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True Ceramic Pro Complaints
Total Complaints: 290
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5/9/2006 - Katie writes:
Wow, I thought I just had a defective one or had used it one too many times but it looks like my story is just like everyone elses. The Tru Ceramic Pro is the worst product I have ever had in my possesion. It worked great for a good 3 months. I purchased mine in March of last year,  apparently a defective one?? By the end of August all of the red paint had chipped and by February of this year it just stopped turning on! I tried to call the customer service number and just like everyone else recieved no help! I shelled out $135 for this poorly manufactured product!

5/7/2006 - Sarah writes:
I bought the TruCeramic Pro only in February. It worked fine until around the first of April then started burning my hair and then just quit working. Since their website is no longer available, and after reading all of the complaints on here with their customer service, I'm not even going to bother attempting replacing it. What a waste of $130.

5/6/2006 - Michele writes:
wow I cant believe what I am reading. Looks like this company got rich on us poor folks.  I scrimpted and save for this stinkin thing. I wanted it so bad I did the 3 monthy installments. After having the iron for 4 or 5 months the red coating started peeling off. I contacted the company and get this. They told me that there was only a 6 month warranty however there was a bad batch of irons sent out the month mine was sent out (march 2005) and they would send me a new one. This was Novemeber 2005 and its now May 2006 and I have still not received my new TCP. Also I tryed to number for months and they were always " updating their system for better custome service" YA RIGHT.... Now the number in disconnected. I also tryed to emailing advanced soulutions but never got any response. I would love to be part of doing something about this. WE HAVE ALL GOT SCAMMED AND IT MAKES ME MAD !!!!

5/3/2006 - Alicia writes:
My husband purchased this for me in June of 2005. It worked wonders for about 6 months, and then it just died! In the meantime the company tried to say that all payments were not made, and that we needed to send money or be reported to the credit bureau. The funny thing is, the payments were set up to automatically be withdrawn for three consecutive months from our bank account. Not only did they steal our 150 or so dollars by selling a defective product, but they tried to sqeeze more out by lying and threatening us! I really hope a class action law suit is brought about. Count me in!

5/3/2006 - Sherry writes:
After receiving my Ceramic Pro and realizing it was yet another disapointment for my straight hair I sent it back "Delivery Conf"thru US Postal. I totally expected the trial charge and shipping fee-but Ceramic Pro claims they never received thier product back.  May 2nd has been a year going back and forth between Ceramic Pro and my Discover Card trying to get this resolved.  Now of course my postal conf only is guaranteed for 6 months.  I am also out $134.96 plus shipping plus trial fee plus returning---WHAT A SCAM!

4/30/2006 - Amy writes:
I'm sorry to say that I am finding out that I've been scammed too, by the TCP people.  The first one I bought in July 2005, the red paint on the plates began to chip off with the first use. My husband would say "you've got red stuff in your hair."  Then I got the card from them saying there were some defective irons out there, blah, blah, blah.  So I called and got a replacement iron.  I never sent the first one back because I forgot about it.  Anyway, the replacement iron has done the same thing.  The customer service number does not work and I can't find their official website.  The iron still works and I still use it, but it does not work as well with the red paint gone.  I guess I'm out the $120.00 + shipping and handling.  I guess that'll teach me not to buy stuff off of infomercials.

4/27/2006 - Angela writes:
My husband ordered this for our two daughters, March 2005.  We paid $174.99 for the flatening iron, brush and products.  I didn't think much of the products, the iron worked great until last month.  It will not turn on.  I have tried unsuccessfully to contact the company for a replacement.  I am very angry that I am out this money.  For $175.00 I expect a product to perform for a good long time.  I will not order another product off of the TV.  I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

4/25/2006 - Gloria writes:
I purchased the iron and the first iron began to spark in my ear and hair almost causing serious injury to me while the iron was in my hair. I returned that iron and the sent another and the paint stated to chip   they sent a card saying the irons were defective.  i sent that on back and they sent out another.  now that iron is defective because the paint has chipped off the plates again.  i called about five months ago and they said they were switching manufactures and a replacement would be shipped out shortly. I i have been trying to locate them for months now and the phone numbers do not work. Hopefully we can get this resolved or start a class action suit against the company.  They are still selling this defective product.

4/25/2006 - Elsa writes:
I bought the True Ceramic Pro and the "beauty product package" and was very happy with it for several months. I only used it for "special occasions" a few times a month, so that's probably why mine lasted longer than the others. I also didn't have a problem with the paint chipping or the ceramic plates falling off. The problem I did have was with the elecrtical cord that started to cut out. Eventually it stopped working altogeher so I called a customer service number to have it replaced. I was just over the 6-month warranty so I had to wait on hold for the CSR to get "approval" for me to receive a replacement. She said they would send me a new one and to send back the defective one when I received it. They said it could take up to 3 months to ship, but its been 6 months and I never got it. I'm going to try and followup on it today because it worked really well, but now I'm not sure if it will matter. Thanks.

4/25/2006 - Valerie writes:
I purchased my original True Ceramic Pro in March of 2005 and within the first 2 months the ceramic began peeling off and it broke in half.  I contacted the company and they took my complaint and said they would send me another one and gave me an RA number to return the original.  I waited until the end of November to receive my replacement iron.  I called every month and was told that they are on back order because they are so popular.  That is not the case,they are just poorly made items that only last a few months. My replacement one just stopped working 2 days ago after 5 months.  I take very good care of it because of the cost...so it is not abuse. Now, I can't even get in touch with the company and their website is no longer available.  This is most definitely a scam and I want to be refunded completely.  When I spend $135.00 on a hair straightener I expect it to be of great quality and last a long time.  After reading all of the complaints, I see that they are the same.  I can't believe that something isn't being done to compensate all of us victims of this scam.

