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Turbie Twist Complaints
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8/25/2006 - Tracy writes:
This towel sucks. I didn't buy it from the infomerical, but a [] type store. It is the actual Turbie Twist and not a knock-off. It doesn't absorb any more water than a regular towel or stay in place any better. I've bought a microfiber hair towel from [] that works way better for about 1/2 the price. Found it near the makeup. Don't waste your $$ on the Turbie Twist.

Kristin writes:
My issue is not with the Turbie Twist that I purchased.  Its a towel and as far as towels go it works like it should. However, consumers need to be aware of the bigger issue when ordering products from infomercials. I recently found bogus charges on my mastercard. After speaking with their fraud department I called the phone number listed with the charges. A man who says he works for American Values Discount Directory (Blitz Media) informed me that when I purchased my Turbie Twist I had agreed to a "free trial membership" with their company and that now the free trial was over and I was being charged for my membership because I did not call and cancel. I told him that I have never agreed to any such thing and was never even informed of such as offer. The reason I know for sure that this is fraud is because I purchased that Turbie Twist a year and a half ago!!!! If I was a "free" member all this time, why didn't I ever get any correspondence or mail from this company? A year and a half is a pretty long "free" membership!!! Basically, the company who handled the billing and distribution of Turbie Twist sold my information (including my credit card number) to this other company, who charged my account (18 months later)without my authorization. I had to cancel the card. I have since found out that there are now several companies doing this. Lesson Learned! No more trusting infomercials with my information!!!! 

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