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True Ceramic Pro Complaints
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4/16/2006 - Kris writes:
I purchased the TCP in May '05- it worked well, until the paint chipped off, I then received a "replacement" iron, about 6 weeks later.  Within 2 weeks, the same thing, all most all the "red ceramic" is gone, I have tried contacting the company many times, but no luck.   Guess I am out my almost 120.00!

4/16/2006 - Linda writes:
I had a RA number to return my defective iron but apparantly I was given the wrong address and it was not allowed to be forwarded.  It too is badly chipped and stopped working within a month.    So now on top of the expense of the iron, I now have lost priority mail postage that since the package was returned to me.  I would also like to be included in a class action suit if there is one.

4/15/2006 - Yvonne writes:
My husband and I bought a Tru Ceramic Pro gift package for our daughter, for her birthday. The total cost was ~$175.00. The package did not arrive on time for her birthday, as they stated it would, and arrived several weeks late. Approximately one month later, the iron just stopped working. I called the company to have the item replaced and it took quite a few months, phone calls and e-mails to get the replacement. Again, approximately one month later the replacement iron stopped working. I was going to return the iron again for a refund and realized the amount of complaints regarding this product. I cannot believe that the company can get away with it practices and not face any penalties. I would certainly join forces with other consumers to ensure that this company does not practce business again.

4/14/2006 - Jennie writes:
I bought the TCP about three months ago...and before the red paint could begin to peel off, the iron handle got really hot and then quit working. I am severly in the product and to learn that I am not the only one. This sucks that we all got ripped off!!!

4/12/2006 - Ida writes:
I purchased the TCP in August 2005, it only worked for about a month and it simply just did not turn on anymore.   I complained and they sent me a new one in about 6 weeks.  That one only worked for about three months.  And I could never reach them.  And know I'm finding out that they are filing bankrupcy. I hope that someone does contact me so that we can get together to file a class action suit.  You can count me in!!!

4/12/2006 - Barbara writes:
i got my first one back in june of 05 the first time i used it the red came off so they sent me a new one and now it won't come on at all i have tryed to call but the number has been disconnected and they keep sending me a bill. please help me with this

4/12/2006 - Darnella writes:
I thought I was just going insane when I kept calling advanced beauty solutions and was not getting any response. I felt like they were giving me the run around when they said they were on back order for 2 months. The many emails I sent and got no response. They were suppose to send me an replacement because mine were peeling paint and getting too hot. I actually burnt out lots of my hair using them and still have the hair to prove it in a little baggie. This was 11 months ago. I didnt realize that everyone was having this problem until I seen this website with all of these complaints. Thank you so much for posting the complaints, because I would still be calling them about my tru ceramic pros. Is there anything we can do?

4/12/2006 - Carol writes:
TCP was purchased in May of 2005. Red coating has been chipping from the plates and as of 2 days ago, the TCP ceased working. I am unable to contact the company, as the phones are disconnected. My daughter and I are extremely disappointed with the quality of the product as it was expensive. Apparently quality control is not part of Advanced Beauty's philosophy.

4/11/2006 - Erica writes:
My boyfriend bought the TCP for me about 8 months ago. It has worked fine other than the red paint chipping off the plates and the plug-in starting to fall apart. My bf had made all three payments of 39.99 and now they are sending him letters that the final payment wasn't received. I don't know how this is possible since every previous payment had been deducted from his checking account by them. We have tried calling the customer service numbers, but they seem to be disconnected. I would really like to know what is going on and how we can stop these annoying letters.

4/11/2006 - Bea writes:
I purchased the true ceramic flat iron in October 2005. Within 2 months of purchase the red paint was coming off, the flat iron handles were not lined up but I worked with it.  Finally I decided they need to replace this or refund the money, when I called the company to replace it or speak to someone, there phone number was disconnected. This is terrible, how can a company advertise a product on national television, sell the product, guarantee the product and then disconnect their telephone number.  Something needs to be done about this!!!

4/10/2006 - Lashawnda writes:
I bought the Tru Ceramic Pro back in June 2005 and received them and had to send them back because the red plates was pealing off.  I then had to wait almost 6months later to receive the new ones.  They was working just fine and then it busted when plugged up in the electrical socket at my school.  What a rip off!!!!!!! please contact me for any class action suit.   The website and all 800 numbers have been disconnected....Whatz up with that...

