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True Ceramic Pro Complaints
Total Complaints: 290
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10/7/2005 - Lae writes:
My boyfriend bought me this product back in April of this year.  It took awhile to receive the product and when I first tried it, the red paint on the metal plates started to chip off and it started to make squeeky noises and it wouldn't start anymore unless I have to mess around with the cord to make the light turn on.  I am really disappointed with this company fo selling this product to the public with a malfunctioning device that doesn't even work at all.  My hair got burnt and damaged due to this damn product.  Stop selling these prodcuts to innocent people who work hard for their money inorder to get things they like please!!!   Just leave us alone!!!

9/23/2005 - Laura writes:
I have used tried it, the first one they sent was defective, the paint chipped off. They sent a postacard stating it was defective and to return and they would send a replacement. They did that and the replacement would not even turn on. I called and they told me to send that one back and will replace it. I sent back and received now iron #3 worked fine at first now it is snagging and splitting my ends. I called to return this one and not to receive anything else but to only send back and get my money back. Now they have claimed I never returned the other irons. Although I had my confirmation receipt and copy of receipt for both irons I sent back. I spoke with 2 supervisors and several representatives. Both supervisors I talked to two different occasions, called me back after I faxed them the proof of receipt of returns. Told me then they had it and will send me a return label to send this one back within 7-10 daYS. It has been now almost a month! It's been 21 days and I have not received anything. And now I have the feeling they are going to try to charge my card because they have not done what they promised. DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT AND PLEASE PASS ALONG....

8/29/2005 - Saadia writes:
I bought the True Ceramic Pro iron four months ago. At first I liked it..but now the red on the plates is chipping and you can see the metal- also that 'swivel' cord is messed up and the iron doesn't turn on unless i position it a certain way.. this product contradicts it's claim of having "true ceramic plates" and is really NOT worth the money.

8/21/2005 - Mary writes:
i purchased the true ceramic pro a few months ago, i stopped using it afetr the 1st time becuase the red coating started flaking off and it was sticking to my hair and the awful smell of burning! at that time, on the bottom of the home page of true ceramic pro website, there was a place that you could email them and request an exchange because they were aware of the problem. they were supposed to mail a return package and a replacement, well it has been 2 months now! this is insane! when you call the customer service # your on hold for such long periods of time,,,who has time for this??? i have already paid for this piece of crap, now what am i to do with it! how can they keep getting away with this! please, save your money-do not buy this product-unless you have money to thorwo out of the window!

8/20/2005 - Carrie writes:
I ordered the TCP a few months ago.  The first few times I used it it worked great!  I used the lowest heat setting because I have very fine, curly hair, but a lot of it!  The third time I used the product I heard a horrible sizzle when I placed my hair between the plates.  The smell of burning hair overwhelmed my small bathroom!  I freaked out!  I thought this product was supposed to be safe and never burn your hair!!!  I had to cut several inches off my hair and I have soo many fly aways from broken pieces of hair!   I went back to my so called "imitation ceramic iron."  I tested both of the irons on the lowest setting and put a piece of hair from my hairbrush on each.   Sure enough after a few minutes the TCP burned the hair and my "imitation iron" did not!  I love having straight hair, but not at the expense of frying it!  Do not use this product if you aren't afraid to loose your hair!  Good luck!

8/2/2005 - Tracy writes:
I purchased the True Ceramic Pro straightening iron.  At first I like it.  It did straighten much faster than the straighteners I've used in the past.  But after a few times, my hair started feeling burnt and damaged.  Now it is ruined.  My beautian advised me to stop using at once.  My hair is fried.  I am returning this product ASAP.   Also, the red plates on the iron are flaking and chipped.  It is not a good product, it has literally ruined my hair.

