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True Ceramic Pro Complaints
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4/5/2006 - Kristin writes:
The flat iron is not make of ceramic.  The plates are metal with a teflon coating.  The coating comes off after the first use. The hair splits and is damaged. I have tried to get a refund and all they would do is send a new flat iron.  I now have no phone number to call, email address or physical address to get in touch with them for refund or even to report to the Better Business Bureau.

4/5/2006 - Koren writes:
UNBELIEVEABLE!!! Reading all those complaints and see how many there were just adds fuel to the fire! I too experienced everything these girls went through. I order the product and didn't even recieve it till 4 months!!!! after I had ordered it in the meantime they were charging me for an iron I hadn't even gotten yet!! when I finally did get it, the one week later the paint chip off and I called customer service for a new one. They always told me they were shipping a new one out, that is was on the way blah blah blah. Their #'s were constantly changing and NO ONE ever replys to the advancedbeautysolutions.com or [email protected] all of the #'s are out of service. Everyone file to the BBB! And I would also like to be involved in a Class action Lawsuit!!!!!!

4/5/2006 - Angel writes:
Even when I say I own one is not really true, since I have ever received but I was charged for. I contacted the customer service and their answer was that they did sended and showed as received. I don't know where they sended because I didn't received. I did try to contact again and find out they were upgrading their telephone service (yeah right). I send many emails to their customer service desk and no reply, left my name and phone number, never heard from them. I'm still trying to contact them to see if I ever going to receive my TruCeramicPro or get a refund. I hope that this company get investigated and make them pay for the scam they are running day by day.

4/4/2006 - Cristy writes:
Item worked beautifully for about 3 months then paint chipping, plate wouldn't get hot then it wouldn't turn on.  called customer service 888-807-8953 they said they would mail old one 7 - 10 business days...5 months later and nothing.  phone number is out of service, sent 15 plus emails [email protected]. I AM REPORTING TO BBB - THEY ARE TOO EXPENSIVE TO LET IT SLIDE!!!!!!!

4/3/2006 - Justine writes:
Well, I saw the infomercial on the True Ceramic Pro a year ago and thought I would like to try it.  I bought it through [] and got it in couple of days.  I have been using it since July 2005 and it worked fine. In Dec 2005 I noticed the paint chipping off of the plates. I though that I used it so much that was natural.  Then in Feb 2006 I notice the ends of my hair were dry and damaged.  I went to my stylist and she had to cut 3 inches off my ends because they were burnt and damaged. I am so mad because I went online to find a website for True Ceramic Pro and found nothing.  I want other people to know not to buy it. It is a waste of money and it will damage your hair.

4/1/2006 - Dawn writes:
I bought the true ceramic pro last year and it has just started not working properly it has been about 4 months, now the red coloring is peeling off the plate and the dam thing does not maintain consistant heat. I tried the website and get an as seen on TV site tried calling and no response, no e-mails answered. They have charged me the 260.00 this product sucks and it not worth the money you are better off going to a local beauty supply company and buying a ceramic thermal hair iron. I am a cosmetologist have been for 20 years now thought this would be a good product but buyer beware! It is a rip off.

3/31/2006 - Amber writes:
This is the biggest scam ever. The paint started coming off almost immediatly but I didn't think anything of it until I recieved a postcard from them saying some of them were defective. I was going to send it back but never got around to it. I guess I can be thankful I didn't send it back cause 1. who knows how long the replacement would have lasted and mine lasted almost a year before it died 2. they would never have sent me a replacement or refund. I have tried to call every number possible and now I have given up. I figure that even if I find their number and send it back, they wont refund me or replace it. They would just keep scaming people. IF ANYONE WANTS TO TAKE THEM TO COURT, EMAIL ME AT []. I know just one person can't do it but if we can get hundreds together, that would be more worth it. I don't care about the $100... it is the fact that there are companies that just are scams and there needs to be a stop it them!!! Anyone with me??????

3/31/2006 - Jeaninne writes:
In October 2005 I ordered the TCP I did'nt receive it until December 2005 and when I openned it it was falling apart as I took it out of the box.  I have been trying to get in touch with the ABS to no avail.  I would also be interested in a class action suit. This company is a real rip off.  They are still trying to get another payment out of me for 39.00 which I refused to pay!!!!

3/31/2006 - Susan writes:
I purchased the True Ceramic Pro and it stopped working with in the first 2 months.  I was paying monthly and stopped paying.  I never could get a hold of anyone to try to get a replacement.   Just received a letter that my account was going to a collection agency.  I payed the balance because I didn't want my credit ruined.  They gave me a # to call to try to resolve this.  Guess what... they number is always busy.  Please help.

