be charged for something I didn't want and their excuse was that the order wasn't in their system so they couldn't look it up (right!). They told me to call back in 3 days. I called back EVERY DAY for 3 days and it was always "Your order is not in our system - oh, and we can't cancel orders anyway." I told them I was going to call my bank and block the charge and they told me to continue to call back and maybe they could help me. On the 4th day I called and they told me that it had been shipped! I wish now that I had purchased it from somewhere else. After all the hassle, I hope it's worth it when it gets here!!!

5/16/2006 - Barbara writes:
I was also taken in by The Firm scam of unauthorized charges to my credit card on my first purchase from The Firm. I really enjoyed the workouts once I received my order but it was a pain dealing with their customer service.  I wanted to purchase the new Transfirmer but luckily saw this site and the warnings which I had gone through as well. FYI found the Transfirmer at our local [] for 59.99, easy purchase, no shippping or charges to my credit card.

2/15/2006 - Julie writes:
I have quite the similar story as everyone else.  I ordered the product Jan 23rd.  I called 2 weeks ago to find out where my stuff was.  Big surprise... BACKORDER.  I did finally receive the product today, however... I specifically ordered DVD's.  I don't even own a VHS player.  I got VHS tapes, which are totally useless to me.  I called customer service to complain.  They said I ordered VHS,(not possible) and I have to send back the WHOLE order and reorder another package.  Yeah, like I'm going to wait another 3 weeks to get probably the wrong order again.  They would not ship out just the DVD's and would not even discuss with me any other options.  I am going to go buy a VHS player because I have no intention of attempting to deal with them again.  Buyer beware!

2/7/2006 - Meredith writes:
As with other posters, I need to complain about the customer service of The Firm Direct.  I ordered the transfirmer system on Jan. 13th.  Was never told it was on backorder, until I called to find out the status of my order.  When I called on Jan. 27th, they told me my order was being processed immediately.  As of today, Feb. 7th, it is still being processed and they won't let me cancel.  That is just wrong, especially b/c they are telling me it will still take 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.  They said they can't update the webpage to say the product is on backorder b/c it is too expensive.  That is ridiculous given the amount of orders they get.  After all this, I am going to order from somewhere else, and then just write "return to sender" when I get the product from Firm Direct, which will likely not be for months.  It is unfortunate that I did not find this site until after my order was placed. If you are lucky enough to find this first, please do not order directly from them.

1/27/2006 - Heather writes:
I'd have to agree with the overall feeling that GT Entertainment/Firmdirect.com isn't the best way to order your product if you'd like to own The Firm systems.  I ordered the new Transfirmer system with videos from firmdirect.com, went several days with no confirmation of any kind.   I called repeatedly, worried that my order hadn't processed properly, to be told the "system was down" and the confirmation emails for orders made in the past few days would be going out soon.  Still no email, and I then luckily found this site, at which time I called to check up on my order, was told it was backordered for 4-6 weeks.  I requested that my order be cancelled, and was told I would probably still receive my system b/c now that the order was in processing it wouldn't cancel because "that's just the way our system works."  I insisted that they at least make an attempt to cancel, then ordered my Transfirmer system from [].com and received it in less than a week.  The system and videos are great so far, I'm loving them and the workouts make me feel great, but follow the advice of everyone in the complaint forum - save your time, money and sanity by NOT ordering from firmdirect.com! PS - for a great selection of firm videos go to [].com - I ordered several from them and received them in under a week.

Elizabeth writes:
I had ordered this product through the TV 800-number in April 2002. To this day I never received it. When I called back I was directed to a non-toll-free-customer service number. I was told that they can't find my order. Fortunately, my credit card was not charged. My friend lost a lot of weight with the help of this product, but now I am hesitating to order it.... 

