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Turbo Tiger Complaints
Total Complaints: 3
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Alex writes:
This can't pick up anything. I bought it for my car and it does not pick up pet hairs or pebbles from the car. I tried it in my house and when I put the attachments on it did not pick up really anything. On TV it shows it picking up 1 or 2 bowling balls. I've never tried that but I don't think it'll even pick up that. Must of been a plastic bowling ball.  It definitely won't pick it up after you put the attachments on it. 

Val writes:
Turbo Tiger vacuum hardly picks up dirt in plain sight, much less a bowling ball! I got rid of my regular vacuum--I needed a new one anyway. I thought this would replace it. It does only fair as a hand vacuum. When you use the attachments to do a whole floor, it picks up nothing. I'm having to do the best I can on my knees using it as a hand vac. I waited too late to return it. I will be buying a regular vacuum again shortly. I am very disappointed.

Jawaad writes:
The infomercial on TV must've been exaggerated. Our seems to pick up dirt on the floor and on the carpet if I go over it a few times, but it is horrible on our rugs--it picks nothing up. On the other hand, it is not as loud as some other vacuum cleaners, it hasn't broken down or given any problems, and I suppose it is best at consuming electicity.

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