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Unbelievable - Sheryl Tiegs Complaints
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2/15/2007 - Jeanie writes:
This stuff doesn't work folks! I have had it for 2 months and absolutely NO improvement. How Tieg's gets away with this is beyond my comprehension. I am becoming increasingly convinced that there isn't an informercial in existence that tells "the whole truth and nothing but the truth", so help me!

12/7/2006 - Michele writes:
This product does absolutely nothing in just 2 weeks, so I called right away for REM number, and mailed it back 2 days after that which was November 21st. Today, December 7, OneWorld has charged me and claimed that the product is not there and that policy is the charge will NOT be removed even when the product comes in. 17 days in the mail, and it wasn't even the holiday package rush yet. Someone needs to FIND the package!!!!! I faxed Desirie the post office receipt for the postage and verification of Chino, CA as the designation. I also had to send her a copy of the 'Return Policy' stated on the web site. Very Unprofessional, and now I will start to email Oprah, Good Housekeeping, and the others that are advertising the product.

11/10/2006 - Madelyn writes:
Tried this product. It does not work at all. Then tried to get RMA number. I finally got that and had to call at least 5 times to get the return address. They kept telling me they had emailed the info to me. Never did. Had to go on line and pretend to want to order in order to get the mailimg address. They were trying to stall so the trial time would be over and they could charge me for this worthless product. Real bad business practices.

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