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Total Gym Complaints
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2/7/2007 - Steve writes:
What a disapointing machine. It fails to even compare with weights. I am quite fit and started out using the machine on an advanced setting and it had zero impact on my upper body. It weighs a ton too! I ended up selling it [] for a pittance. Thats the last time I buy anything from an 'infomercial'.

11/16/2006 - Sherry writes:
I purchased the Total Gym for $1600 and had to use my a friend's credit card to have delivered because Total Gym said they would not ship without it-SCAM! I questioned her to make sure this would be the only time they used this card. I later had to ask to make a payment with my friend's card (a different card. I injured my back and was out of work for 18mos and therefore missed a few payments. But without my knowledge or authorization from my friend, Total Gym took it upon themselves to pull up that credit card number and they charged 3 payments totaling $300 to my friend's credit card. Needless to say my friend is very upset! After contacting them and mentioning I had a lawyer, they refunded to her credit card the $300. I told them I would not make another payment until I was certain this had been done. In the meantime, they turned my account over to BYL Services, a collection agency. Be very aware and do not give them any credit card numbers you may not want them to access or charge to later, if something should happen or you have a problem. The charges they made were unauthorized and I know this is illegal for anyone and for any reason!

10/24/2005 - Cathy writes:
First of all, don't believe risk free for 30 to 60 days.  What they mean is you will be charged while you are using it and then you will get your money back.  I called after I returned the equipment, they said I had to wait 1 to 5 business days. OK fine after that I called again and the guy said 5 to 7 days and he said it didn't matter about the tracking number I still had to wait.Well needless to say called again this man said after he got my tracking number it will take 5 to 7 business days so it actually take what 2 weeks or more for the refund but oh he said that was my credit card company policy.  Wonder how he knew that.   Nothing they say in that commercial is totally accurate.

10/4/2005 - Debbie writes:
This product has a few drawbacks.   On the back tower it tells you if you don't use the pin or if the pin is not in it could cause death!  So when i used it i would always be looking behind to make sure the pin had not come out....the next was i wanted to work on my legs the most and loved the action i saw Christy Brinkley demonstrating on TV....well I blew out my knee caps ....too much repetitive squat like movements.....I am thin and just wanted to firm up....it did not do this no matter how hard of often i tried...it didn't build my upper or lower in any way.  It's a great stretch and that's it...

Carol writes:
I had purchased the Total Gym at a Montgomery Wards store a few years ago. It cost me $80.00. The store was having a close-out and I would save about $40.00. I get the thing home and besides the fact that it weighed a ton like Stacey said and I have a small apartment. It's true, you have to leave it open. Trying to open and close it several times a week will cause you undo injury. One of the bars hit me in the head and I saw stars. It hurt so bad I cried. Look I'm forty years old and I don't cry from pain too often. I finally gave it to a friend for free just to get it out of my sight. I wonder if she is still my friend. Thanks but no thanks to that machine. 

Sue writes:
The infomercial says that the Total Gym stores *easily* in a closet or under a bed. The thing weighs a TON! It's a decent product if you have a place to leave it open all of the time. If you have a small apartment & would need to open & close it daily, you might want to think again. Because it weighs so much, it does not fold down easily. Even if you're careful, it is easy to get your fingers caught in it. Despite being careful when I was folding it, it has fallen on my foot (fortunately no broken bones) & my head concussion. Needless to say, it's the last time I used my Total Gym.

Shellie writes:
I saw the Total Gym in an infomercial and fell in love with the concept! Once I got it however, my opinion changed rapidly! It is impossible to fold up for "easy storage" and a complete pain in the butt to even adjust for different exercises. It looks great in the infomercial but that's where it needs to stay. I would not recommend this VERY user unfriendly device to anyone.

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