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True Ceramic Pro Complaints
Total Complaints: 290
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6/13/2006 - Nicole writes:
This is the second time that I have been cheated by a t.v. product sista's they get us every time trying to straighten out our God given kinky hair. I have decided to grow dreads. I first purchesed that stuff called reo and it was supposed to straighten without being a chemical well it was a nice conditioner and with heat my hair was softer and seemed to be straigher now however when they didn't send me the products that I had paid for after the trial stuff I had to perm my hair again because you had to keep using it which is what they didn't tell you and they hadn't enough to fill all the orders so after being told it wasn't a chemical I lost all my hair when I put a relaxer in my hair two weeks after using this junk my hair came out in the sink so I was very skeptical about ordering anything off t.v. ever again because the lawsuit only got me my ninety dollars refund after all the women who lost their hair divided up the settlement and that took three years to get. Now all that to say this here we go again and I am tired of these white men taking advantage of me because I am black and have kinky hair. I have just excepted the fact that I don't have straight hair and I never will without some kind of heat and chemical in my hair. I don't see how they can still be selling this product on the internet after so manyt people have been scammened and the new companies are saying you didn't get that iron from us so we can't help you but you are telling me to buy it again from you and take another chance at losing my hair and money again. I say no thank ;you asswipe I'll stay kinky......

6/12/2006 - Amanda writes:
Ok, so I purchased my first True Cermaic Pro sometime in August of 05'. About 2 weeks after the paint started to chip off of the plates and it pratically was frying my hair. I went to plug it in, and for no apparent reason it wouldn't even start! I was so displeased with the product! I spent $174.99, with the brush and other hair products included. It was not at all worth that price. I expected state of the art results. I finally recieved my second True Ceramic Pro at the end of January and now in June, the paint is mostly gone from the plates and it is no longer working. What a scam! I try to contact the company and have probably tried 7 different telephone numbers. I never get any help or satisfaction. All I know is that myslef and many others are very upset with this flat iron. Amanda

6/7/2006 - Betty writes:
I am also one of those gullable black women who thought ohhh what a nice flat iron and got burned they talked me into buying that expensive shampoo set which was just regular shampoo and conditioner and then they wouldn''t take their broke flat iron back which I never got to use it arrived not working and I bought mine in March of 2005 and I have been trying to get my money back ever since they have promised to send me three flat irons of which I have never recieved and now the company is out of business and yet they are still selling that discusting product on the internet and for a whole lot less Im really mad........ I did purchase the maxi glide though and me and my daughter will swear by that product it does just what it says and we love it my daughter actually lets me press her hair with no fight with that I just wish the little one was available for my short hair before I bought this red piece of trash is there anyone that can help us?????????

6/4/2006 - Linda writes:
All I can say is DITTO to everyone else's story. I never realized that this was happening to so many people. This was the first iron that actually straightened my hair. Then the paint chipped completely off. I was disappointed but after calling and being told that it was not going to affect the use I just kept it. The dial broke and would not allow me to set a temperature. Then when I plugged it in it started a little hum when I first turned it on. Then 2 days ago I plugged it in as usual and 10 minutes later when I went to start straightening my hair I noticed that the iron wasn't even on. I tried to reset the iron but it wouldn't come back on. This is crazy that a company can sell such a defective product and get away with it. It seems that anyone should be at least refunded their purchase price.

5/31/2006 - Maria writes:
I purchased the product on 7/13/05 for $119.97 and after receiving it used it approximately two times before it stopped working. After making several attempts to contact the company, I could get no answer and no help. I experienced all the things others have in trying to get a refund for this very defective protect. After contacting the Better Business Bureau I have learned the company moved and left no forwarding address and there is no information as to where this company may be. I am very distressed about this whole matter.

5/30/2006 - Fran writes:
My story is the same as everyone else's starting in May 2005. It took me from July 2005 to November 2005 to receive two replacements after numerous frustrating telephone calls. The first replacement worked for about 4 months and the second one is on borrowed time according to the complaints I read. I also contacted the BBB in California and was amazed at the number of complaints filed against ABS. I also ordered hair care products which I never received and my account was never credited. I too am interested in being part of a class action suit. It was no surprise to read that the company is in bankruptcy.

