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True Ceramic Pro Complaints
Total Complaints: 290
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12/28/2006 - Melissa writes:
I been using true ceramic pro since it came out and actually it works well on my hair but like the other complaints mine just stop working. I called to get a replacement but it literally took them about three to four months to send it to me. By that time I recieved the replacement I had already purchased another one and recently did the same thing it just stop working. So now I decided not to get another one. It's not worth your money if the product is defective.

12/28/2006 - Natasha writes:
I ordered the tc pro in october it's almost January and nothing! I'm getting charged for a product I don't have! Don't buy the damn thing you'll spend a whole lotta money for a whole lotta nothing!

12/26/2006 - Judy writes:
I ordered the Tru Ceramic pro on dec 9th and paid an extra fee in order to guarantee receipt by Christmas as it was my child's Christmas gift. It is Dec 26, and I have no product and my checking account has been billed. When I called the toll free number I was given in the event I wanted to return the product (800)554-5925 I was told they do not answer calls for this product and told to call (973)575-7022. There was a voice message stating they were closed for the holiday. I then called a number found on the website and was told that the telemarketer had given me bad information. Tammy told me that I paid the extra 15.00 so the product would be processed in an express manner. The money was taken from my account on 12/18. If I do not get a credit, I will be filing a former complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

12/24/2006 - Ana writes:
After seeing the True Ceramic Pro ad on TV, I ordered 2 kits at a 30 day trial price of $14.99 each kit. Regular price was $134.96 each, or 3 monthly payments of $39.99. Received just 1 kit about a month after placing the order. Accompanying the kit was a billing statement for $639.84 for the 2 kits.I contacted Advanced Beauty Solutions and informed them thatI was cancelling the order and shipping back their kit, and wanted my money refunded. Soon after I received a statement from my credit card company reflecting a charge of $29.98 for S&H for the 2 kits ordered, plus ACH fees of $349.90, the total price of the 2 kits. After many, many phone calls to this company, I finally got to speak with a person whom stated that the money would be placed back into my account. It was never done. I filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Agriculture, Consumers Services. They initiated the investigation and tracked the company to a California location. However, the company refused to cooperate with the agency and since it has no enforcement powers, nothing was done leaving it up to me to file in civil court. Today, I saw the True Ceramic Pro ad again on TV. I made a few calls and went to the internet. Found that this product is sold to people with web sites through warehouses to promote sales and obtain a commission.

12/24/2006 - Renee writes:
I just got on line to get a phone number for true cremanic pro so I can call them and let them know that the power just would'nt come on anymore and get a replacement. I just came to this website and can not believe that it was a scam. So many others are had the same problem. No wonder why you don't see the advertisment on lifetime anymore. I am so disappointed. The iron did work great, but just stopped working one day. I also paid over $100.00 for this product. I think someone should be help responsible. Someone made lots of money off of us and there's nothing we can do about it. I wished I would of known about this website before I bought the product. We should all get together and sue somebody. If we can't sue them, then maybe we should sue lifetime for not checking out the product before they advertised it on lifetime.

12/21/2006 - Angie writes:
my mom bought me the tcp about a year ago.We tried to return it before the 30 day's,but it was the wrong address. they took 190.00 ot of my bank accout. My bank has tried to contact them,but know luck.I have wrote letters tried calling, but nothing.I have not received any money back or anything. So do not get this product. It dosen't even work.It is a very big scam. there needs to be a lawsuit against this company.Good luck everyone.

