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Turbo Jam Complaints
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2/8/2007 - Makia writes:
i wish i would have read all of this before i evenn went to their web sit the same thing happened to me as sdomeone else on her . i filled out the online order form about half way changed my mind and exited out of the site 2 days later my credit card has been charged i never even finished filling out the info. now i am freakin out i am reporting them as fraud to my visa company. and getting a new card number after reading this i dont want to take any chances of more charges appearing.. i cant afford them just to take my money whenever they want.... DO NOT BUY FROM THEM....unless u like giving ur money away then hey send my some lol

2/6/2007 - Ann writes:
Hello I am very upset that I have been charged for online services. I never opened the account for the service. I have been charged $38.87 twice.once in October and just recently. My husband never questioned the first charge until he saw the same amount the second time and wondered what it was for. I became very frustrated knowing that I never received the service. When ordering the product I wanted .it is like a trap and trying to sell more and more. The marketer kept asking me if I wanted this or I wanted that..kept bringing up this service. She made it sound like it was a service easily can cancel. I thought it automatically ended when the newsletters stopped coming to my email, so I thought it never happened. I never logged in to the service. I thought the service was the email newsletters and when they stopped, I thought my service stopped. I only went to the website once from the email newsletter and did not believe this was the service. It was full of marketing and selling. Not a consulting service. After looking at the website, I concluded it was another marketing gimmick and not a any service program. From my perception, I never ordered the online service and thought the email newsletters were the service. When the emails stopped and I never logged in , I thought the deal was over and actually thought it did end at 30 days. I assumed I was not signed into the program. I requested to talk to a supervisor, and the supervisor was going to check on the voice mail recording. She told me she would call me that day. My perception is that I did not get the service and never even logged in.they could check this out that I never opened an account. They are able to see that I never used the service. I never got the phone call when promised. The next day, I called and talked to another supervisor who listened to the voice mail. He also said he would credit me half of the money and would listen to the tape to be able to credit the full amount. After listening to the tape, we learned I said okay on the service and realized I could cancel at any time.. A service I never used, and I thought it existed no longer. He then took the half credit back. He said now that he hears the voice mail recording he can no longer give me the half credit. I was so angry.after being promised the credit since I never used the service. He said he would compromise now with half of the half. I have paid $77.74 for a service I have had for three months..and never used. I asked for the confirmation number on the half amount he originally committed to give me. ..well I now asked to speak to his supervisor. I really did not understand that I had a service any longer after the emails stopped and did not commit to the service without setting up an account. Thanks for listening!

1/16/2007 - Sandra writes:
I ordered Turbo Jam in the summer and was billed monthly on my credit card as I told I would be for three payments. Well it turns out that Turbo Jam liked to bill your credit card whenever they feel like it and then tell you it's a quarterly fee. When I asked what qurarterly fee they said it was for there service. I asked what service they said to ask questions on their website. They said it had been explained to me at the time of purchase and that I was told I had 30 days to cancel this part of the program. I can tell you right now no one told me about any quarterly fee!!! so when I got billed 3 months later for something that doesn't even work in the first place I was hoping mad. The surpervisor said that's just how they do business....well let me tell you if that's how they do business I'll be reporting them to the Better business bureau right away. All I can tell you is don't order this product it's a scam to keep charging your credit card.

1/16/2007 - Kelly writes:
Do not purchase anything from this company. I would highly suggest that Chalene Johnson use a different distributing company. Very similar to other complaints. I purchased turbo jam was signed orginally for an insurance I didn't request. Eventually caught it and removed it, of course they didn't refund me ANY money. When I was finally at a point where I could do the cardio party, I opened it up and the disc was blank. Called their customer service they told me to bad I didn't have the insurance. This company is a scam and should be closed down by the attorney general for fraud. It is really to bad because Chalene's program works but I nor my friends will EVER order anything from her distribution company again.

