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True Ceramic Pro Complaints
Total Complaints: 283
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2/17/2007 - Karen writes:
I, too, bought the TCP in October, after seeing their infomercial. I at first, loved the product, but after about one and a half months, it just stopped working. The number that was on a card inside the box was not for the TCP company, it was just a recording that hung up on you. After researching this, I finally found a number for them. They told me I couldn't get a refund because first, I didn't order through them and second, the initial 30 days was up! They did give me the another number and address to contact them. I called and wrote to them, but got no response. After several calls and so much frustration I realized they were not going to help me or even answer me. However, I did call my credit card company and they said they would dispute this on my behalf. Since I never heard back from TCP - I am glad that my credit card company was able to reverse the charges for me and I hope this experience can help you, too. CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY! True Ceramic Pro is a rip off!!!!!

2/15/2007 - Bruce writes:
Purchased the TCP for my wife and it quit working after 2 months. Brochure in box indicates a warranty period of six months from date of purchase. However, when you call the number, they tell you that they are not the manufacturer and the warranty does not apply.

2/15/2007 - Paula writes:
I have owned my True Ceramic Pro for almost 2 years and must say it has worked great. It took almost 2 months for it to arrive but it finally did, along with all of the hair products I bought to go with it. These hair products are incredible. I have terrible kinky curly hair and the shampoo and conditioner makes my hair very manageable. My problem started when I needed more product!! I called to order the products, gave them my debit card number, they said the product would arrive within 10 days. Two weeks go by, no package. I call them to tell them what's happening. Believe me, these people know they are working for a scam and know just what to tell you. After this went on for about 6 months, they finally tell me the shipment was lost and they are going to reship it but I need to give them my debit card number again and they will refund the other. That was a lie and I wanted the product so badly, I gave it to them! Now I'm into these people for about $200.00 of charges and no product that ever arrived. After that, there was no working telephone number and the web site was down. I knew I had been scammed for sure. I don't understand how they can still be advertising or scamming people? Why can't they be shut down? The sad thing is that their hair products are really good. I wish someone else could distribute them.

2/13/2007 - Teresa writes:
We bought the True Ceramic Pro back in Feb 2005. The swivel cord had broke and it does not work now. I thought it had a life time warranty, however, the company will not return my email and they had changed their number.

2/12/2007 - April writes:
I ordered the True Ceramic Pro for my daughter for christmas of 2006. The order was made the first week of November, 2006. I was told by the customer service rep that shipping would take 7-10 days. The longest would be two weeks. I asked the rep if it would definitely be here by december 24th and she said absolutely. I waited and the True Ceramic Pro never came to my home until weeks after christmas. Not being sure if maybe the item would come christmas eve day, I did not purchase a straightner for my daughter for christmas. The most upsetting is that there were only three items on my daughter's list for christmas, one of which was the
True Ceramic Pro. As any mother would know, it was upsetting to explain to my daughter that I ordered it, and I was promised that it would be here way before christmas. When the straightner finally did arrive, I believe it must have been the product, Nothing was indicated on the box that it was a True Ceramic Pro nor was there a return address. Just my name, address and zip code on the front of the box. When I looked at the box, and shook it to listen, I guessed it was the product and refused to accept it handing it back to the postwoman. I quickly told her the story, telling her that with no identification on the package I could not accept, and she agreed. This company caused heartache for myself for not being able to give my daughter one of only three gifts asked for, and also misrepresenting and not making any attempt at all to contact me to let me know the product would not make it for the holiday. I Thank You for the opportunity to express my feelings about the dissatisfaction with a company that obviously knew with the production put into the infomercial, that they would receive many orders. I hope that those who did receive theirs and were not satisfied, have received a credit for their purchase. I am still waiting, with a dispute put in with the credit card company, for my credit. Sincerely, April

2/12/2007 - Angel writes:
Hi I bought the True Ceramic Pro for $159.00 canadian dollars. That was Sept 19 2005, two years ago. It worked fine until today. My husband opened it up since it was no longer under warranty and found that the welds had broken off, could be that the unit had a swival cored and that what caused the broken wires.Lucky for us that the unit died on us. I think that we paid too much for this product. Next time I will only buy from a well known brand company. angel

2/11/2007 - Maria writes:
I'm very surprised about all of the stories in this forum. My story is the same of all of you. My TCP works for about 8 months and then don't power on. They exchange me, but the second TCP works for about 6 months, I write again to the company, but they don't answer my message. Sorry for my english, i'm puertorrican.

2/5/2007 - Casey writes:
I am a seventeen year old girl who's family does not have a lot of money and I work hard for the money that I make. I saved up because I really wanted something nice for my hair. I bought the stinking product in Oct. 2006 and recieved in sometime late in Nov. I didn't have the extra cash to buy the $30.00 extended warrenty and by Dec. 2006 the product burnt out. $150.00 of money I really didn't have for a procuct that broke with in two months. What so you don't spend another $30.00 for the warrenty and the product brakes in two months. That's bull shit!

2/5/2007 - Teresa writes:
I purchased a True Ceramic Pro Curling Iron and when I tried it, it pulled/pinched my hair, would not close down and did not take the frizz out of my hair. I have tried for 1 and 1/2 weeks to contact customer service to get a return number and have not been able to ever get anyone to answer after holding for anywhere from 5 to 10 mins. at a time. It has used up so many of my cell phone mins. and is costing my extra now on my phone since I don't have a landline, just a cell phone. I need to be able to get a return number before the 30 days policy is up and can't get my money back. If anyone knows how I may achieve this, please let me know.

2/2/2007 - Rachel writes:
I ordered the TCP and got it within a week. I was surprised. It hasn't stopped working on me yet. When it does I will let you all know.

