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Turbo Cooker Complaints
Total Complaints: 7
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12/5/2006 - David writes:
I had a problem when I a new turbo cooker about 4 years ago. The lid would not form a seal and steam continually leaked out. This problem doubled the cooking times and I had to constantly add water. None of my emails were answered, so I shipped the product back and reversed the charges. At the time, I believe the turbo cooker was either sold through or owned by another company. I am tempted to try the product again, but first I sent [] an email. There is no return policy on their web site, and I would like something in writing before I risk purchasing this product again. I will post again if I receive a reply. I will say that the food I prepared was very good and cooked without oil as advertised. UPDATE 12/8/2006: This is my follow-up report. The company did not respond to my email regarding their return policy. The lack of any response matches my experience from when I purchased a Turbocooker a few years ago. I will not be buying their product again.

11/30/2005 - Pat writes:
I purchased a Turbo Cooker from a party on e-bay. It was " brand new in box". The first time I used it , the handle broke. Sheared off completely. The coating on the tin is coming off and the Turbo Cooker has burned both meals that I attempted to cook in it. The second meal burned the outside of the chicken breast I was cooking but left the interior of the meat RAW. I tried to contact the seller but, after several tries realize that they got my money and are not in the least interested in helping me out. Through this website, I learned about the Chef Randall website . Well ,I went there and none of the contact e-mail addresses were working so I called them long distance and had to leave a message. Guess what? No response from the crew at Chef Randall. I guess I'm just hosed on this and  am disgusted with the whole infomercial scene. They sell hopes and lies and really don't care about quality at all. No more Turbo Cookers , no more e-bay.

Bina writes:
I ordered this product in January 2002. It did not live up to it's claims so I returned it. That was nine months ago and I still have not received a refund. I have called over a dozen times and each time have been told that the refund will be issued within a specified period of time. After the specified amount of time has passed and there is no credit to my credit card I call them again and am given the same story. I have spoken to the supervisors, but have not received a refund, yet. I have also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I strongly recommend that people research a company on the BBB's website before doing business with them, as this company has a very unfavorable history. 

Amy writes:
My mother gave me this and it is the biggest waste.  I was floored at how much she paid for it. The recipies were terrible and I found that it was hard to adapt your own recipies to use the pan.  The food was bland, undercooked and soggy.  Don't buy this unless you're making homemade babyfood!

Marilyn writes:
This does not do as advertised.  The directions state to use high heat.  It burnt everything and I was unable to regulate the heat .  The only thing I have been able to cook in it is rice (used as any other pan) not by the directions furnished. I was charged full price after offered a discount, they did refund the discount. So I have a very expensive rice cooker.  I thought it would just be extra expense to return it, so just decided to keep it and learn by my mistake to never order again.

Ryan writes:
When i ordered, first i got a person i could not understand.  They asked me if i wanted any accesories, i said no to all of them.   Then when we got it in the mail, it came with extra kitchen utensils we didnt order.  And was charged about $80 more than we where supposed to.  When i called and complained they said id have to ship it back with my own money (for their mistake) and it would take up to 3 months to recieve my money back.

Lisa writes:
I bought this product from [] in December of 2003 and have used it since. At first I had some of the problems that you did. My fried chicken was soggy and a couple of other things came out less than perfect. I didn't give up, I assumed that it would take a little time to get used to the cooker. Well, I was correct. Once I figured out exactly how much oil to put and what level the temperature should be; I got wonderful food every single time. I just used my turbo cooker last night to do chicken, rice and vegetables... all at the same time and in the same pan. Tell me; what other pan do you own that will allow you to do that? Did I mention it all came out perfectly? You should try again until you get used to using it. Not everything you do will come out perfect the first time or even the first few times you do them. Some things take a bit of practice.

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