12/12/2006 - Alecia writes:
These people are pure thieving evil!! If you order any programs from them you can expect to be taken for a rocky ride. I ordered Turbo Jam from them and only wanted to basic program, figured if I liked it I'd get more later. A year after I had cancelled all of the "special programs" they enrolled me in I find they are STILL stealing my money indiscriminately and causing checks to bounce with my bank. They enroll you in so many programs you can't keep track!! I now have numerous boxes of crappy supplements, a subscription to 2 magazines I never wanted, boring cheesy collection of DVD's and 9 months of super helpful internet acces that I never used but has cost me a few hundred dollars!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Some people have EVEN after reading the problems people have had with them only to regret it later!!! Sure a few people think they are great and have had no problems...these are the people that WANT all the products they offer NOT the average consumer!!

11/30/2006 - Natalie writes:
I saw the commercial about a month ago, and ordered it. Everything was great with the customer service, and went smoothly. But, for some reason, I decided to look on the internet about any complaints about the video itself, AFTER I had ordered it. I saw the many complaints, and called first thing the next morning. I got an Indian man on the phone and I told him I wanted to cancel it. He asked me, "When you called last night, was it before or after 11pm?" I said "after, and what does that have to do with anything?" He said "sorry, its too late. you have to wait till you get the package and send it back. There's nothing we can do now." So, I called back about 3 hrs later, got another lady from India, and she said that there was nothing she could do, bc it was around 10am, all the information in the computer was down. ?? She couldnt pull anything up for the day. So, after going around and around with her, I gave up and cancelled my card that day. I read all this, and knew I would be charged. Its a shame, it looked like a great video.

11/23/2006 - Loretta writes:
I ordered the TurboJam package back in March (twice by accident)--their customer service didn't know(?) what they were doing. The outsourced customer service is either rude, ignorant or both (bad karma for India I guess.) I returned both packages in April and although they received both packages, they insisted I still owe them money even though the refund is clearly shown on my credit card statement. I received notices from their "collections" dept. to pay what I "owe(?!)" So, I faxed a copy of my statement to them and NOW Beachbody is sending me notices saying I owe them money and their customer service insists that they never received this information from their "collections" dept. Shame on Beachbody! This company should be shut down.

9/8/2006 - Gayle writes:
Unbelievable!! I read the complaint Deb wrote and I have experienced the same lie; computer problems and billing??!!! Wow. Amazing they can come up with a better scam then that to get people's money. I have lost $146. from my account in one month, actually about less than two weeks!! I dont know how these companies can get by doing this the FTC needs to get involved. Why I didnt do my research about companies like I normally do, I could kick myself. This company is a scam and how other companies can have their products represented by them is ridiculous. The scam is also a reflection on them as well. Turbo Jam was my poison of choice: one CD, two bottles of vitamins and some brochures all for a "meager" $146. I was lied to, treated rudely, and told the perverbial line "I'm sorry, there is nothing we can do" in my attempt to return the products or get a refund. Instead, to prove that I was the problem, I was offered to have my "taped" conversation with the at-home cust. serv. rep investigated. I sure that would have proved a lot. Whatever. If anyone wants to go against Beachbody and file a class action suite, count me in! I already lost money and have nothing else to lose. Oh, BTW, I had to cancel my card to ensure that I would not lose anymore money.

8/28/2006 - Bill writes:
Much like the others, I ordered their DVD's and have now been stuck with their 38 dollar charges for whatever hey are doing. Rude boiler room phone attendants. Do Not Do Business with them.....

