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True Ceramic Pro Complaints
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2/14/2006 - Dorcca writes:
I ordered the TCP in Feb last year (2005).  Contrary to what is advertised you will get burned if you get too close to your scalp.  Either way it worked great except that my hair started looking very dry after a few months. In June 2005, I was doing my daughters hair and saw a big black blotch in her hair.  I thought I had burned her hair bad.  I discovered that the sides holding the plate melted and what was in her hair was the melted plastic.  Since then I have called twice for a replacement.  One of those times they actually claimed that one was mailed out but I never received.  In Nov another one was supposed to go out as they claimed with a RUSH status.  It is now Feb 05 and it still has not arrived. I would like a refund.  I have emailed them and tried getting thru but as you already know you cannot get thru on the phone and the web site now transfers you to a "as seen on tv" site. Any info on getting a refund will be greatly appreciated. Also, my sister in law ordered on in Oct 2005 and they took the $14.95 out of her account and she still has not received the iron.

2/14/2006 - Michele writes:
Yes, I bought one on these pieces of $%@#! along with the rest of you. I do have to say I had better luck that most of you.   I bought mine in August 2005 and it worked up until December, then it just wouldn't turn on.  It just died.  I went directly to the website which worked fine when I purchased the iron, but of course, now the website is no where to be found.  I did get a phone number off the brochure that came with the iron, but for the last 2 months, the recording tells me they are updating their phone system and cannot connect me to a customer service rep at this time and to call back another time.  How long does it take to update your phone system.  Here's the kicker, today I received a notice in the mail about payment.  The initial payment plan was $39.99 for 4 months.  Well I got a little lucky, when they went to charge my last payment, for some reason it didn't go thru.  According to the statement, I was advised to call the 888# to give them another credit card number so that they can charge the last payment.  I called the number and to my surprise someone answered.  I told them my story and they said their department was only for payments and did not have any other phone number to give me.   I proceeded to tell them they do not have my autorization to charge my old card and I will not give them another one until I speak to a rep about the product, replacement, or refund.  From reading about everyone else, I now want a refund instead of replacement.  Well, I was told that if I didn't make arrangements for the last payment, I would be sent to collections.  Ok, so I'm now going to be sent to a collection agency for a piece of crap product that no longer works, that no longer has a website or customer service. I also called my credit card company to dispute the charges on my card, which they agreed to do.  I don't know if they will get anywhere, since the company does not answer their phones, but I guess its worth a try.  Does anyone know an attorney that can help us file a class action suit.  I don't want millions, I just want a full refund of $120, as I'm sure, so do the rest of the unhappy customers. If any type of lawsuit is started Please include me. If anyone out there finds out how to reach this company of Jack---es, please let me know.

2/13/2006 - Sandy writes:
I ordered True Ceramic Pro from the infamercial last year.  It took about 2 months to finally receive it.  They use to have a website now unable to find it to report that it will no longer turn on, not to mention the color is coming off the plates. Would it do that if it was "real" ceramic? If it was only a cheapodepot I wouldn't care but it cost me 39.95 x 4.   (Even my daughter's inexpensive Conair is still working.) That is ridiculous for working less than a year. Now there is no one to complain to.  I will never order off an informercial again especially for a fly-by-night company that disappears into thin air. I see that it is still being sold on other TV product websites.  BUYER BEWARE!

2/11/2006 - Jessika writes:
I ordered my true ceramic pro in august of 2005 and got it within 14 days.  I absolutely loved it, my hair has never been so soft or straight.  Then in the beginning of december it stopped turning on.  i thought it was just the outlet that I was using so I tried all of them in the house and it still didn't turn on.  I called them and they said that they would send me another one and that it would just take 3-4 weeks because of the Christmas rush.  It's february now and I still haven't received a replacement, although i did receive a bill from advanced beauty solutions saying that i didn't pay the last payment and how I could pay it.  Well I know for a fact that I paid it because I got an overdraft fee when they took it out 5 days early.  Every number that I call is busy and I really don't want to pay more money for something that's broke.  I'm going to contact the BBB and see what they say about the law suit.  I'll repost on here if I get anything going.

2/11/2006 - Julia writes:
I bought the true ceramic pro in Aug of 2005, the paint started coming off in Oct. November I called the company the they said it would take 14 days to replace it. I called after 14 days, and they said it would take 14 working days, after that I called and they said 21 days, then 21 working days, then 30 days. I waited 30 days and then on Christmas Eve they said they would ship another that day, Never got it, I call and the phone says updating phones. How long does it take to update phones. I wish someone would tell me how to report this company to the BBB.

