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Think A Little Different - Dean Graziosi Complaints
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12/7/2006 - Mike writes:
After listening to an infomercial in the middle of the night one sleepless night, I fell for Dean (con-man) Graziozi's very embellished line of real estate diatribe. Among other things, it promises a "Free Web Site" , which after three attempts to get them to set it up failed. You must listen to me: They are interested in nothing more than getting your credit or debit card number and running subsequent charges that are so hard to reverse that you become appathetic and give up. I did receive a small kit of pamplets and a couple of CD's. They are so elementry in nature that all they do is refresh your memory of the most rudementry facts of real estate, and Dean Graziozi tells his self effacing stories to suckers that are unwittingly going to receive more calls from more of Dean's associates attempting to swindle more money from you. When I asked for the third time to have my promised , Free Web Site set up, I was confronted with an indignint person named Chris who was not interested in anything except gettiing me to meet in a group in an attempt to swindle more money from me and others. When I said that I wasn't ready to buy real estate yet, he became very indifferent. Dean completly mis represents this product by claiming that it contains certain real estate information that can only be activated by thinking differently. It is an entry level piece of trash that might be slightly useful for a late teen or first time home buyer who is so oblivious to real estate that they require a "baby sitter". Any real estate agent knows everything contained in this lame literature. In my opinion, it's worth about $10.00 . Do Not Get Swindled. At this writing, i'm fighting with my bank to credit me a $19.95 fee that I have no idea what it's for, except to make Graziozi more rich and me more poor. Mike Nashville TN

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