8/25/2006 - Jake writes:
Ordered Turbo Jam for my wife, and she loves the videos. But when i ordered the videos, apparently there was an online service that Beachbody was giving to me for free for 13 weeks, and then after that period i would have 30 days to call and cancel or else they would begin charging me. Well 13 weeks go by, and my memory fades of even having the free online service, because i never used it, it was my Wife's thing, and she never uses the internet! So somehow i overlook the first payment going thru electronically to my bank account in April. But the second charge comes thru in August, i catch this one and immediatelly call their customer service. They say since they told me to call within 30 days of the free period being over, that now they can do nothing to help me out and i am stuck with 2 charges on my bank account of $38 each. I ask them what type of company they are and what type of customer service they have. They contintually repeat "we are sorry, there is nothing they can do". Although they did slap me in the face by saying they could refund me $25. Their customer service personel have no brains and sounded like they were reading everything they said to me. My wife will continue to use the videos, but i will NEVER by anything from Beachbody ever again! I am putting the word out on this company, watch out, because they love you when you are buying their product, but if you ask for any help in return, you can forget it!

8/24/2006 - Clairissa writes:
Well, it is a shame that to get Turbo Jam you must go through Beach Body I love my DVD's, which I agreed to purchase. But, I did not agree to purchase anything else. Here is how they get you. They hit you with an online membership for 24.95 a month. and vitamin supplements for ?29.90 or so. You did not order it but they will continually charge this to your account. You will call and call anc call. You will never get anywhere. This is the most horrible company I have ever dealt with. I am now out a total of $123.62. I am working with my Credit card company. I hope they can help me. Because beach body wont, that is for sure.

8/3/2006 - Deb writes:
I placed an order on the website in January. It stated then that I could get "Free" preferred shipping at no cost and that since I was doing it online that I would only be charged $89.90. Since then, they have taken an Extra 39.90 from my acccount. I got them to refund that amount in April. Now, it's August 1st and they are taking that same amount out again. All the emails in the world are not going to solve this. Their email customer service agents are morons. They can not or will not read the email that you send them, they just keep telling me that I owe it and that's that. I even went so far as to copy from my online checking account & pasting it to their email - the number of deductions and the date & amt. plus the credit that they issued me in April. This morning I got an email from the Credit Dept. with this message: In your March/April credit card statement, you may have noticed that you had not been billed for your recent purchase of a Beachbody product, order #blah blah. This was due to a systems error and has been corrected. Please be advised that the amount of $39.90 will appear on your next credit card statement to compensate for the missed payment." What kinda garbage are they trying to pull on their customers? I am working now with my bank to get the money back and to make sure they have no more access to it or anything else of mine. If someone knows how I can get this payment back without racking up huge lawyer fees, please tell me as I am laid off and this couldn't have come at a worse time. Good Luck to you.

6/13/2006 - Christina writes:
DONT BE FOOLED!!! I was on the website & was filling out the order form and then at the last minute decided not to go through with the order as I wanted to give it more thought first. So I did not confirm or authorize any transactions. A week later i see an email from that company to let me know that my order has been shipped. Funny that they would send me something that I never purchased. So I check my creditcard statement & find that they in fact had charged me! I was furious and contacted them via email to report this mistake! Turns out I explian the whole mistake to them in the email & I got a email back from them saying that they recieved my email & that my order would take 3-4 weeks for delivery!! It didnt say anything in regards to my complaint. I write to them AGAIN and get a response saying thank you for your order & that I will have to purchase the rest of the program etc etc etc. It was like an automated response, it was clear that nobody had actually read my email and nobody was taking responsibility for the scam that they had pulled off! Well I intend to call them to discuss this matter & demand a full refund immediately! we'll see what happens. Either way I am going to report this as fraud. They had no right to charge me as I never went through with the order!! I hope they are cooperative or its going to get very ugly for them, you can bet on that!!! Its much easier for them to refund my money than pay major bucks in court fee's!!

