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True Ceramic Pro Complaints
Total Complaints: 290
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12/28/2005 - Kerry writes:
My dad bought me this....thing and after a month, like a whole bunch of other people said, it started to chip. i didnt pay attention to it b/c the stupid thing still worked. after about 3 months, it stoped working. my dad and i called the number, but noone would answer. we called 8 times. literally.someone needs to stop this scam before people get really angry.

12/28/2005 - Lisa writes:
As everyone else's story, the iron began chipping away the red paint within two weeks. My hair has become dry and frail. It is actually breaking thanks to the stainless steel iron. I paid 140 dollars to burn my hair. Shine yeah sure you get shine until the red starts chipping off. If a law suits occurs let me know.  I have called written, email you name it and no response. Don't waste your money. The piece of crap is all a scam.  True ceramic my %[email protected]^*. Lisa

12/26/2005 - Kyle writes:
Same problem as everyone else. Not really ceramic plates and it just stopped working.  Piece of crap.  Can you say classaction suit I am in if anyone has started one or is going to.

12/26/2005 - Stephanie writes:
I ordered my True Ceramic Pro afer watching the infomercial back in August and even thought I was being smart about it b/c I checked out their website beforehand and everything looked legit.  I received it after a couple of days and was amazed how much better it worked than the cheaper ones I have used previously.  Loved it!  Mine did start to chip after about a month but figured that was normal and it still worked well so didn't really care.  All the payments were charged correctly, last one last month, but last week the stupid thing would not turn on.  I was pretty sure that they would exchange it since it had only been 3 months so I sent them an e-mail last week (no response).  I thought it was strange that I could not find warranty info so I did a google search and came across this site.   I will begin calling them tomorrow (although I am suddenly not very hopeful) and will not stop until I get my money back.  I'm glad I found out this info before I wasted my time trying to get a replacement.

12/20/2005 - Jessika writes:
I ordered my tcp in august this year and received it two weeks later.  the payments were what they were supposed to be and taken out on the right day for 3 months.  I never had any chipping or any other complaints until just recently.  I've been trying to use turn it on for two weeks now and it just won't turn on.  My  boyfriend got it to work twice, but when i asked him to show me, he couldn't get it to work again.  I do not appreciate spending $140 on a product that won't turn on! i'm going to call the company, but from these complaints, i'm not sure what i'm expecting to find.  I suggest getting the "chi", my sister has had it for a year now and has no complaints.

12/13/2005 - Chelley writes:
I ordered my TCP back in April of 2005 and have had it since. I have used it just about every day at high heat and never noticed a problem. It wasn't until early last week (it is now December 2005) when I noticed the paint chipping. I haven't contacted Customer service as of yet, however, I did try to email them via their website to find out if I was still under warranty. I would like a replacement, however, I don't know if I will receive anything according to the complaints of this product. I will try my best, but at the same time, it'll just be a lesson learned never to purchase anything over the website...

12/8/2005 - Lucy writes:
I ordered true ceramic styler and after two uses it stopped working. I called to get information as to where to return it two weeks after receiving it which was October 7, 2005 and never heard from them. I called several times and got the run around telling me that they couldn't find me on their system. On December 5,2005 I spoke to a woman named, Lupa. She asked me to fax her a copy of the my statement as proof that they cashed the money and that she would get back to me. It is now December 8,2005 and haven't heard from her. Why are they not being shut down and taken to court,period? What kind of scam is this?