5/28/2006 - Taon writes:
i would say it was about 2004, i bought a true ceramic flat iron and it worked so good for my hair. the iron worked for my hair so well that i didn't need to use it everyday, instead at night i would wrap my hair and in the morning it would still be striaght. and i say this to illustrate my point that i only used my true ceramic flat iron maybe 3 times a week. about a month later i went to use my flat iron and the power wouldn't come on. i called the customer service number and they assured me that all i had to do was send it back and they would replace my true ceramic flat iron plus reimburse me the money for mailing the damaged product. so i though no worries until the next day when i went to pick it up and it broke in half. i couldn't understand why this had happened. i thought it was something i done and i sat and tried to figure what could i have done to cause my $120 true ceramic flat iron to break. and i came to realize that i did nothing. so i figured that the company must have sent me a bad true ceramic flat iron. no big deal, it's possible for a damaged product to pass through an inspection and get sold and i happened to get it. i'll just send it back and they'll send me one that works [right]. i sent it off to the address that true ceramic's customer service told me to send it off to and i never i another true ceramic flat iron nor did i get a refund for the product. that's when i realized something was not right about the company.

5/28/2006 - Loretta writes:
the first trueceramic pro started to peel on the first use sent that one back it took forever to get a new one. it did the same thing started peeling when i called this time i was told they were going to a new co.it took about 4wks.to get a new one. this one no matter where you set the temp.it gets to hot. when you call you can't get anyone so i guess i am 0ut of $139 this has been a big mess how can people just take other people like this i hope they got rich by cheating other's out of their money

5/27/2006 - Alison writes:
After about 2 weeks of using the True Ceramic Pro, the read ceraminc coating began to chip and fall off of the flat iron. I brought it back to the As Seen onTV store that I purchased it in. They gave me a hard time as if I had damaged the product myself. The store gave me an exchange and I was happy. About 2 months later, I noticed a strange humming, sizzling sound coming from the True Cermic Pro when I plugged it in. The red light stopped flashing, and the samn thing just stopped working. Period. Needless to say I am extremely annoyed and will never purchase this product again. I want my money back, but I have lost my receipt.

5/26/2006 - LISA writes:

Back in 2005 i purchased this iron for my daughter for her hair and it all of a sudden stopped working and like others never dropped it or anything, and i have been trying to figure out how to get a replacement or my money back seems how i bought it from an infomercial i have no idea who to contact .do you have any idea? please let me know a.s.a.p

thank you for your time

5/25/2006 - zamadia writes:
I bought true cermic pro advance beauty solutions straightner less than a year and it just broke for no reason. It was expensive worked well while it lasted..BUT I cant get in touch with them they DISAPPEARED...CONTACT numebr and webpage GONE..

5/25/2006 - Beth writes:
I also purchased the Tru Ceramic Pro. When I received mine the red paint on the plates had a nick or scrape on it but thought nothing of it because I was so overjoyed in receiving it. As time went on most of the red paint had come off and I decided it was time to phone the company. The best excuse I heard after many phone calls was that they could not access their computers because they were near a major fire in California, yeah right. Needless to say after months of trouble and $175.00 later Iam left with a straightener that no longer works, something is wrong with its wiring. I have tried numerous times to phone the company and I too just receive a busy signal. I will NEVER buy another product from TV (thank goodness this was my first time and last) and I believe that not only does this company owe each of us our money back but also the money I(we) spent on the haircuts and products it took to fix my(our) hair because of the damage it caused. If there should be a class action suit against this company I also want to be a part of it. I work to damn hard for my money and believe now that I would have been better throwing my money out the window rather than purchasing this product!

5/21/2006 - Kathy writes:
I had been looking for a way to straighten my waist-length hair since moving to Florida - the humidity created frizz I never dealt with before.  After watching the infomercial numerous times, I purchased the True CeramicPro - I want my money and my hair back.  First of all the iron broke in the middle of use.  Literally one of the irons fell out.  I never dropped it, it just fell apart.  $116.00 - for what?  My hair is drier than ever, I had to purchase a second iron to tame what the Ceramic Pro did to my hair.  Like others, if there is a lawsuit - add my name to the list.

5/18/2006 - Laura writes:
Yep, same story.  My red paint is chipping off!  It still works but I'm afraid to use it.  I'll never buy anything like that through infomercials again.  Only through my salon! Jerks!!!!!  If there's a law suit, I'd like in on it.

