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True Ceramic Pro Complaints
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11/11/2005 - Sherri writes:
I also purchased this "breakthrough" item after seeing the infomercial.  What a croc!  The covering on the plates began to come off within a month or so, then the iron would work intermittently, then it stopped working altogether.  I called the company on 10/19/05 and was told that a replacement iron would be shipped out.  When calling to follow up, I was told it shipped out on 10/26 and that it was "guaranteed" to arrive by 11/4.  Well 11/4 came and went and no iron.  I called back on 11/8 and was told that I was given the wrong date and that it should arrive by today.  Guess what?   Nothing has arrived!  I called today to find out where it was in transit and was told that there is no tracking available and that another replacement iron would be sent which would take another 10-14 days.  I explained that this was unacceptable and requested it be overnited to me-sorry no can do.  I was; however, offered a $20 credit for my inconvenience but I still have no iron.  What a scam!

11/10/2005 - Poonam writes:
Yes, the True Ceramic Pro iron is a total piece of junk. Ive had it for a couple of months now... in the 2nd week the red paint started peeling. Now about 2 inches of the paint has peeled off and I have discovered that these plates are not ceramic at all as they claim!!! Its just stainless steel coated with red paint! These people need to be sued. After about a month of using it the electrical contact went bad... now the iron will go on and off, will not stay on long enough to get heated back up once you start using it, and it takes me ten times longer to struggle with it and get my hair done. 120 Dollars for this piece of*@#$!!!!??? one word ... SCAM.

11/9/2005 - Darlene writes:
It is a waste of money.  As everyone has said the plates chip and it drys your hair out.  I went through the whole replacement procedure and it took over 5 months, tons of phone calls.  I got some credit for the hassle but still got riped off! I would never tell anyone to buy this product.  I bought a cheap $25.00 Revlon straightner and it works better.  So I guess expensive isn't always better.  Lesson learned $135.00 later.

11/9/2005 - Kandie writes:
True Ceraminc pro should be called false non ceramic pro.  I order the iton in aug receieved them shortly after and after about towo weeks the plates becane to chip.  I called to complain and was told that the new irons would be mailed to be it is now November and not plated but of course my card is still being charge.  I called again today and was told that there was not record of the order being re submitted.  The rions do none of what the advertisement said and I have suffered a hair breakages as well.  the only reason I even ask for a replacement was b/c I had already paid for the irons and they stated that I could not receieve a refund.  If you are thinking of purchasing this particular iron please save youself the time and heartache.

11/9/2005 - Nicole writes:
I recieved the true ceramic pro by my boyfriend for christmas.It took them 2 months to freakin send it to me.I was so happy that I was going to get this product.It finally arrived and it worked alright but, after about a month the ceramic plates were starting to chip.I am so mad and I am going to complain because it is not fair that all you guys and I have to get scammed like this.Plus my hair is so dry now.I am truly really mad that the true ceramic pro truly is a scam!Please get them out of business.

11/8/2005 - Charmin writes:
I want to tell everyone I'm going thru the same issue. I ordered the iron back in April, received the iron a month later, used it for 2 weeks and the plates started chipping. I received the card in the mail and emailed them, no response, so I called and I had to call again in August b/c I still had not received the shipping label. They said they sent the shipping label out and once it was received and checked that a new one would be sent out to me. I finally called in September and I was told that a reshipment was never done and that they would do that. I got the same 1-10 days you'll receive your product. I called back and wanted a refund, they would not give me one b/c it was past 30 days and that I should've asked for a refund when I returned the item although I was under the impression that i was going to recieve a replacement. They told me another one was on the way, still nothing, I called and demanded a refund, all i got was a $20.00 credit for a 6 month hassle and was told another one was on the way. I emailed the customer service and told them off. I actually got a phone call from Cindy and was told the rep from before sent me a shipping label and not the product, although i never have received that label either. She did a reshipment and said if I did not recieve the product in 10 days to call back and I'd get a full refund of $118. 10 days went by guess what no iron, so I called and spoke with Jose and he said Cindy no longer worked there and that I could only get a credit of 100.96 b/c I had to pay for the shipping and handling. I argued and finally agreed to the $100 and I haven't recieved it yet. I called today and spoke with Sandra and I was told one is on the way and I should have it by the end of next week and that is why my credit had not been issued b/c one was showing it was shipped to me. I asked her what I'm suppose to do when I don't recieve it next week and she said I had to call back and they would see what they could do for me. so in otherwards, I won't get my credit. They stink. I do have a phone number that I have no problem getting thru to. The menus have changed and i'm sure it's b/c they are getting hit with calls, but if you push 0, you'll get a rep. 1-888-807-8953!! Give it to them!!!