12/6/2005 - Cat writes:
i just got my true ceramic pro today. after reading all these complaints im a little dissapointed?. why would they say it doesnt chip-if it really does(so all you say) this is rediculous. i want to find an amazing hair strightner!! i thought this would be the one-whith how they say its all amazing and such. where do i find out. graaa

11/30/2005 - Cheryl writes:
I purchased the True Ceramic Pro from the infomercial in March, 2005.  As with all of the complaints, the red paint started to peel and low and behold the plates are not ceramic but merely stainless steel.   I have tried to contact this customer service number with was listed on my account 877-444-3776, but it was always busy, not matter what time of day you called.  So I Googled the website and came to this website.  Boy was I surprised by the amount of disgruntled people.  Well, anyway, I called the number that was listed in one of the posted complaints and got some customer service rep that was not helpful at all.   First they could not find a record of my purchase and then said that I was not eligible for a refund because it has been over six months since my purchase.  I explained that there was no way to get in touch with them until yesterday.  I asked to speak with her supervisor, and of course the supervisor was not accepting any calls.   I finally got so aggravated that I hung up.  This is my story, so far.   Believe me, I will keep trying.

11/29/2005 - Amber writes:
I also oredered the tru ceramic pro. Very dissapionted! My hair was naturally curly, long and healthy . At first I loved using this, it made my hair silky and straight, but then the red paint started peeling off. I really didn't think anything about it, kept using it. Then I noticed my hair started looking really fried and damaged,a nd the product wasn't working as well. I looked on thier website and noticed there was a recall about the paint chipping off. I called and the operator was very friendly and sent a replacement. I had to get 7 inches cut off my hair though to have it feel healthy again. I used the replacent for a while and was very pleased, until the paint started peeling off AGAIN! my hair was even more damaged. Had to get another hair cut and my hair is just really frizzy and dry. I called again, they said I'm not eligible for a refund. But will send a replacement and if I am not pleased with this one then I can recieve a refund. The operators have all been very friendly. Well several months later, I still never got another replacement, so i went on the web, but they no longer have a website?? SO, I tried calling thier 800#, but it has been busy for weeks.. Finally, I found a #, on this complaint site- 1-888-807-8953, Thank you to whovever got that #! I called and they said they had sent out my replacement, well i never got it, and now, I'm not eligble for a refund! Thier supervisor should be calling me back though by the end of the week, to see if we can resolve something. I am just afraid to use the product anymore. I would recommend to anyone who is thinking about buying a ceramic straightner to try another product, not this one!

11/29/2005 - Linda writes:
May 2005 I purchased the ceramic iron for straightening hair. The cost with shipping was $136.00.  Just like all the other complaints the red paint peeled off, and just stopped working.  I'm very disapointed and like many others I will never buy  a product from  an infomercial company again.  Of course I will try and get a refund but I have the feeling that I will not get far with getting my money back.  If you are reading this and have not purchased this item as of yet then DON'T! It's JUNK! Learn from my costly mistake.

11/26/2005 - Stacie writes:
First of all they claim it is ceramic and the ceramic is peeling away to show metal that has been painted red. It isn't hrating up properly and I have burned the ends of my hair. I am in if anyone wants to do a class action suit against them.

11/25/2005 - Glenda writes:
My story is a direct replica of all of the other stories told.  Definite SCAM!!!  Starting with the peeling plates, return defective product, backordered, we don't have you on file, you need to send us proof that you purchased it from us by sending your bank statments (as if!) and ending with a lot more bullshit run arounds and excuses as to why I cannot get a replacement or a refund.  Customer Service??? Forget about it because with this company it doesn't exist! First time trying a product from an informercial and this is precisely why it took me so long to do it and exactly why I won't ever trust doing that again.  My perspective is such that I know that carma is alive and well.  Don't be fooled or be prepared to get taken as I and apparently many others were!!!!!

11/24/2005 - Mary Lou writes:
I am furious, what a scam!! I was never told the full price of this hair straightener. I was led to believe it was only $30 Canadian, until I got a bill on my credit card for $167 Can dollars. This stupid product cost me over $180 Canadian and the paint is also peeling off on mine as well. The plates are not ceramic but metal and appear to be damaging my hair as well. Don't buy this product, you'll be disappointed. I'm going to try to get my money back, otherwise I'll file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau

