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True Ceramic Pro Complaints
Total Complaints: 290
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3/19/2006 - Kelly writes:
I actually perchased three of these and my friend purchased two. We have had the same problem with All of them!! The ceramic plate completely wore off and started to after only 2 uses, the "tongs" are not aligned at all, and the cord has to be in the same position at all times, or the iron will just turn off. This has happened to ALL of them!! I had 30 days to return the iron, and called to do so, when the customer service rep said he would just ship me a replacement instead. I agreed (boy was I in for a treat) and it took over two months for delivery!! I called SEVERAL times asking where it was, asked to cancel the whole thing all together, and the customer service rep denied me. I finally recieved the iron and put my old one in with the one they sent me and mailed them BOTH back. Before I mailed them I had called EVERY DAY, SEVERAL TIMES A DAY, just to hear a busy signal. I emailed them several times, but no response. When I mailed the irons back, I wrote a long letter explaining all that had happened, and gave very detailed contact information. I have never recieved a response, was never returned the money that was in the guarrantee, and cannot get a hold of them for the life of me. My friend had a similar experience, and has not been given her money back yet either. I wish there was something I could do. I do not have a lot of money, and buying this iron was a stretch for me in the first place. I thought I was investing in a quality product.

3/17/2006 - Marcia writes:
I have had 3 TCP and all 3 have burnt our (my daughter & myself) hair worse then a cheep flat iron from the grocery store.  We also thought we were getting a great product. Worked great a first and then it started chipping and smelling.  Sure would like to find out how to get our $$$$$ back??

3/16/2006 - Cheryl writes:
Wow, I am shocked and appalled that so many have gotten taken by this company.  I, like most of you, got my iron and it worked great for about a month.  Then, it just died, no rhyme or reason and the plates, which did get darker when heated, began to chip.  (And that $10 gift certificate that you get when you order to buy more products from their website - could anyone every find how to get to a place on their site that you could buy something other than they iron itself?  I sure couldn't.)  I contacted the customer service department.  The woman said:  "No problem, you will have your money back in three to five business days, thank you for calling, bye now."  It really would have been comforting knowing a refund was coming but she was signing off with me and I hadn't even given her my name or account number yet.  Guess THAT should have been a red flag.  At any rate, I sent mine back via FedEx so I know they got it.  It's been two months now and I haven't gotten any money back or a replacement, not that I would want one.  I called today and got the 'invalid' number message many of you have gotten.  I didn't know what to do so I e-mailed a local TV news station because they have a consumer segment that deals with problems just like this one and they have pretty good luck, so maybe they can help.  I haven't heard anything back yet but I sure hope that they can get some more information for us at the very least.  How do people like this sleep at night?  It amazes me.  If I get any satisfaction from this, I will certainly pass along any information that might help anyone get their money back.   I'm not holding my breath though.  I really hope that there is something that can be done.  I have to wonder if they've just closed up shop though, with the numbers not working and the website gone.  And while I do feel a little better knowing I'm nowhere near alone in this, it makes me that much more angry because while one person, like myself, might be an anomaly many people most certainly is not.  Good luck to all.  Cheryl.

3/16/2006 - Tiana writes:
yes i am another victim of tcp fllt irons. I am pissed to even find out that all these people has haad the same problem. I was recently flat ironing my hair and the socket was making noise and the flat irons went out. At first i thought it was just the socket so i put the flat irons into another socket and nothing work. and then i even plug another set of flat irons into that same socket where my flat irons went out at and they worked fine. I am truly pissed that i can't even reach advance beauty solution due to the line being disconnected. if anyone has information of someone who can replace them please email me at []. maybe we should all put in a lawsuit!

3/15/2006 - Judy writes:
Yes, I am another customer who has been "burned" by this company. After 2 faulty irons that were recalled due to the red coating on the iron plates in July '05, I did send them back and a new one was sent to me without me having to pay the last payment. Say the least now a 3rd iron is still defective with the sam problem. Like you, call and the answer I get is this call cannot be made due to the area.

3/15/2006 - Amanda writes:
I have had my iron for 3 months and it has worked great. Then a few days ago as i was straightening my hair it just turned off for no reason. I checked the cord to make sure it was still plugged in and that it wasn't burnt or anything and it was fine. I also tried the the phone number listed on the warranty and the web address and got a disconnected number and a redirection to an as seen on tv webpage. I emailed the company my mother bought it from wonderfulbuys.com (it was a x-mas gift for me) and they said they do not have a manufacturers number for me and i have to do a google search or something to get the number! I tried and can not find anything except this forum full of complaints. Now i am mad as hell and all i want is a replacement or my mothers money back b/c this is rediculous! I saw that someone of you were able to get a number in which you spoke to someone directly if you could post the number i would appreciate it!

