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True Ceramic Pro Complaints
Total Complaints: 290
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9/16/2006 - Patty writes:
hello,i just purchased the tcp,ive only had it for 2 weeks and already the red paint is chipping off.ive called the phone number on the site and a recording says please leave your phone number and someone will get back to you in 24 hours,and no phone call.i guess like all of us scammed.i orded the tcp on the site and it was 49.99 plus shipping and handeling,and im very suprised and sorry for the people who spent over $100 for the tcp because it is a peice of junk to say the least.i would love to get my money back too.but im dreaming.

9/13/2006 - Tina writes:
I purchased the True Ceramic Lie in May of 05, the item stopped powering up after 1 month of use. I called the company, and was promptly told that I do not know to use the product. I asked to speak to a superior, and the line was transferred to no one. Subsequent letters have gone unanswered, no response to calls. The web site is still actively attempting to sell the product.

9/6/2006 - Wahleah writes:
I bought this hair straigtner and I wasn't happy that the red starting chipping right away. I loved the heat play shampoo and conditioner but I can't find anyplace on the internet to order this again and that makes me angry.

9/6/2006 - Dolly writes:
I purchased the Tru Ceramic Pro on 6/2/2006. I received it two weeks later. I thought it was the best flat iron ever invented, had my hair paper thin for a week at a time if need be. The paint on it however started to chip a least a month into the purchase. Just this week 8/30/2006 I plugged it in and tried to turn it on, and no red light. I reset it and still NO red light, I even tried different outlets in my home, and still no red light. Today is 9/6/6 and still no red light. I really liked the way this flat iron left my hair and I am upset that I spent so much money for it for only a 3 month use which only turned out to be about 20 times as I did not always wear my hair straight. I am still within my 6 mth period but, have no idea what number to call to try to geT a replacement. I am thinking I received a refurbished one cause it did not last as long as other peoples. I truly believe this company is a rip off and that they should pay for what that have dished out. My recommendation: DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, UNLESS YOU NEED IT FOR A SHORT PERIOD BECAUSE THAT IS ABOUT HOW LONG IT IS GOOD FOR.

9/4/2006 - Denise writes:
I purchased the True ceramic pro in 2005 and paid over $110.00 for it through my Visa. I did receive the iron and did use it about twice per week. However each time I used it I had to play with the cord to get the tempature light to stay on. In August of 2006 I went to use it and it would not get hot. Playing with the cord did not work. I even attempted to see if I could take it apart to fix the cord connection, only to find out that it cannot be done since it is all moded as one piece. I called the 800 number only to find out it was disconnected and then tried the web site. This is when I discoved the over 200 complaints about this product. I have the same senitments as many of the other people complaining, something should be done to this company. They made a lot of money from many consumers on a inferior product This product was in no way cheap. I am reporting them to the BBB as well and would join a class action suit. I guess the old saying is really true "Buyer beware". Well I do know that I have learned my lesson, which is to never purchase anything from a infomerical again.

8/16/2006 - Tiwana writes:
I brought the True Ceremic pro also. Paid for them in full, same thing. They started working just fine for a few weeks, then the paint started coming off, after a few months, the power would go in and out, and then all of a sudden they stop working all together. I tried calling the 1-800 # but got the same thing a collection agency.. A lesson learned.

8/10/2006 - Laura writes:
Hi everyone. I bought my true ceramic pro in 2005 for a total of $175.00 with shipping and handling and I thought this straightener was the greatest thing ever invented! Mine also peeled, after 6 months and finally it burned my hair. My hair is still dry, and unhealthy from that day. I can still remember it being so hot, I couldn't even hold it in my hand. It overheated so bad that I had it laying on my glass makeup table and it was so powerful, it broke the glass and it shattered on the floor!(I've owned many straighteners before the TCP and they never broke the glass). I called the company repeatedly and nobody ever picked up, or it would be a long busy signal. I still kept trying after 3-4 months and finally they picked up and I explained my situation to a supervisor. They told me they would send me out a new one, with an envelope to send back my old one. I never received anything in the mail and I kept calling all the time and I kept getting a different excuse each time like, it was on back order, or my order was never placed or it was sent out. Then once, the people told me the company was bought out by someone else and they would send me a new one but still.. no straightner. I gave up after 5-6 months of trying and figured I was out of luck. I did put a report in to the Better Buisness Bureau and I hope someone catches these people and everyone who works for them and lies to people everyday.

8/9/2006 - Yvonne writes:
I too have the same complaint as everyone else. Mine started to chip off paint after 4 months of use, then 3 months after that just stopped working. That's a lot of money for nothing. Based on what everyone is saying I'm just out the money and have learned a expensive lesson about infomercials. Now I'm going to ask my hairdresser what she uses.