11/23/2005 - Denise writes:
Sorry to say I have had the same problems with this piece of %^$# Iron you all had. Not turning on, ordered three already. all stopped working, and the red came off the plate. SO here is the number to call and tell them you want a credit because you already spoke to the vp of the manufacture. 888 807-8953 Good Luck Girls Get your money back girls. Call now 888-807-8953

11/22/2005 - Beth writes:
Well let's see, first you should all know that I'm a hairstylist that bought this product to use on my clients.All my clients want to know is should they be using metal or ceramic plates on their hair. Well of course I was telling everyone ceramic "just like mine"...until.. to my surprise when one day I see something red in one of my clients hair and I look donwn at my iron and see that my "ceramic" iron is nothing more than a cheaply painted piece of$#@%METAL iron. So I of corse called the company right away and they said no prob. just send it back and we will mail out a new one. So of course months later and nothing.So while I'm online trying to dig up a # or web address to complian to I stumble onto this website where I find out the awful truth. That I've just been had for over $150 along with what I'm sure are hundreds of other honest hard working people. This is really truly sad. Someone needs to put together a Classaction suit against these people. If someone does , I'm in!!!

11/21/2005 - Beth writes:
I ordered the True Ceramic Pro from the infomercial and paid in full. I was not happy with the product so I called them and returned it. I have not recieved my refund and feel that they  are avoiding their customers (me) as I cannot get through on the phone number included on my credit card statement.  I do not know what else to do from here and just hope  that they will eventually refund my money. It has been about 6/7 weeks since I returned the product. The 877-344-3776 is constantly busy. I am also looking for the tv ad to get more info but have had no luck. I will keep at it as I feel this is important. No one wants to be ripped off.

11/19/2005 - Valerie writes:
Where to start...I order my 1st one in March, about a month later it started to peel.  I called them & was told there was a problem & they would send me a replacement but...the were on back order.   I got the 2nd at the end of June.  That one won't even turn on.  Called again...we'll send you another replacement.  I received my 3rd one at the end of July...that one doesn't close all the way so it doesn't work either.  Tried calling them several times until FINALLY I got them mid Sept...once again...we'll send you another one.  So they say it was shipped out on 9-29 didn't get it, so I called AGAIN!   So it was a computer error..backordered will be sent 10-31, then 11-4, now they say it was sent 11-08...Guess what?  Still don't have it.  They were kind enough to credit me 14.95 for shipping & handling. I had one guy (Ronald) hang up on me.   Called back was told a manager would call me with 24 hours...that was 2 weeks ago.   If ever there has been a SCAM & misrepresentation..this is the one.  I wouldn't recommend this product or company to my enemies.  The worst thing is that they refuse to credit me back $149 so I can buy a "CHIA" flat iron so needless to say...I'M SCREWED!  I even told them I was posting this on several websites regarding their product and was going to write to the Better Business Bureau...Do you think they care? NO.  Don't be fooled by them like I was.

11/14/2005 - Julie writes:
Same story as the rest.   Product was shipped back to company for an exchange that was three months ago and still nothing!!!!! We did find some info. that might be useful. We're going to write the makers of the product. If more write maybe they can help us. Here's what we found: CirTran 4125 S. 6000 West Salt Lake City, UT 84128 Phone: 801-963-5112 Fax:    801-963-5180 President, Sec. & Director: Iehab J.Hawatmeh SVP, Sales & Marketing & Director: Trevor M. SalibaVP of Operations: Shaher Hawatmeh Also there is such a law as DTP which means Deceptive Trade Practices if you're able to prove this you can collect 3x or treble damages. I think we should all complain and give them heck so that we can get something done. The better business bureau may also help. And disputing the charges on your credit card could also help. GOOD LUCK!!!

11/12/2005 - Gayle writes:
Help!!!!!!!!!!! I can not find the custemer service number to call them about there product. The plates have peeled there red finish and this does not work like in the informercial. The keep billing me $39.99 a month by AdvacnedBeauty Solution. The number on my statemnt is the wrong number. If you have a working number please,please send it to me. Thank you so much.

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