3/30/2006 - Tina writes:
I would like to complain about True Ceramic Pro, the first 3 months it worked fine, but then I started to notice that the red paint started chipping off.  Called one 800, which was disconnected, obtained the customer service # from the website.  Rudest customer service I have ever dealt with.  I told them my situation, they told me to send back the iron and gave me an option of refund or replacement. I chose refund.  They told me the credit would show my on my account w/in 7-10 buis. days  Sent the iron back overnight.  Tracked the item the next day.  Item was delivered. Waited the 7-10 days, never saw a refund in my account.  Called and asked them what was going on.   They of course were running me around in circles.  It took me well over 6 months after purchase to see the full refund minus shipping and handling to reappear in my account.  With this situation happening to me I never order anything over internet again.  True Cermaic is a big Scam!!!!

3/29/2006 - Danielle writes:
I ordered the Truue Ceramic Pro about 4 months ago..after the first 2 weeks the paint chipped off(like ever other persons complaint about it), after that the handle was broke and it wouldnt turn on, we called them and they mailed us 2 of them for free... 2 weeks after that the same thing happened to BOTH of them!! If they were 10 dollar straightners i would say thats my fault but theyre 100+ dollars! i am trying to search for there customer service im giving them both back and i want my money back!!!

3/28/2006 - Sonia writes:
Bought this product back in July 05 for my daughter who was very excited to be getting one because she liked what she saw on tv. Started chipping off right away and worked for about three months. Kept calling the 1-800 number, message was updating system, then number invalid.  It's so wrong the way they can just ripped us off like that, so I too am in favored of any lawsuit against them.

3/28/2006 - Tami writes:
Add my name to the list of extremely unhappy True Ceramic Pro Customers!!  I also received one of the defective irons and was told to return it for a new iron or refund.  I immediately returned it and never received a new iron or a $136 refund for the iron I had already paid for.  I have not been able to reach anyone at their numbers either and feel the company has stolen $136 from me in their scam!!!

3/27/2006 - Jodi writes:
I bought my Ceramic Pro in September.  I did the 3 easy payments on my credit card.  The charges appeared as agreed on Sept., Oct. and Nov. bills.  It is now March and I just received a letter from Advanced Beauty Solutions saying my account is under review for collections for an amount equal to 2 of the payments.  When I call the number (1-866-441-4735) I get the message about unusually high call volume and remain on the line.  I am on hold as I am writing this and am on the 36th minute of hold.

3/27/2006 - Sherie writes:
I like all of you had bought this product thinkng it would work great well it did for 2 days until the red started chipping and then they sent me a new on ewhich i had to pay for all the shipping over again. A couple of months ago my product stopped working now I cannot even get through to a working number or anyone which would have some answers for me.  I really wish we could get a lawsuit against them and everyone can get there money back.

3/26/2006 - Sharlene writes:
I purchased the Tru Ceramic Pro in April 05.  I paid $139.95 for this item.  In 6 months, it just stopped working.  I tried contacting customer service via e-mail and they referred me to the customer service phone line.  I tried calling the phone number for 3 months straight and it was always busy.  I contacted them 2 more times through e-mail but to no avail.  Once again, I called and called the phone number.  Now, instead of being constantly busy, there was a recorded message stating, 'We are currently updating our phone system.  For quicker service, [email protected]."    Well, this gets you nowhere.  So, it's been almost 6 months since my item stopped working and I have not received any answers for a refund or repair.  I am resigned to the fact this will never be resolved and I just lost all that money through a scam.

3/23/2006 - Helene writes:
I have purchased a true ceramic pro It worked for one day and when I tried to contact the company they said I had to go online when I went online they sent me to another unknown address. then they had the nerve to send me a bill I am very upset I need to call the BBB on them

3/21/2006 - Jennifer writes:
I am sad to realize I may have just lost $200 Dollars.  I also purchased the TCP in September 05.   A few months later I have a chipped non-functioning piece of %#^$&.  There must be something that can be done since there are so many of us that got screwed.  I will continue surfing the web to see if I find something.  Unfortunately no one is able to contact the others since this site will not display personal # or e-mail address.   If they post the following look up Pro in zip code 30134.  I would like to know if anyone got any further with their search.

3/20/2006 - Lucy writes:
After seeing the True Ceramic Pro advertised on TV, I thought that it would be a wonderful Christmas gift for my teenage daughter.  And she was so thrilled on CHristmas morning !  That joy has since been deflated as the straightening iron no longer works. The red paint came off within the first week, but it still worked until just recently. Now it won;t even turn on. Attempts to contact the company have failed. $160. later -- I've been scammed!

3/19/2006 - Delores writes:
After using my true ceramic pro for a few months it just quit. No reason, it just quit.  I pulled out all my paper work on it and tried the phone number listed. It was disconnected. Then I tried the web site. It doesn't exist. To pay $120.00 for a hair straightner was absurb to begin with but to have it only work a few months and then quit it really makes me angry.

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