2/11/2006 - Maria writes:
I ordered the true cermic iron back in June of 2005.  After using it for a couple of weeks, the cord was loose and the connection bad.  I called them about the problem and I was told to return it an would be receiving a new one in a couple of weeks.  After waiting patiently, I called them again in September of 2005 and was told that they were in backorder but that I would be receiving a new one shortly. I called them again in October and told them I did not want their product anymore and wanted a full refund.  To this date 2/06 I have not been able to contact them nor have received a refund.

2/10/2006 - Saadiyah writes:
This product is a piece of crap.   It quit working and when I tried to return it they told me they would send me another 1. Then I got put on hold, another lady came on and said they would not send me 1 because it was out of warranty. BS! She said I could place an order in Feb for another 1 cause they were back ordered because of Xmas. Now I try to call them and no one answers and they say to either leave a message and someone will call you back or go to their website for customer service. I left a message and no one called me back and the web site does'nt even work. Great customer service. Fraud-Lawsuit required!!!

2/9/2006 - Josh writes:
well i bought this straightener because it was supposed to be a professional comercial grade straightner and all it does is fall apart, the paint is peeling, the hinge has a seperation problem and is all loose and floppy, how can they sell a product based on false advertisment???, i will be selling a new product, this product can increase your height about 3-1/2 intches, guranteed.....its a 4 X 4 piece of wood, you stand on it and become taller, waddaya think, ill be a millionare

2/9/2006 - Vanessa writes:
I order the TC Pro back in March 2005 it was working fine i loved the way my hair was looking. Then on November 2005 it caught on fire!! I called and they told me that they will resend me a new one, all i just have to do is send them the one that was burnt to a crisp, and i should get a new one with in a few weeks. Hello were in Feb. 2006 and still no TC Pro. I have been calling and calling they say  there updating there phones how long those that take? the message has been saying that for 2 weeks now, i also have been sending email to the email address they leave on the message, i want my $12o buck, forget sending me a new one!! Let me know if anyone has gotten in contact with these a**hole, or have a contact number were an actual human answers.

2/8/2006 - Erin writes:
I've had pretty much the same experience.  Bought the TCP back in September, didn't get it until Novemeber, and now (Feb) it has stopped working completely.  I tried to go online to the website, but it is no longer there.  The only way to contact them is through the BBB's website, which has complete contact info.  However, after reading all of the other complaints, I'm not expecting to get too far with the company.

2/8/2006 - Jakice writes:
I bought the TCP in April/05 by July 05 the color began to come off the plate.  I called ABS and was told some of them were defective and I would be shipped another one no problem.  It is now February/06 and I still have not received my replacement.  Same story as the rest.   Let me know when a lawsuit for this product will begin, I will be the first aboard. Pissed off in Chicago

2/8/2006 - Michelle writes:
Ok, so I ordered the TCP for the first time in Feb or March of 2005. I finally recieved in about 3 months later and started using it. Everything was fine for the first couple months. then i noticed the paint started chipping off. I was mad but no big deal, at least the straightner still works is how i looked at it. One day i go to use it and i guess the glue from underneath the ceramic plates completely melted and i didnt notice so i ran the straightner through my hair and the glue got caught to my hair causing it to burn a huge section of my hair. So i called the company, they said they werent able to send me another one. I had my boyfriend call. He really gave it to them and said that if they did not send me another product he would contact the BBB and have alot worse things happen to them. So they agreed and said they would send me another one. 3 months later, i finally recieved the second one. I had it for about 3 months at the most until the second one completely died. I plugged it into every outlet in the house and even brought it to my work and nothing happened at all. I have been trying to contact the company but as you all know, they have a stupid message up saying that they are updating their phones for better customer service. what a bunch of BS. So I just want my money back. We should definitly do something about this. If anyone starts anything up, let me know. I am in with you guys. Thanks

2/8/2006 - Anonymous writes:
It first started out by them double charging me which was a fiasco to get the money credited back from them, took them about 3 months, i get the product and 9 months later, my flat iron quit working so now i am trying to call them since i have the warranty information and they dont accept calls, i have tried several occasions and they do not ever answer their phone and now i am stuck with a flat iron that doesn't work.  and the paint is chipping as well.

