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True Ceramic Pro Complaints
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2/1/2006 - Erica writes:
Well, It sounds like I am just one of the many that bought a True Ceramic Pro Piece of Crap!  I bought mine in August of 2005 after seeing the infomercial and thought "wow this thing looks like a great flat iron"...well after receiving it I was able to use it for about 2 months and then guess what??  Big surprise...the paint started chipping off.  I then called and was sent a replacement and used that one for about 6 weeks and never did send back the first one.  Well when the second one just stopped working, I thought well at least I still have the first one I can use until this one gets replaced.  Another big surprise...NOT!  The first one that I had never sent back no longer worked either.   I have called and left messages, on the phone lines that they have been updating for the last month, waiting to get my refund that they eventuallly promised me after both my irons stopped working.  I have emailed and again "big surprise" no response.  This company sucks!  We have all been dupped!  If I knew the first thing about starting a class action suit I would!  I am in if anyone out there knows how to do this.  I can't believe that this company has gotten away with the HORRIBLE treatment of consumers!

1/30/2006 - Peggy writes:
I purchased the true ceramic pro a while back but I too have had problems.  First the paint chipped off of the supposedly "ceramic" plates.  I called customer service and they sent me a replacement. That was ok but now the thing does not even turn on. I called them again and they said that they would send me another replacement.  Well that was in Dec.   Now I can't get in touch with anyone. I am very angered by this because I spent good money on what was to be a good item. Well at least that is what the infomercial said.   Now I want my money back.  I am also sending a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.  I am all for a lawsuit too. Just let me now..

1/28/2006 - Farah writes:
I purchased a true ceramic pro in July of 2005.  The light began blinking and then it stopped working all together in late October.  I am still waiting for a replacement (yeah right!!).  I paid 3 payments of 39.00 plus 16.95 shipping and handling. I was repeatedly lied to by customer service and now cannot even contact them.  It frustrates me that they are still selling this product. I am very interested in a class action lawsuit.

1/26/2006 - Tracey writes:
I sent my TCP in over 4 months ago and was promised a replacement (the coating was flaking off).  I was lied to repeatedly as the company promised they had sent out the replacement (they claimed to have sent out 3).  Then they told me the product was on back order and had only sent 2.   I was then promised a refund, but my account was never credited.  So now I've paid for a product I do not have.  In addition, their phones are being updated (yeah, right), and my emails have been returned.  The BBB even got involved, but never got a response.  I urge all of you to file a complaint with the BBB, and I am going to look into a class action lawsuit.  It seems as we are all stuck in the same crappy boat!

1/21/2006 - Charlotte writes:
Like all the others my story is the same. I was looking for a great straighter and had high hopes for the True Ceramic Pro.  Purchased the product and after a couple of uses my hair was fried and I had to get about 4 inches of my hair cut off. I also noticed the paint was peeling so I called the company and asked for a refund, I was told that I couldn't get a refund but they would ship me another iron.  They did eventually send me another iron but I am too scared to use it.  The product sucks, it burned my hair and never get it as straight as I had hoped.

1/19/2006 - Christy writes:
I purchased the True Ceramic Pro in July of 2005 and within a month the red plate had peeled.  Within 3 months it had died.  I was also told by Carlos that another unit would be shipped to me.  That was in December.  I contacted them in early January and was told that they were back ordered and I would receive one within a month.  I tried to call them to follow-up and received the recording that they are updating there phone records.  I have e-mailed them several times.  I was making my payments in installments.  When my last installment was billed my credit card had expired and I was contacted by a credit collection agency.  I did not know that my last payment was not made.  I was told by Jose that because of the inconvenience they caused me that they would remove the final payment of $39.99.  Today, 1/18/06, I received another notice from the credit collection company threatening to ruin my credit. I explained to them what I was told by Jose and they told me that they don't communicate directly with Advanced Beauty Solutions.   I'm going to pay it then dispute it.  We all have been scammed.  I hope someone can offer some legal advice.  You can still place an order on their web-site.