5/16/2006 - Sheri writes:
I purchased this product back in June 2005 and I am very dissatisfied with this product. After using this product for about 1 month the paint started chipping off and the iron was getting so hot that it was burning my hair. I have tried to email and call this company but I have not been unable to make contact with them. It dried out and damamged my hair. I would like to be involved with any class action lawsuit against this company now that I am out $120 plus $14.95 for shipping. I am very upset and angry.

5/16/2006 - Victoria writes:
To the all the Reps,Actors on the infomercial and to the Creator of this iron. You all suck. You backed up a product that works like SHIT! I ordered this iron and after the 1st use it was chipping. They sent me a replacement, and this one did not even heat up!!!  It makes me sick to even think about what you have done to woman across the world. If you are considering buying this iron... DONT! Please!! You will regret it!! Your better off buying one at [] or []. Revlon and Conair have a few that work better than this piece of CRAP!!!!!  Shame Shame on you. Did'nt your mother teach you better!!! I thought I was buying a product that I could use for years. Instead the only thing that will last for years is the frustration I will feel whenever I want to straighten my hair.

5/15/2006 - Ceci writes:
Dear Sistas, Looks like we all got burned by our own flat irons! I was showing a girlfriend of mine how the paint was chipping off and how it didn't close all the way. I thought this was strange, since last I heard cermanic doesn't chip like paint. She suggested that we go online to see if we could contact the company and after we did a search the only thing that popped up was this page. My worst fears were confirmed! It was red paint, and I did get burned. I'm feeling your pain, after suffering the same finacial loss. Not only did I want it so bad that I couldn't stop thinking about it, you know the Cher look: long, straight, silky hair. I devised a plan. I'll get it, but I'll just tell him, my husband, that is was only $79, all the well knowing that next month they would pull another $79 dollars out of my account. Talk about gullable! I guess you don't always get what you paid for. I'm going to buy a conair. Much love to ya.

5/14/2006 - Denise writes:
This product is worthless and is definitely not worth the $120!  I bought this for my daughters thinking it was one of the top straightners on the market but it has only caused more problems. After using the true ceramic pro for about 3 months, the red ceramic coating came off and now it doesn't work.  It also left your hair smelling burnt.  I'll be happy to join a class action law suit along with other angry customers who lost their $120.

5/10/2006 - Elizabeth writes:
I purchase the true ceramic pro sometime last year in april 2005. The first couple of months i only used around 4 times. By the 4th time the red part was discoloring. thought nothing of it. Later i received a card saying the ceramic had a defect..so i call the company for and exchange. They said they were going to send me a replacement and a label to send the defective one back. they send the replacement after 4wks  but never send the label to send the defective one back.  I had to call them after using the new replacement and advising the new one was loosing the paint as well. I had to wait to recieved the label to send one back and order to recieved another one. i got the label and ship the defected one and waited a around 6 wks for another replacement. when i saw one was not shipped i call them to see why i havent received a replacement yet. They apologize saying they were going to send one in two weeks..waited another month or longer.Call them again Got another apologize and that that they were going to send one in antoher two week. I ask them that's what i heard before, the representative assure me he was going to expedite it. waited again over a month and call them upset that i was promise a replacemetn and i haven't recieved one. Another rep apologize and stated they were in in back order will not be available to feb..Then i request to speak to a manager explain the matter and my experience and my unsatisfaction with the product and customer care. She advise me they were going to put the credit back in my credit card. For 120.00 and send me a label to send the defective one back. when my statement came in december was not apply i watied till january statement credit still not there. I try calling the number and could not get through. it was busy all the time i got tired of calling. Shit happens and things in your life were you put things aside... I trying even emailing the website..they could not fine my order..I am so upset because 120.00 plus taxes and shipping and handling. That is money that i work hard for. Today May 10, 2006 I decided to get on line and see if i find something on this company. Here i find this  website, with people who was taken as fools and went through exactly the same thing i did. I am also a victim of this horrible experience and 120.00 down the drain.

5/9/2006 - Sarah writes:
I purchased this product last Summer after seeing the infomercial.  It start to flake off and turn black in October and last night on May 8th 2006, while I was straigtening my hair I smelt a burning smell.  I thought it was my hair but all of a sudden it was smoking by the power cord that connects the iron. It was melting.

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