12/15/2006 - Dawn writes:
Hello All! I saw the TCP advertisement on t.v. in the middle of October 2006 and decided to order it. I paid the $14.99 + S & H for the 30-Day Risk-Free Trial that they advertised (with free haircare products). I specifically asked if my 30-day free trial would start at the time of the order or when I received the product. Rep stated it would start when I received the product. That was the first LIE! Approx. two weeks later, when I received my c.c. statement, I checked for the charge from TCP and it was pending. I waited a few days and saw that the charge had gone through on Nov. 3, 2006, but didn't post until Nov. 6, 2006. I waited for a few weeks and decided to call the number on my c.c statement. A rep. explained to me that the order wasn't processed in October because the TCP was backordered. She stated that my credit card had processed the charge on November 6th and the product was sent out November 7th. She also told me that they were extending the 30-day risk-free trial until January 7, 2007, since shipping took approximately 3-4 weeks. Second Lie! I called back on December 7, 2006 and the rep explained that they tried to bill my credit card on December 3, 2006 and it was declined. I told her it wasn't supposed to be processed until January because of my 30 day risk free trial. Rep explained that their computer system automatically sets up the payment dates at the time of order and it couldn't be changed. I then told her that their t.v. and internet advertising is false then because I hadn't even received the product to try for 30 days for that initial price of $14.99 + S & H. and they were continuing to bill me! She kept repeating herself so, frustrated, I asked to speak to her supervisor. She continued to give me the run around until I demanded that I speak to her supervisor. Once the supervisor got on the line, she only reiterated what the previous rep had told me. I then asked to speak to the person she answered to. She was giving me the run around. Finally, she told me that her supervisor would be returning my call. The call never came. I called back again and basically got the same song and dance. Today, December 15, 2006 I called to get specific dates and names from the TCP customer care rep. In addition, she told me that upper management had reviewed my complaint and the corporate office would not send a replacement unless I gave them a different credit card number. When asked how they keep track of their shipments with the U.S.P.S. she replied that they didn't track the shipping because they used the lowest shipment method. I commented that that was a pretty large financial risk to a large company like theirs and thought it was odd. I personally don't think they shipped out my product to begin with. I am certainly not going to give them a different credit card number to be billed for a product I will probably never receive. Thanks to everyone for posting their experiences. I only wish I had found this site sooner. Good luck to all who have been scammed! I am looking into further options as I believe this company has never suffered their due consequences for a bad product and deceptive and/or inaccurate advertising.

12/11/2006 - Merry writes:
I purchsed the "True Ceramic Pro" in Sept 2006, it is now Dec 2006. I paid the total amount up front (big mistake) and now, only 4 months later the thing starts to smoke when I turn it on. This is very dangerous and could have caused some type of electrical fire. This product should no longer be marketed until it works properly for longer than a couple months. When I tried to contact the company for an exchange all I was told is that it is past the 30day return period and they could not assist me. This product is dangerous and should NOT be allowed to be sold. This company should be forced to stop doing business until they can produce a product that is safe.

12/9/2006 - Melissa writes:
I ordered a tcp on 10-14-06 I supposed to have a had the 30 day trial as well < i sure paid for it, it is now 12-09-06 and I have no tcp, they charged my debit card, and I still have no product, i only get a run around when I call or no answer to an email, I wish I had found this site first, its all a scam to get money please dont be fooled as I was, I was out the money and got no product,

12/6/2006 - Nohemi writes:
i purchased the tcp on sept 2006, i was told the product would arrive in two weeks and i had 30 days to try it free. i made sure to ask would they charge my credit card 30 days after i received the product and not 30 days after i ordered it. they assured me it wouldn't be charged until 30 days after it was received. well guess what? i was charged the 39.99 exactly 30 days after i ordered it and i had not even received it yet!!! then to top it off, i did use it probably 5 times then put it under the bathroom sink since it didn't work on my hair the way i expected. i say this because i do own a chi iron and i wanted to see if this tcp was better. i should have never done this! i noticed that every time i tried to turn the tcp "on" the light wouldn't come on unless i messed with it squeezing the plates together. that led me to believe they had purposely set it up this way as a "child proof" mechanism so children would not run the risk of burning themselves. i see now that is not the case since i can squeeze the plates together over and over and the light won't turn on. by the way my total charge is $190.93 and this product is a piece of crap. i called the number on my credit card bill (1-800-961-0455) spoke to a customer service rep who told me i am pretty much stuck with this thing. i asked to speak to a supervisor and was told the same thing, i could not believe it! she told me that i had gone over the trial time and didn't return it so now i couldn't. i called my credit card cust. service dept. and we are in the process of disputing the charges. wish me luck! i hope someone does something about these people and puts them out of business.

12/4/2006 - Jennifer writes:
I purchased this product within 6 months the iron just quit working one day. I made several attempts to contact someone and got the run around. I even attempted to just purchase another one, luckily I never got it, but was disappointed because the iron does a great job when it does work. I think it may have more to do with the products they send with it than the actual iron. I have used the same stuff with my CHI iron and have had great results. But now...I can't get anymore products, when I contact the company to order I don't get any response. Sad...