7/31/2006 - Marisa writes:
Plain and simple... ive had my TCP for 2 years. never used one like this, it does the job. BUT all of the paint has chipped off and just within the last two days it has started smelling really bad. The odor/chemicals, whatever was coming out of it was hurting my eyes. Finally this morning it blew up in my hand!!!! there was a huge spark and singed the hairs on my wrist.. if the tool was any closer to my hair it would have lit on fire!!!!! i know ive had it for 2 years but that shouldnt have happened!!!!!

7/28/2006 - Rebecca writes:
Whoever was behind this scam i hope they are happy with themselves.. NO good piece of shit LOSERS who profit from cheating other people all i have to say is KARMA is a BITCH and she'll come around and bite you in the ass ASSHOLES!!! If you made this product and thought it would be a success and later found out it is a flop then you need to own up to your mistakes, robbing ppl of hundreds of dollars is just wrong and i hope you R.I.S ROT IN SHIT I paid a total of $250.00 not including the shipping and handling fees for my true ceramic pro. I thought it worked great one of the best straightners i have ever used. About a month after i got it the red paint began to fall off and the device completely ruined my hair. It has been a year now since i last used the machine and till this day my hair is completely fried and very unhealthy. WHen i called to complain about the missing paint i was told to start out at a low heat and gradually increase the heat; that if i put it on its highest heat right when i turned it on it was causing the paint to come off. Well i did that and it still came off. I called them again and i was told that one would be sent out to me and when i recieved it to put my old one in the same box that i recieved my new one and return it to them. I waited and never recieved one. When i called back a women told me that i am technically supp. 2 send the defective one first nad then they would send my new one but because someone had already put the order in that i would be recieving it within the next 2 weeks. It has been over a year and i still dont have my replacement. Every number i have for the company is a fast busy signal. I paid over $200 the true ceramic. I am only 20 yrs old and i go to college full time that kind of money doesnt come very easy for me. ANd what is really funny about the whole thing is that there was a problem with my bank account and they did not recieve the full amount for the product when they were supp. 2. They called me several times threating to give it to bill collecters if i didnt make the payment. The problem was with my credit card i had recieved a new one from my bank and there were some acc. # mix ups so they couldnt get the money from my acc. but what makes me laugh is they were harrasing me for the money when they owed me the product STILL!! Whoever was behind this scam i hope they are happy with themselves.. NO good piece of shit LOSERS who profit from cheating other people all i have to say is KARMA is a BITCH and she'll come around and bite you in the ass ASSHOLES!!!

7/26/2006 - Patti writes:
Hi all: I will be brief. I paid $130 for the True Ceramic Pro after using several other flat Irons I bought at beauty supply stores which didn't work. I loved the product, until the paint fell off and I couldn't use it anymore. I sent it back to the company, made at least 70 (no lying)calls before speaking to a person. That person assured me a new one shipped "just last week". Three months and 20 more calls AND a report to the better business bureau, TV infomercial complaints department and anyone else I could find on the internet, (I am persistant), I talked to another person who said the same thing, Well, Mrs. Rice, I am so sorry this has happened but a new one shipped just 3 days ago. What could I do? I told that person everywhere I had reported them and believe it or not, she said she hadn't heard of ANY other complaints, I told her that was bull and that I was going to keep calling and keep complaining until someone listened to me. I gave them 30 days and was just getting ready to start up again when a package arrived - no packing slip, explanation, no nothing except a brand new straightening iron. I had read on different complaint sites, that if the iron turned burgundy when it heated, not primary red, I had a "good one" which was made BEFORE a certain date. I had a burgundy one!!! Yeah! BUT by then I had started to curl my hair more often than not. I may have used it 10 times since last October when I got it and 2 weeks ago I started using the straightner every 2 days (all I need to do to keep it straight with this particular Iron, that is one reason I love it when it works), and after using it, what 7 or 8 times? I turned it on 3 days ago (the light came on and it started changing colors) and went downstairs for 10 minutes. When I went back up, the light was off and it was cold. I plugged it in again and his the little buttons to reset it, nothing, checked the on and off - nothing. Ohhhhhh, do I have the energy to start over? I am wondering if $130 is enough money to fight this anymore. Has anyone tried to take this thing to a repairman? I think I will go that route this time. I just checked the site where I got the calling info last time and it has packed up and vamoosed and I see several different places selling these things for as low as $39.95 now. Hey, I think I will do some math and see if I buy the $39.95 and use it 20 times before it breaks . . . . how much would it cost me per use . . . no, it isn't worth it, I think I'll go put an ice pack on my head and try not to think about this piece of junk or the company who made it anymore. Thanks for letting me vent. Oh yeah, if a lawsuit ever happens, count me in. I figure with all the people who were duped by this outfit, we might get 1/10 of a penny but it would sure feel good to get back at them.