Amanda writes:
April 4th I saw the infomercial for The Firm. It looked great to me.. it looked real. They said, "3 easy payments of $29.98" so I decided to call in. With my convo w/ the rep, I declined any added extras. Watching my bank account nothing posted for weeks. Then at the end of May I received it. That day I had a post for $44.90 (first pymt w/ shp/hdlg), I also notice a charge for $96.00 on May 17th. The company was listed as "discount shopping." I called the number and they stated I had enrolled in it when purchasing The Firm, and I had not authorized ANY extras. On May 23rd my bank credited me for the debit and the they directly worked to get their $96.00 back now. Then on June 3rd a charge of $67.70 was charged to my account. I again went to the bank. They let me call from there and they said it was "my shipment of vitamins." Every time I spoke w/ a rep they were mean, rude and actually yelling at me. Assuring me that I did indeed ordered all of these things. Once again, I never ordered any extras. I said to cancel the shipment and they said it's already on its way. My husband just refused delivery. My bank again credited me and went after them. On June 18th I received a surprisingly legit charge. My second payment of $29.98. At this time I had already filed a report with the BBB and they began their investigation. This nonsense wasted so much time...talking with terrible reps..going to the bank for credit on the 'unauthorized purchases', going to the post office to return what I did not order, reporting to the BBB, but most of all doing all I can to prevent another person from having to go through the hell I did. The product is wonderful. So wonderful I would purchase more of it.. but no. It's not worth going through them again. On June 27th I received a credit of $59.97 and a credit of $14.95 on July 1st. This being a full refund of what I had paid for the product. I never made a 3rd payment of $29.98. I thank Bank of America and the BBB. Without them I would have been screwed by an dishonest deceitful company.

Stacey writes:
I called in to order the tapes from an infomercial on when I woke up in the early morning.  Today, I went to my bank to check on unrelated fraudulent activity to my account and found out that they billed me all at once when I specifically told them that I did not wish to do that.  I expected to be billed in installments, but I have all of the information in front of me saying they billed me all at once, and I don't even know what I'm being billed for. Not to mention that the worker taking my call couldn't tell me how the installments were billed and had to ask around for a telephone number to get that information from, and then it was long distance, instead of an 800 number, which is a crock. All in all, I've been mysteriously billed roughly a hundred sixty dollars in one lump sum of multiple approved withdrawals from this one company, five of those withdrawals being outstanding. My bank says I need to sign an affidavit saying that those were unauthorized billings. I've been taken for one hell of a ride, and I don't even have a way to cancel it. They left no contact information for me to get back to them. THEN, as if that wasn't bad enough, I started looking on the web and found out that I can get the IDENTICAL package the infomercial was advertising for a grand total of $98.99 -- over sixty dollars less than the infomercial is advertising!!!   I'm so angry I'm seeing RED. PLEASE get this information out to the public AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!  I'm already working on an article for my local papers and setting up radio and television appearances. I'm going to expose this fraud locally, but I need YOU to do it nationally!

Lori writes:
I was sucked into the infomercial on a Saturday morning, I called to order, and have regretted it ever since! The person helping me, could not answer any of my questions, which should have been my first clue. I asked what my total would be and was told "I don't know, I don't have a calculator." They don't know the total!? I repeatedly told the sales person that I did not want ANY extras, NO special offers. I was told that it would ship within the next 48 hours. Weeks passed and no fanny lifter was delivered. My bank account was not debited. I called again to verify my order and was told that my name was no where in their system. By now I had seen it advertised online for MUCH cheaper, so I reordered from a very customer friendly distributor. Shortly thereafter I received a box of 3 video tapes, NOT authorized. The next day I received the system from my second order. And the next day the system from my first order! The next day a bottle of vitamins, NOT authorized. They debited my bank account nearly $200!!!! This $200 dollars is broken up into 8 separate charges with no contact information. I have issued a dispute through my bank, and am awaiting results. I wish I had seen this site before!!!!

Shannon writes:
I ordered the Firm Fanny Lifting system via the infomercial and had to deal with unauthorized charges to my account for at least 3months. They have a terrible way of "automatically enrolling" you in their tape a month shipment plan even if you do NOT authorize it. I too reported them to the BBB and finally got a hold of the young lady in charge in South Carolina at the actual Firm studio. She was so nice and got me refunds back on over 250 bucks worth of stuff I never ordered!! I now order from Collage video or Amazon and the service is awesome. I LOVE the FIRM products and have at least 20 tapes but now that they have been sold to this marketing group, Good Times Video, they suck in the customer service area! They will get shut down permanently if they don't watch it and that would really be terrible because the original Firm and its workouts can't be beat!!