11/8/2005 - Melissa writes:
Hi I purchased this product it came to me chipped.  I spoke to a rep and told them I wanted to send it back and didn't want a replacement.  They have their merchandise and I'm still getting charged.  Does anyone have a phone number for them.  I can't find my number anyone.  Please help if you can.

11/5/2005 - Marina writes:
I purchased the True Ceramic Pro back in July within a few weeks the ceramic plated started chipping so I called customer service and the representative asked if I wanted a replacement I said no I just wanted my credit card credited back.  She said ok, I am going to give you an approval number put it on the return form for the product and make sure you have some kind of confirmation receipt when you send it.  I looked on the tracking information from the postal service and they have received it.  I called True Ceramic Pro and they rep I spoke to said he does not see any notes on the account that I spoke to someone, and that I could not get my money back because it was past the 30 day trial, I said to him nope, I am getting my money back because I did speak to someone I didn't just make up the number approval number to return the product and I also told him that why would I want another product when the plates were chipping and they were burning my hair.  I have also sent 3 e-mails and no answer back till this date.  I sent another e-mail and explained to them that I will be contacting my local newspaper and have someone get back to them in order to get some results.  How can these people get away with this we work really hard for our money and then we have these thieves just try to walk away with our money.  This should not be aloud this is an outrage.  I just wished I'd seen this web sight alot sooner.  To anyone out there, don't buy this product and always do your homework and shop areound about any products you purchase.  This is a lesson well learned.

11/5/2005 - Kathe writes:
My story is much like the others.   Purchased the iron, it quit working about a month later.  I call customer service in July 2005 and was told another was on it's way.  I have called every month since and aways given the same line,  "You will be receiving your TCP in 7 to 10 days"  It never arrives.  I plan to ask for a refund, wish me luck on that! If you are reading this,  I can not stress enough do NOT to buy this product!

11/3/2005 - Lila writes:
The True Ceramic Pro is a true ceramic joke. I have owned three units now, and all have been defective; ceramic that chips, plates that get too hot on the sides, dry hair. However, the most disappointing aspect of the company were the customer service representatives. They were rude, ignorant, and useless. I was even promised a new product that never came, nor was it even ordered. They are liars and frauds and should be put out of business.

11/2/2005 - Kristen writes:
11-02-2005 I received my true ceramic pro as a gift from my husband.  We are poor students and he just wanted to do something nice for me since we don't have much.  I was upset about the price but I knew it was a gift that he thought hard on.  For 2 months the iron worked great but then started to chip and damage my hair.  I sent it back to them in august 2005 and I still haven't seen the iron.  They have told me that it's now in the process of getting to me but I haven't seen anything from this.  I have tried calling and the phone numbers that they have posted are not in service now.  The website is gone and so is the money!  I have nothing to show for the 150.00 that we spent.  A great gift turned out to be such a loss.  I can't believe they have even targeted poor students with absolutely nothing.

10/31/2005 - Anonymous writes:
I bought the True Ceramic Pro several months ago. It arrived in a few weeks. My credit card was charged the full price. After a few months I received a postcard saying I had not made payments. I called the number and explained that I had paid in full. I was told that I still owed one payment. Again, I explained that I made one payment in full. I was threated that they would turn me over to a credit bureau and that my credit would be destroyed if I did not make the extra payment. I had no choice and turned over my credit card number. Oh, and by the way, the product is a turkey. It ruined my hair. It is absolutely awful! It is very drying and makes your hair look like a witches wig! Beware!

10/29/2005 - Nicki writes:
I am truly upset that these people are able to sell their product at all.  The hair iron is defective the "customer service" is horrible.  I have looked them up on the BBB they do have some serious complaints about this company but for some reason they are still able to operate and also change their name from Advanced Beauty solutions to strictly True ceramic pro.   I recieved a defective iron in august 2005 and have spent the last 2 1/2 months trying to get a replacement iron from this company I have talked to two "customer service reps" and both have told me that the product has been shipped and then a week later told that it was on backorder and I should recieve it in 14 days.  My sister ordered her iron a few months before I ordered mine and she has not had any trouble but I guess once the company figured they could sell crap and still get paid about $140.00 per unit they didn't need a reason to keep things on the up and up. We need John Stossell to look into this whole scamming infomercial deal "Give me a break" why should these guys be allowed to carry on an illegal business and steal millions from the unknowing public.

10/27/2005 - Roberta writes:
I ordered the product True Ceramic Pro from the tv infomercial. It was ordered in I believe June, was to be for my daughter's birthday in August. In September I called the company because although I still didnt have my product they were billing my credit card monthly for more then I was originally quoted. The person I talked to was Kim who said the records showed that I had received my product and I said excuse me no I havent. I asked for a tracking number and was told give them 30 days to research and prove where the package went and to call them back October 12, 2005. I started calling on the 12'th and have for every day since then at least 50 times a day and always got busy signals. Now I am researching on the web for other contact numbers and none are to be found. According to my bank statements the original try it for $14.99 was charged to my bank on 7/7, no product received to try it. Then on 8/8 $39.99 hit. After talking to them I have since been charged on 9/8 for another $39.99. With no way to contact this company I am continuing to be charged each month for this product with nothing to show for it.