11/28/2006 - Kimberly writes:
my mom actually bought mine a couple of years ago, and the first pair went out almost immediately. we had so much trouble with getting in touch with them as everyone else. when you finally get through, the rep. says that they're shipping you out a new pair, and you don't receive them. finally after months of speaking with supervisors ect.... we received a new pair, only for those to also go out, thankfully there was some kind of mix up, they sent us another pair and they are still working so far. but i'll agree something should be done about the customer service, people are spending alot of money on this product to have to deal with worrying about how long will they work. i can understand if we are wrapping the cord around or dropping it, but it's nothing we are doing. i love, love, love, the irons they are the only thing that have ever on my hair.

10/26/2006 - Wendy writes:
I bought my daughter a True ceramic Pro for last christmas(2005) . The had to have and I spent alot of money for something I thought would last. Well the first one was replaced by the place I bought it. They were kind of nice to replace. Then not long later the second one broke. Now the store can't replace it agian and has since pulled the product from their inventory.Now every number I've tried to reach to get the manufacturer, but their unreachable. So for the hundred dollars I spent plus tax and shipping I had two straightners that couldn't last two months between the two of them, unless you counted time waiting for the second new. Last March she bought a 40 dollar one been going ever since. Don't believe everything you see on TV. Kids the lasted have to have may be a flop,wait for the reviews before you bought. Think how much the world would save if we waited for real costumer reviews. Instead of having to have the newest gadget.

10/24/2006 - Amy writes:
i bought the TCP and it worked for 3 days and its GONE! it didnt work at all...i hate this....such a scam.....what the hell i mean they say its the best...i bought a Conair hair straightener and it works just the same and better.....this product is a fuaud....

10/19/2006 - Debbie writes:
I'm trying to return the defective and the e-mail link doesn't work and I'm on hold forever. And this is 10/19/06, wish I found this website before I purchased it two months ago. Anyone have a correct e-mail address?

10/17/2006 - Donna writes:
I have bought this product and returned it only to get another defective product that will not turn on and the paint came off the iron. I am so bummed after spending that much money only to get a defective item. Let me know if anyone has luck getting ahold of them. I believe they are shipping the items out of Reno, Nevada. Thanks

10/17/2006 - Vanessa writes:
I guess my story is not any different from the rest. I paid 135.00 for the piece of crap, it worked for 5 months, after that is blew up in my hand almost burning my face. I called these asshole numerous of time told me the same crap "Send your item and we will send you a new one in the mail." Guess what as the idiot I am, cause that what I really was to believe these pricks, I sent there shitty item, " 2 weeks I should get a new one." A month past, no TCP, called there 1800 #, some dumb bitch states "we are under new management, our new owners a great and they are making new and advance TCP' and you should get one with in the next two weeks if not please call us again". Yeah right its been a year and till this day I have not gotten no money back and no new TCP. And what so funny I went on vacation this year to Dominican Republic and there bastards are advising there products over there come on this needs to serious stop. Why are they still out there?

10/7/2006 - Deborah writes:
This product is very dangerous.After paying 139.00 a year ago the wiring inside the cord is smoking. The cord is a very bad design. They say it is a great item because it has a long swival cord. Well the cord never swivaled very well when you were using it.It always became tangled badly and if you didnt spend lots of time keeping it staightened it became a tangled mess. Now as I have said it is broken and quite dangerous as it is smoking at the swival head ...Would diffently not recommend this item to anyone. It also has damaged my hair.

10/5/2006 - Linda writes:
I had a RA number to return my defective iron but apparantly I was given the wrong address and it was not allowed to be forwarded. It too is badly chipped and stopped working within a month. So now on top of the expense of the iron, I now have lost priority mail postage that since the package was returned to me. I would also like to be included in a class action suit if there is one.

9/23/2006 - Michelle writes:
I bought the TCP about a year ago, paid a ridiculous amount of money becaus eit looked like a good quality product and I had heard good things about it. I used it all the time, it was awesome.. BUt after a year it broke. I spent 130.00 bucks for this thing to have a lifespan of a year??? Thats crazy!! I got onlibne this morning to loom for a website thinking that TCP would back thier product and have a return policy.. yea right! Is it was purchased after May 10, 2006 i am (and so many others) are SOL. Thats Bull!! The TPC its a complete piece of junk and I will never recommend it to anyone. I have a Revlon straightner that i use ofteh and ive had it for pver 6 yrs! I had some co-worlers and friends thatwould ask me what i used to straighten my hair and I would tell them about the TCP , well now forget it. No one needs that piece of junk!!

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