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Thermo Slim Complaints
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Gale writes:
I tried the theromslim and it made me jittery and sleepless. I lost NO weight and even tried it with the lowest carb intake possible, still no weight loss. My husband tried it for two days and it had such a bad effect on him he wouldn't take any more. Smart man. I wasted my money and as for the 30 day money back guarantee, the product tells you that you may have to take it for more than 30 days to see results. Now my mail box is flooded with similar products trying to promote the same lies so I will try their products. 

Sally writes:
DO NOT waste money on thermo slim diet pill because I used it for months and still no change and I can't sleep at night at all. So I tried sending it back and after 5 months they are telling me NO MONEY BACK GUARANTEE because I've had it for more than 30 days. I mean crap, who can tell something isn't working and send it back in 30 days? It's all crap and lie.

Amanda writes:
I used Thermo Slim last year and lost like 47 pounds, so this year I wanted to try it again to be at my goal wieght. Usually your supposes to loose 7 pounds a week, but I've been on it for 3 weeks now and all I've got, well lets say haven't got, is SLEEP!! It is so hard for me to sleep, and I've only lost 3 pounds I don't hardly even eat anything...I'm so disapointed.

Stephanie writes:
I too have tried Thermo Slim. I seen the infomercial last year (2001) but it wasnt until April of this year that I decided to order. First off, it doesnt work! I used it like they said too, but nothing. I used it for almost 3 weeks, with NO results! Since I didnt seen any results in the first 3 weeks I figured I better send it back and get my money back. Well, I sent it back. Even called ahead of time to get a return number. That was the beginning of May. It is now November. And I havent seen a dime. Ive called and called. Most of the time, the number is busy. When I do get ahold of a HUMAN, they either say "hold one minute so I can pull up your account" or "let me transfer you over to someone who can help" THEN I am on hold forever. Till I eventually hang up. One time I actually was on hold for 1 HOUR. After about 20 minutes, I thought about hanging up but decided to put it on speaker phone and go about my business. But they disconnect the call after so long. I know they do that [email protected]# deliberatly. BUYER BEWARE!!

Nichole writes:
I used thermo slim for 3 months and lost 50 Pounds. It comes with an accelerator for energy.  I did not use the accelerator and had no trouble sleeping.  I came across this web site when I was looking to reorder.   It is the only product that has worked for me since so much of weight loss is eating and this pill makes you eat less.  The key to it is to be consistent to take your pills before meals regularly.  It take about three days to get in your system.

Elise writes:
First of all I am a medical student so I know a little bit about the crap that is in this product and their claims.  I was duped by the infomercial and I ordered this product.  I called for the two week trial and they talked me into a three month order.  When I got the stuff, there is no address or phone number to call to return for their money back guarantee. The brochure tells you to follow this diet plan while taking the pills.  Well even a dummy can know that the dieting alone can lead to weight loss--sheesh I could buy book for $10 and learn any diet I want. Then I tried the pills.  I didn't know that they contained ephedra, an extremely dangerous herb.  Within an hour I was having terrible heart palpatations and my heart was beating totally out of rhythm.  I never took the product again but couldn't return the garbage because they had conveniently left the return info out of the shipment.  This is no joke, this product can kill you.  Avoid it at all costs.

Rebekah writes:
I started using Thermo Slim in the Summer of 2001, it made me feel a little sick to my stomach at first, but after a few days of recommended usage, that feeling went away.  I took it as recommended for about a month and lost 17 lbs.  So sure it did give me the results it said it would! I thought it was the most wonderful thing in the world, my clothes were loose and I had energy like never before!  I was also a raging grouch to everyone around me and never ate or slept, maybe about 2 hours a night, but I guess it gave me the energy it promised right?  Well when I stopped taking it I was VERY hungry, and so tired that I would literally fall asleep wherever I was, and not to mention I gained back all 17 LBS and more.  I now am on Weight Watchers and it is hard work, but worth every struggle, the only way to truly lose weight is to learn how to eat properly and excercise, that is the honest to God truth, don't waste your money on harmful drugs only to be dissapointed in yourself for thinking it would deliver miracles.

Nancy writes:
The company name is: Universal Nutrition Corp. and its located in GA. if you contact me via e-mail I can send later the adress and phone number that I have which they are not available to me right now. SCAM REPORTED: PLEASE TYPE AT LEAST ONE PARAGRAPH. PLEASE DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS! I tried the Thermo Slim, it worked with me and I lost a lot of weight, with no side effect at all. The problem now, that I reorderd the product on December 2003, and I received nothing till now, and when I tried to call the phone number tha was on the shipping box, the number wasn't in service, and even the website is closed.  Do I lost my money, it over than $100.00 it was for 3 months supply.  Any body can help in this matter or what?????????? I still have copy of the money order that I ordred with. PLEASE I NEED HELP

Sol writes:
I used thermo Slim 1 pill of the dietary supplement and 1 pill of the acelletator a day, in the morning and I lost 20 pounds and I kept my weight down for more than 3 years. It worked great for me. I never had any problems of any kind, on the contrary I felt really good and active, and now I have found that the company was closed and I cannot buy it any more. It is sad.

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