2/7/2006 - Nakisha writes:
Well, I kept seeing this infomercial and it looked so nice and seem to be perfect for staighting my daughter's hair, which is very thick.  And I wanted to have it by mother's day May 2005) So I got it around that time and the red paint started to chip off after about 4 weeks, so I called them and told them what happened. I was told "it's still ceramic underneath the paint, it should be ok" I said no, I've paid my money and I want a new one. They told me I had to pay to send it back and if they did not receive it in 5 days, they wouldn't take it back.  So I wasn't able to send it back that fast. Needless to say I got rid of my hair irons, because the infomercial said we wouldn't need anything else.   So what was I going to use if I had sent it back?  So I called back and spoke with another customer service rep. She said would send me another one, it takes about 3 weeks to receive it. Well it been about 7 months later, I have not received anything and I have left many messages at the # advertised on TV and by email, no response.  The phone# given on the brochure that came with my TCP that 888# has been busy since the first day I called it back in June 2005. Now the current # shown on their infomercial is being worked on and cannot speak to a live person. I don't see there informercials anymore.   And I was a little supspicious when I was placing my initial order, I called the # seen on TV 3 different times because I had questions and eventhough it was obviously different people answering they all answered hello this is operator #51.  So I need help and I want my money back, and I want this company to be properly delt with!

2/7/2006 - Angela writes:
I bought the TCP in May 2005.   It caught on fire in February 2006!  I am very interested in filing a lawsuit.

2/6/2006 - Dianne writes:
I purchased this product for my daughter for Easter last year.  As the story goes, the paint started flaking off.   I called customer service to be assured that there was a shipment that was defective and a new one would be sent out.  We returned the old one and received the new one, guess what, flaking again and now after three months the blasted thing doesn't even turn on.  I think we should retain a lawyer and have a class action suit of fraud against the company.  The way things are going it seems they are updating their phone system (for the past month)--boy do I have egg on my face.  Maybe I can run the ceramic pro over my face and get a fried egg to eat.  This product is defective at best, a complete ripoff at worst.  Ceramic pro, give me my money back.

2/1/2006 - Kelly writes:
Like many before me i too have been scammed by Advanced Beauty Solutions & there defective product. I originally purchased the iron which was defective, they sent me a replacement iron which was also defective. I returned both irons and requested a refund, this was in November 05. In December i called them again and the customer rep. told me that i was to receive my refund on dec 23. It is now feb 01 2006 and i am still waiting. I just want my money back!

2/1/2006 - Vicki writes:
I, too, purchased a True Ceramic Pro, and after using it a couple of months the paint all peeled off the plates.  I have been trying since 11/1/05 to get a replacement first, and when that didn't happen (supposedly 3 were shipped out to me!)  I requested a refund.  I was promised that would be in my account in 7 days....that was over a month ago.  I have made a dozen phone calls, I got different answers (excuses & lies!) every time.  Now, I get the "we're updating our phone system...please call back another time" message.  I've been getting this message for over a week now.  (More like hiding from angry customers whose money they've stolen than updating the phone system!)  My many emails have been just plain ignored.  I returned my defective styler (at my own expense!)  so now I have absolutely nothing for the 120.00 I spent....not to mention the amount of time I've spent on the phone, emailing, documenting, etc. this whole mess!   I would love to be part of a class action suit...if one is started, please count me in!  I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, as well.  I would also like to know in what state this company's business license was issued...if anyone has that info I'd appreciate it.  I think it might help to contact that state's attorney general.  I will check into disputing the charges to my credit card, but am not sure I can get reimbursed that way, either, since it is a Visa debit card.   I can't believe with the number of complaints I'm seeing here that this company is still being allowed to sell their product!  I may also contact the local police where this company is located.  I will keep researching my options, and will let you know if I have any additional information.

2/1/2006 - Parim writes:
I got a True Ceramic Pro less than a year ago and after a couple months it stopped working. For 7 months now we've been waiting for our new one. The company told us it was sent out, but we've never received anything. There is definitely a scam going on with this company. We paid a lot of money for this straightener and have no product. They havent sent us a new one or given back our money.

2/1/2006 - Tiffany writes:
I ordered a TCP and it was great at first.  Then I get this postcard saying that the paint can flake off.  That is exactly what happened to my iron.  They said not to worry and call customer service and they will send you a replacement iron.  I did just that.  I call for my replacement iron in September 2005.  I waited and waited.  I call and asked where it was and they said it was on backorder.  It never came in the time they alloted.  I called back.  They put in the order for another iron.  It is now February 2006 and still no replacement iron.  Now of all things they claim they are updating thier customer service and you cannot get anyone.  So I left 2 voicemails and sent and email and have not heard a word.  Somethings is strange about this when everyoe on this website had the SAME issue.  I want my money back, no replacement iron!!!

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