10/27/2005 - Robert writes:
I purchased the TruCeramicPro for my wife as a surprise.  After trying it she didn't like it's performance.  So she sent it back.  The company charged $14.99 shipping and handling that they ended up keeping.  They also continued to charge us after my wife sent the equipment back to them certified mail.  They did not return our $119.00+ for over 2 months.  In addition my wife spent $8.42 that she was told would be refunded.  The company has refused to return the money after receiving the product back in good condition.   These people seem to make it very difficult for the customer to get their money back in return for their lousy merchandise.  I would never recommend this product or company to anyone.  If you purchase a TruCeramicPro, be careful!!!

10/25/2005 - Ivy writes:
i have been over charged for my true ceramic pro paying over 175$ for it and its not even impressive on top of it i have been charged under differnt companies to my credit card and none of them have working numbers!!!!!! this si such b.s if anyone knows a number to the company to get my charges reversed please let me know

10/18/2005 - Laura writes:
well where do I begin, i ordered this product in april 2005 and received it pretty quickly but by june the red plates on the iron were chipping and the cord was shorting out i had to wiggle it everytime i needed to use it and then it stopped working all together. i looked on the company's website and they did mention there was a defect in the ceramic plates and to fill out an online request form for a replacement iron which i did, twice, nothing. then i sent an email complining and no response so i started calling the company and got nothing but the run-around. first they were on back order, then they were shipped then they were on back order again, then they shipped them and told me i should receive them by the end of the week, well that was on september 7, 2005 and as of today i still have not received a replacement. I called again today & asked for a full refund or a replacement iron by tomorrow, sent to me overnight express and they told me they would not do that or refund my money and they have no way to track the previous order's that have been sent, but they would extend the warranty on my new iron for 45 days once i receive it, which i doubt i ever will. i am filing a complaint with the better business bureau. this company sucks. i wish i would have found this website before i ever ordred this product. i hope other people see this before they decide to order this bad product from this horrible company.

10/17/2005 - Sherry writes:
I bought the first one for my daughter last year and it worked so well I ordered another one. What a mistake. They have overcharged me from the beginning. I was only to be charged 34.99 or something like that but I have been charged 53.32 for the 3 payments. I have talked to over 6 people who have assured me the matter is being straigtened out and now the paint or whatever is chipping off the dam product. THis company is a rip off, their customer service department is full of liars. Don't order from this company. THey are stupid. And they overcharge for a damn product that does not work.

10/17/2005 - Jennifer writes:
Oh my gosh, I am surprised at how many people are complaining about this stupit product.  I ordered one March and received it like in 2 months. It had a manufacture defect. I sent it back and took like another two months to receive another one and guess what, it was used (gross) then I got the third one and it worked for about 3 wks. The red light goes on and off continously.   I call customer service and they always have story about back order, oh it was shipped already, oh it hasn't been shipped "all that crap" What the hell is wrong with them.  Is there a way we can complain to the bureau of consumer affairs????? help...... Good luck everyone....... keep on calling them.........

10/11/2005 - Patricia writes:
I am pasting an email I sent to the company today.  If you need any other info. please let me know. My name is Patricia Rice.  I returned both my original flat iron which was losing the red substance from the plates, and the replacement for that iron, which came within a week and didn't even work at all.  I mailed them both with a Return Authorization #0079304 and they were delivered to you on July 29, 2005 (I have a delivery confirmation from the Post Office proving this).  I called your company and spoke to DeAngela in late August and was assured that my 3rd replacement was mailed out on August 12 and could take 2 - 4 weeks to deliver.  I waited until it had been SIX weeks and tried to call your company back and the number has been busy since.  I have called every day at every time since that 6 week mark.  I called DSL and found that nothing had been sent to me from your company at any time in August or September.  I was about to contact my attorney general's office when I found the little bottle of shine spray with a web site and a phone number.  I would appreciate it if you can aid me in getting this matter straightened out.  I have had this iron since the end of March and have only got to use it for 3 months and now I have nothing to show for my money at all.  I need your help.  I am sitting on the phone as I write this letter and I have been on hold for your customer service now for 57 minutes. I guess that is better than a busy signal, which is what I have gotten every time I have tried to call 877 444 3776.  It is busy no matter if I call at 8:00 a.m., noon, 3:00 p.m, 7:30 p,m. or 3:00 a.m.  Please help me.   Patti Rice

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