7/22/2006 - Jeanne writes:
I ordered a True Ceramic Pro for 120.00. I received it and used it one time, because it was peeling. I sent it back and recieved another one and it was peeled. I sent that one back and never heard from them again. I called many times and they just lied and said they were going to send it. Then when I called an answering machine would come on and I would leave a message. Bottom line: they trained their employees to lie and had no intention of sending me another one. I reported them to the Better Business Bureauand they had no luck. They stole my money and I have no product. I am interesed in any law suit etc. I want to ge them for stealing and lying to so many poeple.

7/21/2006 - Diane writes:
Yes I'm in the same boat ordered one loved it but started to fall apart received a new one and it didn't stay on at the same time purchased one for my hairdresser his didn't work. Now I'm trying to get a hold of the company that has now filed for Bankruptcy.

7/19/2006 - Connie writes:
Bought two of these straighteners. Both began to peel soon after we got them. Then they quit working out of the blue. Returned one; never heard from the company again. Am trying to return the second. NO more website, no customer service #. Can't find these jokers. I am now disputing the charges with my bank (used debit card). Do not buy this product -- it is junk !!!!!

7/12/2006 - Cindi writes:
Do not buy this product. It stopped working after 2 months.I reported it to my credit card company. I had the charges removed.

7/5/2006 - Lori writes:
I received the True Ceramic Pro last summer. I loved it when I first started using it. It was not long before the red coating starting to flake and peel. I tried to contact the customer service number (888)807-8953. This stupid recording came on about something that had nothing to do with the true ceramic pro or the company I ordered it from. I have to say this is very sad. I never order things off T.V. for this very reason. There is always something that goes wrong and they make it impossible to get in touch with them. This company should be ashamed of themselves!!

6/27/2006 - Maureen writes:
I,too, bought the TCP in August for the astronomical amount of $175.00. The one I received turned on once and immediately shut off...it took much persistence and stubborness, but I finally got in touch with Customer Service who said they had been having trouble with their manufacturer and that to send it back and they would replace it. I did and after quite some time I did receive another one. That one worked quite well for several months and then one day would not turn on. While mine worked, it was great, but they don't last...not worth the money.

6/23/2006 - Nikki writes:
I was given a TCP as a Christmas gift in December 2005. Just today is the first time I came to work with frizzy hair!! I feel so uncomfortable. I noticed in the past couple of months, that the TCP wouldn't turn right on. I had to give it a couple tries and flicker the switch before the little red light came on. I knew it was about to go eventually. Well this morning it stopped working entirely. After reading the 11-12 pages of complaints from you ladies, I realized that the red paint on my TCP is chipping away too, on the sides. I couldn't possibly try returning it now since I didn't buy it, and per the TCP website, they only offer a 6 month guarentee. Not only that, after reading all of your complaints, it doesn't seem like you'd get anywhere with this company anyway. Just wasted time! Also, I've always had very thin hair since I can remember. I've tried everything to make it thicken up. Getting hair cuts every month, taking vitamins (Biotin, Vitamin B, etc) nothing has ever worked. In recent months I've noticed that my hair has been falling out a lot too! I literally have to clean my brush out every day, and the ladies at work are constantly picking hair off the back of my shirt. I wondered why in the world my hair was falling out all the sudden???!!! Now I'm beginning to think it WAS this TCP.

6/16/2006 - Catherine writes:
I bought a TCP about a year ago and the exact same things have happened to me. The paint is chipping off... it gets so hot it could fry your hair and then out of no where it just stopped working. We tried the phone number on the bill for it and it has been disconnected so then we tried the new number from this website and it says to leave a message because they are "updating their phones". They obviously know they've scammed people... we are now contacting the credit card company- everyone else should do that too- they get involved.

6/14/2006 - May writes:
Like anyone else, I owned a True Ceramic Pro iron for about four months and the iron just didn't work anymore. I was able to reach one of the customer service and he told me to mail back and they will repair or exchange it. I waited about two to three months afterward and I was about to give up that they will fix it or give me another one. Luckily, they send me another one, it was okay for eight months until recently the handle just fall apart. I have not drop or damage the iron. First, the handle was loose than it just fall apart. I tried to contact the same number I contacted before and it was busy all the time for last two weeks. I wonder what happen. I hope to get through them and get them to repair/exchange/or money back.

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