3/14/2006 - Sheri writes:
I like the rest purchased the TCP. I also have received an inferior product and was promised a new product that never came.   Customer service phone nos. don't work; web sites send you somewhere else.   Something needs to be done, but what can we do?  Lawsuit sounds great!!

3/14/2006 - Marisol writes:
Purchased the flat iron after watching the commerical and loved it. It started peeling and I got in touch with Advance Solution and they were kind enough to send me a new one it work but once again it peeled and I have been waiting for a replacement since October called the number and emailed and no response. How can we stop this company from taking people's money and companies from selling defected things on TV? It was not free i paid 160.00 dollars since I also purchase the hair products with it.

3/14/2006 - Liz writes:
I thought I was the only one!!   I received the iron about 2 months after ordering it.  A few months passed and it started "flaking."  I called the company and they said they would send me another.  And now when I try to call the 800 numbers they don't work.  I would love to press charges.  Who do you contact???  Let me know if anyone finds a legit number.

3/13/2006 - Iana writes:
Well I ordered the TrueCeramicPro after hearing such great things about it from a cousin and my mother. I used it for about 4months until the red paint from the flat iron started to peel then maybe a week later stopped working all together. It worked great for the little time that i've had it then when i try to contact them by calling 1-888-80-STYLE the recording says its an "invalid number" and when i try to pull up the email address at advancedbeautysolutions.com it bypasses it and takes me to the as seen on tv website. I've been had!

3/13/2006 - Meagan writes:
Just like everyone else seems to have encountered, I got a faulty flat iron and the run around from even worse customer service.  I foolishly ordered the TCP online from advancedbeautysolutions.com after seeing the infomercial for the millionth time.  I did the "14 day trial" thing, and immediately after decided against it.  I called customer service asking to cancel my order and they told me to email the customer service (datapak something) because it wasnt in their computer yet.  I emailed, with no reply, and still received the iron despite 2 requests for cancellation. The iron stopped working not even a week after I got it, so I called the customer service number.  One person said they would send me a new one in 5 business days.  I called 10 business days later and amazingly the information regarding my replacement "was not in the system".  The man on the phone for my second call told me to send back the iron, along with reasons why I wanted a refund, and my account would be credited. Next, I had to deal with collections.   Turns out the credit card I used had expired, and I had gotten a new one, during the time TCP tried to charge me for one of my payments.  I got a letter saying they tried to contact me SEVERAL times (although this was the only one) and they were sending me to collections. I foolishly, not wanting to wreck my credit, called and paid.   They told me they did not have my credit card number on file and could not charge me until I gave it to them! I sent the TCP in, had a signature confirmation and insurance, and it showed the company receiving my iron on December 24th.  It is now the middle of May and I have not gotten a refund. I called, back in January, to check the status of my refund.  The automated message said all refunds from November had been granted, so I tried to talk to an operator.   She told me my refund HAD been granted, but it takes a few days to post to the credit card.  As I said before, it is now the middle of May and still nothing.  Not to mention the website is no longer working, the phone numbers are no longer working, and all of the outlet companies that used to advertise and sell the product have no idea how to get ahold of Advanced Beauty Solutions. If ANYONE has any information about a lawsuit, please contact me.  I want my refund, and a company should NOT be able to get away with something like this!

3/8/2006 - Diana writes:
Bought my TCP on 11/05 for my daughter.  Used it for 1 month and from one day to the next it stopped working.   Have tried to call customer service but the number is not working.  Have emailed customer service with no response.  For some reason I am getting a bill for the remainder of the order due to original amount did not go through on my credit card.   I will not pay for the balance because the item does not even work and I can't even return it to get a replacement or get my money back.  I am so mad!

3/8/2006 - Trish writes:
I bought one off of tv for $120 in 2004 and it started peeling paint right after I started using it. I just dealt with it but then it just quit working so I returned it for another one. It took like 4-5 months to receive (in the mean time I bought a different flat iron that works great for $20). They told me it was on back order. I finally received it like in Oct 2005 and it quit working in Dec. 2005. I have been unsuccessful in contacting the company. All the 800 #'s I have do not work. I am very disappointed and upset. I just want my $120 back.

