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True Ceramic Pro Complaints
Total Complaints: 290
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2/28/2006 - Rose writes:
Well,  I guess were all in the same boat.  I had the problem with the paint chipping off and they sent me a replacement back in Oct of 05.  Now it's the end of February and i have gotten no response to the call i made in December of 05.  The thing just stopped working this time.  I'm all in for a class action suit.  Just tried calling their customer service number and now it's saying that "67-4 the number your calling is invalid or blocked from your area code"  nice huh?  I bought a remington wet to dry one for $20.00 and it works just as well.  And Remington stands behind it's products.   The Ceramic Pro is a piece of crap!  Looks like we've lost our money.   imagine how much money they have made with this crappy product.  Losers! DO NOT BUY TRUE CERAMIC PRO!

2/27/2006 - Maria writes:
Im shocked to see how many ppl out there, that have been scammed by this company.  My problem is that im tryin to get my money back as well. I dont use my product as often as the others, the paint on mine has not started to come off. I ordered this 3x.  twice with northern response and once directly thur the company. 1 day I get 2 notices from the post office.   I had received 2 of them. I accepted the one from the infomercial, cuz they couldnt find the other one at the post office.  So I called the customer service at tru ceramic pro, she said that I would have to wait 10 days after they get the product back to get my refund.  Well its been bout 2 months now, and I still have yet to get my money back.  I came online to find the number to call them, and I manage to find the complaints.  This product is not cheap, It looks like now i have paid $400 to get 1 product. Iff anyone knows a legit number to call these ppl, pls forward I need to get my money back.

2/26/2006 - Olivia writes:
I bought the product back in 8/2005 used it for a couple weeks  and the plates started to chip off, I called and they replace the product saying the product was defected originally, got the new one back in December 2005 same problem + a new defect the ceramic pro doesn't close all the way..I call the 888-807-8953 and left mess no return call at all.  As of 2/27/06 no return call from them...know the number is disconnected, what else can happend, lost my money and no product.

2/25/2006 - Luis writes:
my story is frustrating for me because i bought this stupid por#@$%for nothing. i bought it for my sisiter for x-mas gift, hey i thought she would love it u know, and i payed full price one time in oct 05. i never recieved a thing till today. i called before and they had to say that it will arrive and soon. that never happened and i wanted my money back. as soon as that happened their phone lines were "updating" and i still can't get my money that just sucks because i didn't even recieve it and their website doesn't even appear anymore

2/23/2006 - Sherry writes:
I returned the product due to being unhappy with it.  This has been since August 2005 and still no refund.   The phone numbers given will not let you leave a message and the email they tell you to write to, will not give you a response.

2/23/2006 - Marie writes:
I am a big fan of TCP. I already had owned two within a 2-yr period, well - less than that. It works really good like they said, straigtens hair and brings out the natural oils because of the true ceramic plates and makes it shiny. THIS IS CRAP! I used to think I pressed on it to hard when I use it or I leave it on to long. The first one, smoke came out of the hinge part of the iron and started smelling. I liked the product so much I ordered another one. This one stopped working around the same time like the first one (< 6 months), it just didn't come on one day. It works so good, it's so ADDICTING so I was wondering how to get another one, til my boyfriend suggested I do a search "problems w/ true ceramic pro" on internet and I got to this. I feel so happy and relieved that I am not the only one experiencing this problems. There were more complaints then defenses on this product. yes! It works really good, but it's not worth it...because it does not last. DO NOT FALL FOR THE SCAM!How can a product that was promised and demonstrated to work good deceive consumers?!

2/21/2006 - Rebecca writes:
I purchased the True Ceramic Pro Basic Kit on June 2005.  Unfortunately the item was defective as the red coating paint on the plates started to chip and the power supply on the iron began to degrade.   I spoke to a customer service representative and a replacement was shipped out on October 05.  The replacement is also defective as well.  The red ceramic coating again chipped off the unit and the power supply works only intermittently.  I have tried to reach customer service for a refund or and exchange, but the operators are unavailable at the customer service phone number (1-888-80-STYLE).

2/21/2006 - Heather writes:
I am also a victim of the True Ceramic Pro.  I had my original one for a few months when like everyone else, the plates started chipping.  I called and the whole prepaid envelope thing happened and I received a new one that was supposed to be better.  I have used this one for 2-3 months and the same stuff all over again.  Originally, the customer service rep. gave me a song and dance about China and defective materials, whatever.   I can't even use mine today because it is dead.  I called and got the same updating jazz you all got and well...I e-mailed and will continue to e-mail them.  I cannot believe people can get away with my money like that in a society that is supposed to protect us.  I mean the infomercial was great and the product was good while it lasted.  Fix it and give me a new one people.  This is insane! Heather

2/21/2006 - Rhonda writes:
I can't believe all that I have read, I thought I was doing something wrong or the kids have left it on too long, but it is just really a piece of crap.  I also purchased one, oh maybe a year ago, right away the red came off, next was the bottom split apart and we also taped ours.   I called and they sent a replacement like 3months later, I finally got the 2nd one and 1 month later nothing, it wouldn't turn on, I thought it was my electric, well we had to go back to the original one which only lasted maybe 2 mnore weeks and it is dead too, this is terrible.  I really want my money back. I found this website by mistake trying to find true ceramic pros website after numerous of searches I started realizing somethings not good here.  Well let me in on the lawsuit please.