1/31/2007 - Laura writes:
I saw an infomecial for this 2 weeks ago (January 2007) so they are still trying to sell it. I didn't buy it because they never said the price, so I knew it must be more than it's worth. Also, I had an appointment with my hair dresser later that day and she recommended the [] straightener to me. I've only had it these 2 weeks, but it was $25 and I love it! I'm really, really glad I found this Site. I was trying to search for the product site because I got curious about how much it cost. Instead I found this :-)

1/30/2007 - Ruby writes:
Well, I saw the infomercial and was curious. When I plugged it in I waited and waited and waited; "no heat". So I decided to try a different outlet. It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out I had been scammed. Not only was I sent a product that did not work, there was no return paperwork inside the box. I now know why it took so long for it to arrive. They wanted to make sure they got there money before I got the worthless product. It was so long ago I do not even remember being reimbursed.

1/30/2007 - Tina writes:
I ordered this product in the beginning of Nov 06 for a christmas gift which I did not receive in time. A week before christmas I began calling about my order and was told that it shipped in Nov and it must be lost in the mail. In the meantime, I had been charged two payments already. I called several times to only be told the same thing. After finally receiving the product, it didn't work. I immediately called and received a return number. I sent it back and still another payment was deducted two weeks after them receiving the return. After contacting the company I was told that the payments were being handled by a different company and I had to contact them for any refunds. I contacted the company who told me they would not refund anything without a cancellation confirmation faxed to them from True Ceramic. I conacted True Ceramic who refuses to send me or the financial services a cancellation confirmation stating that they have already sent this to financial services. I have left messages with managers at both places and have sent several emails with no responses. I am definetly interested in any class action suits that involve this company. They are making a lot of money on a terrible product with horrible customer service!!

1/29/2007 - Shirley writes:
I ordered the True Ceramic Pro off the infomercial on 12/9/06. After
thinking about the $190.89 the operator worked the bill up to, I decided to cancel the order. I called and cancelled it, and I also wrote an e-mail to cancel it so I would have a written copy of the transaction. I then put a stop payment on my debit card for this amount "just in case they tried to pull something". The stop payment ended 1/11/07. On 1/12/07 they ran the charge through. Now I can't reach them, and they never did send the product to me. I can't afford to be scammed out of $190.89, but I can't find them! What a crooked scheme....makes it tough for all the good things advertised on TV. I'm not giving up on this yet. SG

1/29/2007 - Nab writes:
Hi Ladies, Well, guess what, two weeks ago my TCP decided to stop working. Like many of you have said, literally within the first month the red paint started to chip off. Since it was still working, I didn't want to bother with the hassle of returning it. Well, I guess I'm one of the lucky ones since it's been working for all most a year, but it's stopped heating, and I have managed to "jimmie" the cord to try and reroute power...I was about to order a new one since it does the job, until I came across all these postings!!! All in all, A LOT of money to pay, for something with such a short life span.

1/28/2007 - Brandy writes:
I purchased the True Ceramic Pro last month, December 2006. It is now Jan 2007 & the iron has completely stopped working. It will not power on. It worked less than one month! The faceplate with the on/off slide was cracked when I received it, but it still worked so I didnt worry too much about it. Also, the plates show metal underneath, where the red paint rubbed off. I've emailed ABS & haven't heard back. Judging by what other's have wrote, I probably never will. Avoid this product!! Complete ripoff!!

1/25/2007 - Julia writes:
The True Ceramic Pro does NOT live up to the promises of the company .Mine is falling apart after being used only 5 times .I am a hairdresser so know how to evaluate this appliance and we have been scammed !!

1/18/2007 - Krissy writes:
Well, let's just say I am FURIOUS about the product! Paid for the Tru Ceramic Pro in full about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Now I have it FINALLY and turned it on, NO LIGHT, NO HEAT! It doesn't freakin work!!!!!!!!!!!! They are gonna here it from me, however after reading all the complaints, I guess I can shove it, cause it seems to me like nobody's problem has truly been taken care of...feel really robbed right now! Krissy

1/18/2007 - Anonymous writes:
I bought this product the beginning of Nov. It took until the Jan. for it to arrive. I had called the company several times as to when it would be shipped.It had been 3 weeks when I called the first time. They kept giving me various dates. The time went on and the dates were getting later and later....BUT they still claimed it was shipped in November. Here is was Jan. and I didn't have it yet. It arrived the first week of Jan. 8 weeks after I ordered it! By then I didn't need it since it was a Christmas gift. Interestingly, there was no dates on the box, no paperwork inside, nothing. That right there told me they were trying to hide something. There wasn't even a return address on the box. Just my name and a postal bar code. I had already called my credit card company just to see how many charges they had charged and there were already 2 and I had not even reeived it yet! I called them when it finally arrived, got a return number and mailed it priority and sent it so they had to sign for it. It arrived and no one was there to sign for it so the Post Office let 2 notices and it was never claimed. Now it is being returned to me. I called my credit card company and I am disputing the charges. I will send the credit card company copies of the shipping info, copies of the labels I took off the box, I'll print some of these complaints so they can see this company is a fraud and I am sure I will get the product returned to me. I will give that to the bank also :) File with your Credit Card Companies, don't let them keep your money. JM

1/17/2007 - Boni writes:
BE WARNED! Although I have not had any problems with my true ceramic pro yet, I did pay an extra $15.98 to have it shipped fast on top of the $15.98 they charged for regular shipping and it took FOUR WEEKS to arrive. When I called to complain I spent over three hours on hold total (between three separate phone calls) and they refused to reimburse me the extra shipping saying that it was only promised to ship fast not arrive fast. WHAT A CROCK! DO NOT TRUST THE TRUE CERAMIC PRO COMPANY!!! THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!

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