4/25/2006 - Barbara writes:
I bought the TCP in October 2005.  Weeks later the red plates started chipping.  I called C-Serv. and told them.  They said there was a batch of "bad ones".  They pulled up my info and said they'd mail me one...It took almost 6 months and 100 phone calls to get my replacement. 6 months later I got two of them.  Now both are broken, and the Customer service # is disconnected.  I'm out $134.96 119.97 + $14.99 s & h.

4/25/2006 - Susan writes:
Same story... I ordered my first TCP in 4/05.  It worked great, but even though it was just used  intermittently, it quit coming on after just 4 months of ownership.  I contacted the company and returned my iron for a replacement, which they said would be better as the defect had been corrected in the new irons.  It took about 3 months to get a replacement, and the clips and protective bag that I had sent back with the original iron were not included.  I was just glad to get the replacement finally.  After nearly daily use this time around, the replacement iron has quit working again after about 5 months, and like everyone else, I now find the company phone numbers are all disconnected.  I can't believe this product is allowed to be sold yet.  I guess we should have had a clue as to the poor workmanship in this product, since the company only had faith enough in it to offer a 6 month warranty!  I thought that was rather odd when I originally received the product.

4/22/2006 - Renee writes:
I purchased the True Ceramic Pro on 4/17/2005 from the infomercial.  Within 3 months the paint had flaked off and the switch had quit.  i was denied a refund because it was past my 30 day trial.  After a 20 minute debate between myself and the CSR about how the paint was only cosmetic and did not interfear with the function of the unit and that I should just keep the unit and me saying I don't care this unit is defective, I finally was given an RA#.  I have called 5 times since then spoke to a CSR who assured me a unit was either shipped or there was a mistake and they were backordered 3 or 4 months.  To this day, I still do not have my replacement and now the phone number I have is constantly busy, (even at 2am).  I have filed complaints with the BBB and my credit card company but have still not recieved any recourse.  I am with you all, there needs to be a suite brought against this company to recoupe at least some of our $120.00.

4/21/2006 - Cheryl writes:
I ordered to Tru Ceramic Pro in June 2005 and loved it.  Then the red paint started coming off.  I received info in the mail of a recallfor the ones that were losing the paint.  I called and they took the number of the unit and said they would send me a new one.  I also ordered one for my niece. That was in September 2005.  I have received nothing.  However they have my money for the new one I ordered.  They told me the first time it was lost in the mail and would have to be resent.  Then they told me it was on back order.  Now the number is disconnected and I can not get anything.  What to do?

4/21/2006 - Laura writes:
I purchased the Iron and it worked great for the first 2 weeks, then the red paint started to come off. I called and was one of the lucky ones to have a quick response. I received not 1 but 2 irons (and that should have been my first hint) I was to send back to other one at my earliest convience. I started to use the new ones that were sent to me. Within 2 months the light on the first on that I was using stopped coming on and it would not get hot. I had at first thought my daughter had dropped it. I started to use the 2nd one and that has broke as well. I have 3 irons that do not work. I also can not get ahold of anyone and I am quite upset. I had paid the full amount of $169+. Now what?

4/20/2006 - Kaila writes:
I purchased the 'true ceramic pro' in October of 2005 and around 1 month later the red ceramic began coming off. I contacted the company and they said I received a defective product and they would mail me a replacement. I never received it and tried to call numerous times with no luck. They sure were quick to take my initial payment and now I am getting a final audit notice for the remaining balance. It would be great if some kind of legal justice prevails here!!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!

4/19/2006 - Giselle writes:
My problem is with billing from Advanced Beauty Solutions. I purchased the product in mid-2005 and recently received a collections letter in the mail from SKO Brenner, on behalf of ABS. What's going on here???

4/19/2006 - Denise writes:
I had just bought TCP in feburay    used it maybe 3 times pluged in and i seen the light turn on and start to flashing it stared to warm up i didn't think of it then when i came back to use it the light was off and it it wasn't warm anymore it was cold.

4/18/2006 - Nora writes:
I purchased the TruCeramicPro last year about May 2005 and when I purchased it I was so excited to get such a great product. I shortly found that the paint was chipping just like everyone else and that it was not normal. So, I called the number that I had purchased it from and then they gave me a couple more numbers and finally I got through to someone that was going to send me a replacement. I did receive one about 3 months later. I again was very satisfied and had been until about a month ago I noticed that it wasn't turning on and I had to mess with the cord and basically bang it on the wall or floor to get it to work. I am very disappointed because this was the very first purchase I made to get a quality flat iron and now this is the result. I am very unhappy at this point, especially to see what everyone else has gone though. Please let me know if there is anything we can do! I will do it! This is outrageous!

4/17/2006 - Erica writes:
I purchased the TCP back in Septemeber 04. After seeing the infomercial on TV I had to purchase this product.   About 4 months ago it would not power up anymore.  The swivel cord is loose and the company would not send me a new one.  They recommended that I take it to an electonic repair store.  They couldnt even fix it because the swivel cord is impossible to match up unless you get it strictly from the company.  I since then have called to complain and the number is disconnected and the website I purchased it from is missing.  I was about to purchase another one from another site until i read everyone's messages.  Thank you so much you just saved me a ton of money.

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