2/20/2006 - Veronica writes:
I...like all of you am having the same problem with this piece of crap that cost me over a hundred bucks!  I bought mines sometime last year...I say around august of 05.  The red paint on the plates started to chip plus the cord wasnt making connection with the iron so I had to like tape it so it would work!  So I called and got a replacement.  The replacement came like two months later!  They sent me info to send the old one back which I didnt!   But they didnt charge me anything for shipping the second time.  And this weekend my replacement that I have had for about two months has once again died!  I tried to call and like everyone else I get the same message about the phones being updated!  I had to go out and buy one at the beauty store that works just as good and ony cost me 30 bucks! If anyones find out any info pleace let me know! I want my money back those suckers!

2/17/2006 - Elizabeth writes:
Same story. I called BellSouth to verify whether the 18774443776 number on my credit card statement was real or not because it was always busy, morning and nite. Bellsouth said if the number was always busy it was no longer valid or had been sold to another company and no longer valid. I would be interested in also getting in on a Clas Action lawsuit just to get my money back.

2/17/2006 - Raquel writes:
i purchased the tru ceramic pro in oct 2005. it broke after i bought a second one as a gift in dec 2005. i have been calling and emailing customer service. they have been updating their phone service since dec 05. no one responds to my voice or emails. on top of that, i have not received the second one and so far i have been charged $260.00 for both irons. I have tried to log on to advancedbeautysolutions.com and it takes me to a different site(asseenontv.com).as far as im concerned, these people are thieves. i want my money back. has someone out there been able to get through to these thieves?

2/17/2006 - Dorothy writes:
I have tried to no avail to contact this company regarding the faulty TruCeramicPro hair styler. It broke within a few months and I have been trying to contact someone, anyone regarding this issue.  The telephone # is no longer operational. The e-mails are returned and messages are left unanswered.  I would appreciate any knowledge you may have regarding this company.  Thank you.  Ms. Baker

2/17/2006 - Liza writes:
I too have had a horrible experience with TCP. I ordered it in Nov. '05 and received it in December '05. It worked well for about 2 weeks and then died. I called to get a replacement and spoke to 2 different customer service representatives who seemed professional. I was told that I would receive my replacement iron in 7-10 business days. It has been more like 70 business days. I've been trying to call the customer service number for about a month now receiving the same message about them updating their phones. I've left numerous messages as well as having emailed several times. I was charged the initial payment of $39.99 however for some reason they didn't bill me for the additional payments(which I was grateful for). Last week I received a bill for the balance. There were 2 numbers listed on the bill. The first one I called said that they were only there for bill inquiries and payments. I asked if they could connect me to customer service however they could not as customer service is in California and they were in NY. I asked what phone number they had for customer service and was told the 888-807-8953 number. The bill also had a customer service number on it of "1-888-807-8853" a misprint, quite convenient huh? When I spoke with the billing department I informed them that I would not be paying the rest of the bill until I received the replacement iron that was promised. Now I am sure that they will want to send me to collections. I'm furious! I am planning on contacting my credit card company, as well as the BBB. I think that the company is based in California and am thinking I will look into contacting the Attorney General for that state. I'm in for a class action lawsuit as well!

2/17/2006 - Melissa writes:
Just like the rest of you, my story is the same.  I purchased the True Ceramic Pro in May, 2005.  It worked fine for a few months and then the finish started peeling off the plates.  I tried to contact them about replacement but have gotten nowhere. There was a problem with my card information and I was threatened with being sent to collection.  The customer service number continues to say they are updating their phone system and their website no longer exists.  What a scam!  I would like my money back but what are the chances of that ever happening?  If anyone knows if there is a pending lawsuit I would love to know who to contact.

2/17/2006 - Lynett writes:
I bought my tcp in July 2005 after four times using it the paint chipped off the plates.  Contrary to the false ads it does burn you.  Its a peice of crap and you can not reach anyone. Forget a replacement I'd just like my money back.  I bought a Conair from [], know that's an flat iron that works.

2/16/2006 - Elizabeth writes:
we ordered the true ceramic pro may of 2005. it finally came in july of 2005. it worked until about october 2005. we called to ask about it, they claimed that they had a new manufacturer, and the old one had put out faulty irons, so they would send me a new one. we received it in december of 2005. and it broke no later than a month after.  we called again, and said they were sending yet another iron, and said it would be here by the end of january 2006. it is now february, and it hasnt come. reading this, im glad to know it wasn't only happening to me. i would like a refund, immediately.

2/16/2006 - Fran writes:
On 9/9/05 I ordered the TCP. Finally received it and within 3 weeks it was broken.  I called customer service and they stated the would send a replacment.  Well I waited and waited and called again and was told they were on back order and I should have one in a few weeks.  Another few weeks went by and I got tired of waiting so I purchased a CHI. I called Customer Service Again and I told them I was not happy with the product and that I had still not received a replacement and in the mean time purchased something else.  I was told to return it, and they would credit me back 2 payments of $39.99.  I returned the TCP on 12/5/05.   No refund to date.

2/15/2006 - Sue writes:
I purchased the iron in May of 2005.   My first one had the peeling paint.  I contacted customer service and received a new one plus the shipping label to return my old one.  They even credited my card back for the shipping price.  I used the iron yesterday, it worked fine, plugged it in this morning and it's dead.  Tried various outlets and it's just dead.   Contacted the 800 # on my original packaging and got the same message about updating their phone systems.  Will try the e-mail address to see about getting another iron but everyone elses posts doesn't make that sound too promising.  Next time I will buy a Chi from the local beauty supply house.

2/15/2006 - Sarah writes:
I am just like the rest of you, i bought it around june or july and in oct. it did not want to turn on again, so i called the place and they gave me the address to send it, and when they recieve it that a replacement will be sent out. Well i sent it the first week of November but i put insurence on my package so i'm going to find out who recieved it, but i've called and yet again they are updateing their phones. Well my cousin is a lawyer and i'm going to get a hold of him and tell him. but if anyone else is going to sue include me please.

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