Renee writes:
I have been using the FIRM for years, and love the products- I own over 20 videos, 3 step boxes and the original firm barbell. I was very excited to see they were expanding, and ordered the 6 pack of new videos. 3 weeks later I phoned to check on my order and they gave me a non toll free number to call-they are in NY and I am in CA. The customer service was non existent, and when I asked for a supervisor, she was even more indifferent than the first person. I also found out that my order was just being "placed". 2 weeks later I called and was told they were back ordered for 2-4 weeks. Today I called (2 weeks again) and was told they were still back ordered. I went on-line and found Collagevideo.com -they had product, processed my order over the phone, and told me I would get it at the beginning of next week! Needless to say I called NY back and cancelled my order. I also got the name (someone named Virginia-no last name) and address of the head of customer service. And who ever heard of a website without a customer service e-mail or a 1800 number for customers? No wonder they are located in "Hicksville". The Firm is excellent and it saddens me to think of all the frustrated people who will give up on a great product due to poor, indifferent customer service. I have lost 50lbs of baby weight because of the Firm, and I recommend it to everyone, but I will not recommend them ordering it through FirmDirect.

Sherri writes:
I called the infomerical company and was trying to order the Firm Body Sculpting System.  The guy that I talked to sounded as if he had a mouth full of food, mumbling, and just not speaking up. He tried to sell me a lot more than just the basic system. I told him "NO" several times. I told him I only wanted the basic system (several times). He was pretty pushy. He told me the amount with shipping and handling, and when I asked him why the charges were over $109.00 he told me he would have to check. He went off the telephone for about 5 minutes or so, and I had just about had it with him, so I hung up. I immediately called back to make sure the transaction did not go through, since there was no confirmation from me, so I did not think the transaction had taken place and they could not tell me whether it would or not. Well, was I wrong. Not only did they send me the basic system (after I had received one directly from the company), but they also sent me a bottle of the energy pills about a week later, which both the basic system and the energy pills were charged to my account on the same day. So far they have charged my account $115.75 without my consent. Now I am concerned about sending these products back, becuase I am sure they will credit my account. I sure wish someone could help me. I have contacted the Firm Company and asked if I could send these products back to them for my refund. I think these type of companies should be put out of business or worse. They also make companies like The Firm look bad.

Natalie writes:
I ordered The Firm on their website.   Waited 4-6 weeks and never got anything.  I finally called thier customer service number and they had no record of ever recieving my order.  I asked the rep several times about the email confirmation that I received that they had my order and the order date and order number she couldn't explain how they lost my order.  She asked if I wanted to place the order again.  I told her no.  I am so glad from reading all the other reviews that I didn't get my order placed with them.  FYI you can get The Firm from TaylorGifts.com for 89.95 plus shipping.  They usually have it in stock and get it to you really fast. I got mine in 5 business days.

Chrissy writes:
well, i ordered just the basic body sculpting videos and recieved my shipment when they said i would.  about a week later, i checked my account and was over drawn by quite a bit of money, and was charged several different times for things that i specifically said i did not want.  i called the company quite a few times and they refunded my money only after i made a complaint to my bank.  about a month later, they charged my account again and over drew my account AGAIN!!  i had to cancel my card and order a new one to get them to stop charging my credit card.  i don't understand how people actually get away with this stuff!!!

Kristen writes:
I ordered my system from an on line company that was advertising $10 cheaper than the infomercial, but I never recieved a confermation in my e-mail and my credit card was never charged.  So I contacted customer service and they told me that the product was back ordered and it would be sent in 3 monthes!!!! I was so mad that they didn't mention that on their website!  So I cancelled my order and placed on with Target.com, they are wonderful!  If they don't have the product they will e-mail you as soon as they have it in stock so you can order it then.  I recieved an e-mail, I orderd, and 7 days later I have my order with NO unauthorized charges!

Kerri writes:
I am so mad!  I ordered The Firm off of the infomercial last year.  So far they have debited by account December 5 $69.33 December 12 $112.84 then I called and complained and they credit my account on December 24 $70.79 then I was billed again on December 27 $47.85 and again on January 23 $46.60. I am so angry with this service.  I tried calling the long distance number that I had called in December to complain again (as the first time the lady had said no more charges would be charged to my account) but that number is now out of service as they have a toll free number to call - but when I call that number it says that I can not call from this location.  I am so mad at this - they are ripping me off.  I also told them I did not want any of the extras and to date I have not received any extras from them but it seems like they are charging me for them?  I really don't know what to do - so I have been looking on line for an address so I can send them a complaint letter and I came across this site.  I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier.

Julie writes:
i was told I would be billed in three installments for $30 each plus tax.  But I was billed last night for three different amounts all at one time.  $49.90, $35.85, AND 31.85.   Can you please help me with a contact number or some way of getting in touch with them to let them know of either this error or intentional billing problem?  Thank you...

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