1/18/2006 - Melissa writes:
I bought the Tru Cerampic Pro from the TV and paid $134.96 for it  back in sept 2005.  It died in Novermber,   Jose said they would send me another, never received!  on 12/20, Alex told me it was in a wharehouse waitign to be shipped P Xmas, and they were under new management.   I have never  received it!  This is Fraud>

1/17/2006 - Marla writes:
I also bought this product in August. As with everyone else it lasted for about 2 months and then died. I also have called customer service and they told me they would ship me out another one. That was 1 month ago. As of today, I have not received it, and I don't think that I will. I am going to dispute this charge with my credit card company. This company is really something.

1/16/2006 - Polly writes:
I bought the true ceramic pro back in July, it worked pretty good at first, then the red paint started peeling off. I have contacted customer service, and was unable to speak to anyone. So I contacted my credit card company and they got a hold of them, They were suppose to send me a new one, it's been almost 2 months and I still have not recieved it. I have tried like crazy to contact them phones are temporaily being updated to serve me better. This product is a scam and they overcharged me. This should be against the law. Someone needs to be held responsible, for this false advertisement.

1/14/2006 - Terri writes:
I have a true ceramic pro, and it quit after 2 months.  The company said they would send me another one, and then I could send my first one back.  I have been waiting for 2 months and cannot get hold of anyone to ask about it.  I would definitely be interested in a class action suit.   Please someone start one.

1/14/2006 - Isabel writes:
I bought a ceramic pro in July and it started to peel so I called and they sent me a nuew one that it broke a few weeks later so I sent both back and  never received another one!! They give me  the run around and just like everybody else and nothing happens!  I would like to have my money back.  Can you help me so I will get the money?  Thanks

1/11/2006 - Star writes:
Well that sucks. I did purchase it and it cost me almost 200.00 i had hopes with this Straightner. They seemed so professional. I don't know what to do!!! I also got the run around! please help me. no one answers the phone. supposedly there working with there phone line. The website they give us is wrong. The straightner stinks. Don't use it. good thing i saw this before i shipp it off. If any one does a law suit i'm in too!!

1/8/2006 - Sarah writes:
I had bought the true ceramic pro and it worked for a month or two.  After that it did not work like they said, it started melting my hair and I had to cut about 5-6 inches off, and i was not able to get my money back,I was given the run around.

1/7/2006 - Jeanne writes:
I bought a ceramic pro 6 months ago and it peeled-sent it back received another one-it peeled- never received another one in 6 months!! They give me  the run around and nothing happens!  By the way they changed companies and took orders and was so backed up-they couldn't keep up because they had none to send! DO NOT ORDER FROM BEAUTY SOLUTIONS_IT IS A NOGHTMARE!! THEY GAVE ME A CUSTOMER WEB SITE THAT DOESN"T work and when I call there is no  customer service as of today! THey will not call you back either!!

1/6/2006 - Hope writes:
I purchased this product for my teenage daughter.  The plates started to flake like everyone else's.  I call and wa told a replacement was sent out 11-05.  Well it is now 01-06 and I never received a replacement.  The customer service # (888)807-8953, now isn't even staffed.   The number just refers you to their website.  I am so shocked to know that I have been hoowinked.  I have to tell to stop using it right away to avoid damaging her hair even more!  How sad, I thought I was buying a good product based on the infomercial and the price!

1/6/2006 - Carmen writes:
I bought that TCP in September and at first it worked great but then the red paint or whatever it is started to chip.  I continued using it cause I figured even if it chips away the plates are still ceramic and it won't harm my hair.  I was so wrong, these are not ceramic plates like they advertised and now my hair is fried, I've got so many split ends I'm gonna have to cut off at least five inches.  I tried calling customer service but I can't get through to anyone.  I've left many e-mails as well but nothing.  This really sucks, I can't believe I paid so much to have my hair ruined.  Everytime I see the infomercial I want to scream.  These people are thieves.