4/10/2006 - Colleen writes:
Well...I'm glad that I'm not the only one with this problem.  However, I'm sorry for all of us.  I actually bought two of these products back in September of '05 - one for myself and one for my teenage daughter (so she wouldn't steal mine).  I paid the trial amount of $16 for each (total of $32) and then three consecutive monthly payment of $39.  My product has worked very well and continues to work today.  I do notice that the plates do not line up, but I deal with it.  It takes about as long to straighten my hair with misaligned plates as it would with a cheap Walmart straightener.  My daughters' iron, however, is a completely different story.  Up until today, I though she had misused it somehow causing it to break.  She told me about 2 months ago that it "just stopped working" and wouldn't power on.  I immediately became upset with her, as we all know how expensive these are, and wondered what she would could have done to make the power not work.  Now I know it wasn't her.  Here's the kicker...I recently received collection notices from an agency stating that I still owe the final payment on each of the irons and that my credit card had changed when they tried to bill.  DON'T FALL FOR THIS ONE!!!  I really believe that this is the way the company is still scamming money out of us!!!  I checked my credit report and there is no new inquiries!  When I called the customer service number for Advanced Beauty Solutions, guess what I get?  THE CREDIT AGENCY ANSWERING!!!  Beware!  By the way...I purchased both of my TCP's with my Visa DEBIT card which comes straight out of my bank.   This card number HAS NEVER CHANGED and there is always money in the bank!  You can call Experian and the other two big credit agencies to let them know you have been scammed by Advanced Beauty Solutions and now they are trying to continue to scam you by holding your credit hostage.  I also encourage each person to contact the Attorney General and become part of the bankruptcy filing that "ABS" has filed.  Who knows...we may get something out of it, but don't hold your breath.  I too am very interested in filing a civil action suit and wonder how many people would actually join with me.  I would be willing to file on all of our behalfs!

4/9/2006 - Annette writes:
I purchased the true ceramic pro less then a year ago. When all the red coating peeled off I called and they told me they would mail me a packing slip so I could mail it back at their expense and send me a new one. Well, I never received anything from them and now the item doesn't work anymore. I feel so scammed, and like everyone else, all I get is a busy signal when I call the number I got off of one of the websites for this product. I've purchased other items from infomercials and have never been dissatisfied, but this one has left a bad taste in my mouth I will surely hesitate to buy anything off of the T.V from now on.

4/9/2006 - Nguyet writes:
Same story as everyone else.   I ordered the true ceramic iron in Aug. 2005. I did not receive it until the middle of October. I was told that is was on back order until then.  I then rec'd the product and notice that the plates where not touching and had to press hard down on them inorder for it to work correctly.  I then called the original number and request for a replacement. I was told it will arrive in about 10 to 15 business days, this was as of October 2005. I was charged 34.99 when the advertisement said that only 16.99 for the trial priod and then the regular payment after that.  I tired calling several times but got a their voicemail stating they where upgrading their phone service. I left messages and emails but no response.  As of today I have not seen my replacement yet. I continue using the old straigthener that was sent to me in October but one side of the plate broke in half therefore leaving me with a broken product that is no longer useable. I just want my money back or just send me the replacement.

4/9/2006 - Karen writes:
Sorry to tell everyone this, but the company filed for bankruptcy in early January 2006.  I found this out after contacting the Missouri Attorney General's office.  Seems like the company replied to a request from them, just not from us little people that ordered their defective products!   I was copied on their bankruptcy filing.  Doesn't look like any of us will be getting any money back.

4/7/2006 - Phelnon writes:
I purchased the true ceremic pro in '05. I have been hesitant in reporting this product because I felt I would NOT get good return service and would be told a bunch of tales as to why this product didnt work and that there is nothing I can do about it. Well I see I was right. I had no idea this many people have experienced the same out come. Please lets all get our money back.

4/6/2006 - Chris writes:
Same story, different person! I ordered my TCP last year and it worked great for a month, but then the plate protector started to chip off, and within a few months it stopped working altogether. I did order mine directly from the infomercial, and paid the FULL price for the item. I tried to call the number listed on my credit card statement with no luck. I went online to search for their site, and it directs me to a universal infomercials site which doesn't even carry the product in the first place. I am upset that I paid so much money for this flat iron and I can't even get a hold of the company to even ask for a replacement. I think they are thieves, and I'm willing to go after them for selling a product they knew was defective and an outrageous price. I am wondering if anyone knows how to start a civil lawsuit with the company to get a refund? If anyone knows any information, please email me back.

4/6/2006 - MaryAnn writes:
I purchased 2 of these beauties. Believe it or not the 1st one was o.k. I ordered another one for my second daughter and to my dismay after 6 months and the final payment sent my daughter came to tell me mom something is wrong with my flat iron I thought it was something she did. I too tried calling the tollfree number BUSY>>> I feel there must be something we can do not to have these jerks walk away with our hard earn money.

4/6/2006 - Jessica writes:
I ordered the product true ceramic pro in march of 2005 and received it in april 2005.  I haven't used mine very often because in my profession I am constantly wearing my hair up in a ponytail.  My true ceramic pro just started to not work properly, it will not stay on long enough to heat up.   I knew that it was under warranty to I got on the internet to look up the number to get ahold of and found all the other unhappy customers and the inability to get ahold of anyone from the company I purchased my tcp from.  I spent alot of money on this thing!! I want my money back!!! I am all for a lawsuit!

4/5/2006 - Sherry writes:
I tried and returned the True Ceramic Pro around mid 2005, returned it.  The last time I had a conversation with one of the representatives with Advanced Beauty Solutions was 10/11/05 her name was Beverly.  She agreed with the total amount of refund due to me of 119.97 (3 pmts @ 39.99) and said that I should receive my refund within a couple of days.  That was the last contact with the company.  Since then the phone number was disconnected and no response [email protected].

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