6/10/2006 - Michelle writes:
This is NOT a complaint against Turbo Jam, but rather against BeachBody. However, I am posting this under Turbo Jam because I purchased the product and this is what I had to go through to get it. BeachBody promised delivery within 5-7 days. BeachBody promised free gifts. BeachBody promised helpful customer service. I received my product in 7 days. I canceled my membership in the MyBeachBody club. Customer service is helpful and not. They are nice, yes. However, they do not know what they are talking about and read off script without really trying to help. I contact them EVERY DAY until I receive my order. The day my order was delivered, they said it had been shipped. So, basically, what I am saying is that if you put effort in to keep them in check, you will get your order pretty soon. However, you must contact them a LOT to get your tracking number. The customer service doesn't even know what goes on with the shipment. I'm getting a refund for my shipping charges because they thought it wasn't delivered on time. I could say I'll pay, but the customer service is so horrifying I think I deserve the refund. Secondly, I didn't receive the free gift I ordered. I had to contact them and ask and now they're sending it free of charge. They don't charge the card until like 3-4 days after DELIVERY. That is very sketchy because I felt like I had products I didn't pay for which might sound good but a good company should be timely and efficient not spontaneously charging when they feel like it. With that said, products (Turbo Jam) are AMAZING! I wanted to order more packages and [] was more expensive so I ordered off [] again. Again, I contacted them EVERY day and today I found out with the tracking number that I'm getting the products Monday. That's 1 week later when I'm ordering products that are supposed to be delivered 2-3 weeks later. I haven't seen any charges yet but I am definitely afraid they might mess something up. This is definitely a company you can't trust and must put in effort to check up on them daily. However, the product is worth it. Recap: Negatives: Customer service doesn't know what's going on. Late charges on account that make me very nervous. Too many packages and clubs offered before purchase which are annoying. Products that weren't received with package. Positives: With EFFORT, timely delivery (although the customer service doesn't even know it). Turbo Jam is a GREAT product and a better deal than [] because the bids get up pretty high.

5/23/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I cannot believe how horribly incompetent and unintelligent the customer service dept. is at Turbo Jam.  No one there has any idea what they are doing.  I attempted to place an order online for Turbo Jam (5/5/06).  It took forever because you are sent to more and more pages trying to sell you more products before you can get to the check out.  I had a confirmed order as well, but it never showed up.  When I called Cust. Serv. (5/18/06) they said that the credit card was declined.  It turned out I had entered the experation date wrong.  However, you are normally told that the card didn't go through instead of being told "thank you for your order".  The girl on the phone sounded like she was reciting her answers from a script and really had no clue what she was doing.  She said the order would be put in the next day (5/19/06) because they were really behind in entering orders (scam).  When I called back the next day to make sure the order was in, I was told they had the order and if I see a charge on my bill then I know it was shipped. I was not waiting for charges to show up to know if my order was placed or not. I went on their live chat and spoke with Vanitha (5/23/06).  Same scripted answers.  She said there was no order entered and that the original order was cancelled. I asked her who cancelled it and her only reply was "you can reorder".  I eventually did.  I asked for express shipping above the free upgraded "express" shipping at no charge considering all the hassle. I still got charged for the shipping and she only upgraded it from 5-7 days to 3-5 days.  UPS ground from CA to here is only 5 days.  So much for any "express" delivery!!!  When I tried telling her I expected a guarentee on shipping she would not give it to me and disconnected the live chat.  I sent in a complaint, but I have a feeling it won't make a difference.  I'm just really concerned that I won't receive my product and that there are going to be unauthorized charges on my bill.  This will be the last time I ever order from this company.

5/18/2006 - Wendy writes:
I wish I would have read the horror stories about turbo jam, before I decided to order it. I order it May.3 and on May 10, I called customer service because I hadn't received the product and it was 5 business days later. Customer service is located in India, they said it was shipped on May.4th and that I would receive it. I got a tracking # from them, but the following week I was at square one, my credit account was charged and still nothing. It turned out the item was shipped the day I called to inquire about it on May. 10 and I received an empty box, with an invoice that didn't have a return label on it and someone's name written in ink " Carmen Mairs"; I got mad and felt frustrated. I called my banker and made a claim against turbo jam. I was a victim of fraud. I can't believe this company continues to scam people and uses tv informercials to cheat people of thier hard earned money. They have to be stopped, and I hope they pay for their massive deception.I got my $ back from my bankers and they (with the aide of my claim )will make sure they receive every cent ($72.80). Please tell everyone you know about this and avoid purchasing anything that's not back up by Guthy Renker( they always deliver and are legit)anything else . . . consider a scam.