1/4/2006 - Johnnie writes:
I purchased a Ceramic Hair Iron  from Advanced Beauty Solution as a gift.  I recieved the Iron almost a month later.  After a couple of uses the Iron started chipping and know it just does not work.  I contacted Advanced Beauty Solutions explained the situation.   They told me I would recieve a new Iron within a week which should have been Ocotober 7th 2005. with a return envelope so I could return the demaged merchandise.   It is now January 4th 2006 and after 15 phone call to customer service I am still getting the run around.  All I want is a new Iron or my money back.  Can someone pls. help. Kind regards, John Sanchez

1/3/2006 - Dina writes:
Ordered the product and received weeks later.  Tried the product, was happy initially then it died on me.  Called customer service and they advised it was under warranty.  They requested I return the item b4 they can ship me a replacement.  I did.  They rec'd it on 11/3 - since I tracked the item.  Called different customer service reps for status.  They kept giving me a run around.  Assuring me it would arrive shortly just to shut me up.   I even got a rep who told me that since my TCP was supposed to arrive on a certain date and didn't since there backorder was sent out she would issue me another replacement.   I requested that this second replacement be tracked so I can check status.   She indicated that she would do it even though it is not normal practice.  I called back a few days later and was advised there is no tracking number and was given another excuse.  The customer service rep are trained to lie and tell you what you want to hear.  I emailed customer service out of my frustration since they would not connect me to a supervisor.  They took my information and told me the supervisor would contact me---no such thing happened.  Since I sent an email I got a voice mail message from some rep named Jennifer at a different number 8055262525.  She would not return my calls.  I spoke with a John - he told me other rep gave me incorrect information and my TCP should arrive in Jan 06.  I was so fed up with their crap I requested a full refund.  He advised they cannot do that since I am past my 30 days.   I gave him the whole story and that I was not happy while his supervisor listened on some of our conversation.  He then told me that he would take off one payment of $39.99 and I told him that was not good enough and I demanded my full refund.  I requested to again speak with his supervisor since he was standing/listening in on our call.  He put me on hold and came back to tell me that his supervisor will pass the information on to some lady by the name of Lupe - Refund manager and it is up to her and to call back Tuesday 12/27/05 to speak with her.  I called Lupe she said she would issue me the refund and it should show up 3 - 5 days.  I contacted my credit card and no refund.  I called to speak with Lupe and was advised she no longer works for the company by Mary.  Mary indicated that Lupe did issue the credit however it was pending.  She said she would try an alternate method and it should show up Thursday but it is up to the Corporate Office to finalize the transaction.  I requested the corp office number and was not provided with it.  Mary advised she would pass the information to them so they can contact me.  I am not holding my breath for a call.   I contacted my insurance company and luckily since I returned the TCP iron on 11/1 and it was rec'd by them on 11/3, she was able to dispute the 3 installment payment of $39.99 and credited my account.  I will follow-up with Mary still on Thursday to see if I get another story from them but atleast I have peace of mind that my money was refunded via my credit card company.  If you purchased this product via credit card I encourage you to dispute it.  I am also posting a complaint with the better business bureau.  The entire time dealing with them, they have lied, given me false hope and have not followed through with their committment.  They should not be in business.

12/30/2005 - Jen writes:
Ok, so my story is about the same as all of yours, BUT I do  have some CONTACT info to help you all out.  Now please keep in mind, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease."  Meaning, allow yourself ample time to sit on hold, but it will pay off. Call 888-807-8953, press 1 for "new orders"  then as soon as one of the incompetent customer service people answer, you demand that you speak with RUDY (the head supervisor)at ext. 213.  And you may be told he is unavailable, but then you make sure you get connected with his voicemail.   He will call you back. now also keep in mind not to start yelling, but be FIRM and dont taked NO for an answer.  Tell him that it will cost more for them in court than it will giving back your money on a DEFECTIVE product. Sure I have had to call him once a week, but guess what, I got a full refund for this faulty piece of CRAP.  I have gone thru 2 of them.. I have been dealing with this since Aug 3rd.  But since speaking with RUDY in November, I got what I wanted, my $$ back!  Good luck to all and please tell everyone you can..  DONT ORDER THE TRUE CERAMIC PRO! If I can get ano more info to help you all, I will!  These people need to be stopped!

12/29/2005 - Ronda writes:
please help. i purchased a tru ceramic pro for my daughter. it works great and she loves it. the problem with it is that the paint/coloring is chipping off where you put your hair. it smells hot and i fear may be a hazard now. i have tried to reach the company to no avail. it's like they disappeard off the face of the earth. please help. i would like them to replace it or refund my money. thanks

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