1/2/2005 - Karen writes:
What a piece of crap, not to mention the poor customer service! Like everyone else, it quit working after 2 months.   Called at least 5 times for a replacement, and each time was told - it is being shipped tomorrow...what a crock!  I contacted my credit card company and disputed the charge - even after six months they will help you!  So don't give up! Only after my credit card company made it an issue did I get a replacement in the mail.  Guess what? It quit working 2 weeks after I got it and now they tell me the warranty began when my FIRST unit was shipped!  Needless to say, I contacted my credit card company again and again they credited my account.  We'll see what happens from here. Bottom line girls, CONTACT your credit card company NOW and dispute the charges for faulty merchandise.  This is the only way (other than a class action lawsuit) that they can be brought to justice!

Heather writes:
I ordered the True Ceramic Pro (ceramic straightening iron) that I saw on tv through the website immediately after watching the informercial. NO WHERE on the website OR on the commercial do they tell you the price, only that you pay 14.99 for shipping and handling and that if you return it within 30 days they will not bill your card. So I asked and they said it was 39.99 a month for three months. I was fine with that price and agreed. True Ceramic Pro is a product of a company called Advanced Beauty Solutions. They boasted that if I "Bought within the next 24 minutes I would be upgraded to 2 day ground shipping!" So of course I hopped on it. Four days later... after waiting and waiting I called the 1-800 number only to be on hold nearly 40 minutes before I had an operator tell me that they were SO oversold that it would be 3-4 weeks before I got it. I was so disappointed. The operator told me they would include a few additional extras (hair spray, a brush and detangler etc.) for my inconvenience. So FINALLY 4 weeks later I recieve an email that my True Ceramic Pro was about to be shipped! (Hooray I was so excited!) The problem? The item NEVER CAME. So I called and the operator informed me it would be in ANY DAY. (I thought I had 2-3 day shipping upgrade?!) After another week went by, I was frustrated and called again. They said that it showed I had recieved the item. I demanded a tracking number as I was going to call the ground shipping company (DHL) to check myself. THEY HAD NO TRACKING #!
Finally they agreed to REFUND my shipping and they wanted to send me another. I was fed up and told them to cancel my order completely. They agreed but now my Discover is being billed NOT 39.99 but 42.99 a month! ( I called and disputed the charges which Discover promptly credited to my account ) But here we go again... another charge has appeared on this months statement. I called the company and told them to QUIT charging my card. Then I had to call discover AGAIN and they are now going to DENY any charges that the company tries to place on my card. After I my frustration I ordered a True Ceramic Pro off ebay. 2 uses later... the red coating is coming off the "true ceramic" plates. Boy- if they don't get you one way... they will another. DO NOT BE SCAMMED by this one! What a headache and a mess :(

Tanya writes:
I ordred the TCP and like so many others, had to wait almost 4 and 1/2 weeks to get it! I finally get it, used it, loved it, but 2 weeks later, the red paint on the plates starts peeling off--and i see METAL PLATES. I am pissed! How could they lie? taht's the only reason why i bought the doggone thing was b/ca they claimed their ceramic plates were real, while everyone elese's was fake. Also, the ceramic plates stopped clamping together properly, so when i used the iron on my hair, it would end up pulling strands of my hair out! Then to top it off, the logo lettering on the handles starting peeling off. Just what kind of CRAP is this? Thank God for the 30 Day trial b/ca this joker is going back. What a SCAM! And for $159? They should charge more like $39.99 for this piece of useless crap. Thank you for sites like these. I wish I had found it BEFORE i ordered this product. It would have saved me the hassle! WOMEN OF COLOR: Avoid buying this product. Save your $$ and go by a real one! It will work at first, but leave you crying later!

Anonymous writes:
4/11/2006 - The wife and I purchased a TCP that packed it in four months ago. It had plates that did not come flush so she had to squeeze hard to get any results. The switch smoked and sparked on her the other day and that was it. We bought it off the infomercial and paid 4 @ $47.95 canadian. Trying to find a way to get money back and so far it's a wall like everyone else.Any ideas or actions happening let us know.

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