5/17/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I wish I had checked here before I ordered the product. Their customer service is awful, awful, awful! I ordered online and used a coupon code, which made it appear to be real bargain. However, by using the coupon, it totally changed what I was ordering and basically I'll be getting a stripped-down package with no extras even though it was not clear that I'd be getting the stripped down package. I tried calling and emailing customer service (yes, they're in India but so are most call centers these days) to cancel the first order and re-order the full package without a coupon but I'm told that there's no record of my order because system glitches, etc. Yet, I received an order confirmation email. They say I can return the order when it arrives, but they won't give me a RMA until I physically have the package. There never seems to be a supervisor available. So frustrating. It's too bad because I really like Beachbody products but will not order again due to these difficulties.

5/9/2006 - Katie writes:
I should have checked this site before ordering this product --that I was really looking forward to getting.  I made an order on 4/30, the next day visited this site and started to worry.  By the 5th and I hadn' t seen any charges on my card or emails confirming that it has shipped I called CService line.  The person told me that the order had been authorized on 5/2 and would be shipped the next day.  I checked my account on 5/9 and still no charges made.  So on 5/9 I called again to cancel and told her that no charges have posted, she put me on hold and then came back to say that it had been charged on 5/9.  Seems like a lie-- what kind of company ships a product and makes the charges 3 days later?  Plus how convenient to charge the account on the same day that I called and said that I wanted to cancel.  I got off the phone, called the bank again and still no charges or pending charges.  As far as I am concerned the company is misleading to the point of being fraudulent.  I have had one of the most frustrating experiences with this company, not to mention their customer service agents are in another country and were snotty on the phone when I started questioning their credibility.   DO NOT Order from beach body, this experience has been a complete waste of my time.  Not to  mention that they say that you will recieve the product in 3 to 5 business days.

5/1/2006 - Jessica writes:
I orderd Turbo Jam online on 04/08/06. I was offered an up-grade to Express shipping with a guaranteed 5-7 day delivery. When I still hadn't received anything on 04/18/06, I called and asked to cancel. The customer service rep. in India was not able to assist me, I asked to speak to his supervisor and was told that there wasn't any. I was told though, that there had been a 'technical glitch' which caused the delay... It would have been nice to receive an up-date! I then e-mailed to cancel and was given an 'Incident confirmation #' and a promise for a follow-up. On 4/20/06 the package was sent out by regular Ground mail. I have not opened it... (I won't return it until I have received a Return Authorization number) I was charged $ 32.90 on my statement. I have gone to my bank and filed a fraud complaint! I went on-line and communicated with Prya (in India?) via Live-Chat, but she/he? wasn't permitted to issue a refund. I insisted to have a supervisor come and 'chat' and was told that there wasn't any supervisor there. Prya gave me a long list of 1866 and 1800 numbers, that are all constantly busy, if they even exist for real. I have spent hours in order to resolve this. It is a huge scam and I believe the only resource you have is to have your bank/creditcard company file a fraud claim. Good luck!!

4/26/2006 - April writes:
I ordered Turbo Jam at the beginning of the month, but never received the product. I called today (the 26th) and felt I waited long enough, being that the site states that I should receive my order within 7 days at the most. The representative told me my credit card was declined which made no sense because I have had sufficient funds and STILL have sufficient funds. She said I should check my account, which I had already done prior to the phone call. My complaint is that no one ever notified me of this, and it happened weeks ago. I could have attempted to order again earlier, but now, the product is out of stock. I asked the representative when it would be in stock again and she stated "I have no information about this at this time". I am very dissappointed. In the past, I didn't have this problem, but I am reluctant to order from this site again. This is not a complaint against Turbo Jam, because I'm sure it's a great program, but against Beachbody because their customer service is horrible.

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