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Tread Climber Complaints
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6/14/2006 - Maria writes:
I bought a TreadClimber 1000. It took me 2 days to put the thing together. It is the hardest machine to use! They quoted me one price, and when it arrived, it was another price. They mail the credit card out to you woth no problems, but the bills seem to never come( this is so you will get behind ) Late fees! they have the worst customer service in the world! Everyone is RUDE! I requested a # to send it back, and it ended up costing me $500.00 to ship it back! Waste of time! Dont do it!

3/15/2006 - Claudia writes:
I am a mother of 3 small children and in order for me to work out at my convenience, I decided to purchase the Bowflex treadmill. I was offered the choice to have a company not only deliver the product, but for an additional 99.00, they would set it up, calabrate it and take away the boxes.  Well once the machine was set up. I decided to use the step walking mode, and realized that as you increase the speed on the machine, your right leg goes higher than the left one. Making the work out unballanced. Then I changed it to the treadmill mode and all i could hear was an irritating clonking noise. Well thinking maybe the machine was defective. I called Bowflex and was told that's the way the machine is set up. as far as the step walker goes, the machine is set up for your dominant leg to push harder on the higher petal, (if not you're screwed) and as far as the treadmill mode goes, the noise is normal. .... well. I decided that for a machine that costs me over 3,000.00, it was not worth it so I asked to have them pick it up and credit my account since they advertise (MONEY BACK GUARANTEED)well. i was hit with their "Policy" is that the consumer is responsible to returning the merchandise back to their warehouse in Tyler, Texas. then they credit your account... Doesnt sound too bad, until you face the night mare that the machine MUST be dissassembled the way it came. UPS or FedEx does not pick up such heavy machinery (which is over 395lbs.) You have to find a trucking or moving company that will deliver for you and the product must be BOXED. You have find a company that sells such big boxes so you can box it. Good luck trying to box a 300 pound machinery. and once you accomlish that you are hit with the trucking companies fees which vary from California to Tyler, Texas on an average of 800-1,000.00 and once the trucking company picks it up. Better hope you paid an additional 70-100.00 to insure the product in case it gets lost, stolen or damaged. and Bowflex offers no help or guidance when it comes to any of this.. It took a week of frustration, I ve now spended close to 1,000. just getting this piece of equipment ship back. I could of bought one at the local retail store for that amount, and not dealt with the headache. It has been a painful experience. It really put my relationship with my husband to the test, cause he told me not order such expensive machinery, but I was so facinated by the informercial and did not listen. Now I realize how wrong i was and how right he was it has been a costly experience.

Jeremiah writes:
It was a good machine However just sending it back is a big hassle you have to pay shipping then just to find the dimesions of the boxes for the product was even harder most mailing places do not even offer that size which i think they should offer the boxes and shipping free just for the hassle i had to drive 70 miles that was one way just to ship it how sad can they get 

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