3/8/2006 - Edythe writes:
I ordered my True Ceramic Pro Infrared Ionic Styler at the end of April, 2005.  The order was delayed by at least two months and when I called to cancel the order, they told me it had been back-ordered and had just been shipped out on 6/29/05.  I received it some days later and used it most of the summer.  It did its job wonderfully; on humid days my hair would not get as frizzy as it would have without using the Ceramic Pro.  Once the Fall came, I used it less often.  I went to Florida in February, 2006 and took the Ceramic Pro with me. It worked for two days and then on the third day I turned it on and nothing happened; no red light; no heating up, nothing at all.  I was so disappointed because it sure would have come in handy down in Florida.  Now that I'm home, I tried calling the Customer Service number (888)807-8953 and got a recording saying, "67-4 Invalid or number blocked from your area".  I am now trying to get another telephone number from the White Pages to ask them to replace it.  Now after reading everyone else's complaints and horror stories, I have no doubt that if I get a few more months out of a new one (if I can ever reach them to get another one), that will be all I'll get since it appears that the unit will never get to its one year limited warranty!   This is an expensive lesson in never ordering anything from TV again.  I'm all for a class action suit ladies, so how do we do that?  If anyone has gotten a successful telephone number for them in Reno, Nevada, please post it.

3/7/2006 - Janice writes:
I am very frustrated customer beacuse  I experience  same situation like the rest of the clients that order TrueceramicPro.  I received one in June  2005.   I sended back because paint was peeling.  They send me a replacement.   Within few months it stop working  it would not turn on.   I kept calling 1-800-915-4182 0r 1-888-807-8953 and the messages was we are updating our phone system so we can serve our customers in the better way.   After (3) three weeks  or more,  I tried this number again  and now its telling me code 52-4 invalid or block from area code.   I was charge  $120.00 dollars. I wonder how can a get my money back.  This is not right.   Please let me  what souce or who do I call so all of us can get our refund.   I will call BBB.  Please advice.

3/6/2006 - Angela writes:
I Purchased True Ceramic Product on 09/04 and less than four months it was not working it would not turn on at all, I try calling thier customer service number and all I would get was a busy singal. I was finally abel to get through and customer service could not help me because I did not have my Order Number and they could not retirve my information in their system.  So hear I'm stuck with $159.96 product that I can not even use. I was going through some paper work recently and guess what I found my reciept from True Ceramic Pro with my "Order Number" and guess what again I can't get anyone to contact me or repair my flat iron. It really PESSES ME OFF that I paid so much for a product that I can't even use or get repaired.

3/2/2006 - Rebecca writes:
First off let me say I am so happy to hear I am not the only one whom was almost hustled out of $120.00 I wish that none of us were. I read through all of the stories to my amazement it wasnt just me. I thought maybe I waited to long to call back (waited 3 weeks). The product was sent in a timely manner but I was able to use it only 3x's before the red/maroon plating started to flake off in my hair. I thought maybe the heat was too high and tried again since no one was returning my e-mails. I then tried calling again since it was still flaking off in my hair to find out that the numbers I was calling were undergoing phone troubles. I have been trying to get a refund since September 05. I am now receiving a collection notice for the money and I am not going to pay!!! Let them sue me. Take me to court I will win since they are scamming hundreds of people out there. If anyone is receiving collection notices DON'T PAY they expect you to that is their way of SCAMMING YOU!!! I would love anyone to contact me whom are having the same problem. I would LOVE to hear your story too. Maybe we can fight this together. All in favor for a lawsuit say "I". To contact me my email address is []@comcast.net

3/1/2006 - Evelyn writes:
I purchased the True Ceramic Pro in September 2005 and it is no longer working as of this morning! The red on the plates came off and all of a sudden, it just stopped working. My iron would not turn on at all, I had just used it the day before. I think I will just purchase my next flat iron at the mall.

3/1/2006 - Stephanie writes:
I ordered the tcp back in 01/06.   within a few months it started falling apart.  I called customer service they told me to send it back and they would replace it. They did within weeks.  a couple of months went by and the red on the plates began chipping off,  then it started having a short in the cord.  Now it wont even come on.  Of course its been a year since i bought this product and no one will speak to me about it, i cant reach anyone. unless you want to order one, then a real person gets on the phone. I truley want my money back or a new tcp which will be a piece of crap too.  It would be nice to trust what you buy, especially paying 119.00.

3/1/2006 - Sue writes:
I ordered this iron for my daughters birthday in Nov 05 when we did not receive it in Dec05 I called several times always got a different excuse. Finally told me it was lost in the mail and ordered another one. Called again several times in Jan 06 when we did not receive it. Then was told the first one never left the warehouse, and the second one was on back order. Would not receive it til Feb 06. Ok today is 3-1-06 and still no iron. Yet I was charged for it. Cannot call as the numbers keep saying it is under repair. And they don't respond to my e-mails. I contacted BBB and they now have 113 complaints this company has not responded to. Sounds like a scam that no one is stopping. I am calling the IRS, something has to be done, this company is ripping people off!!!! The names I found who run this company are Valeria Olevnik, and Jason Dodo. Have offices in CA and NV. But none of the numbers are any good.

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