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University Medical Complaints
Total Complaints: 4
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Crystal writes:
I ordered the product for thinning hair from University Medical off an infomercial for my father.  It was offering this product for $9.95 and I figured that even if it didn't work, it wouldn't be a huge loss. I received it rather promptly, but when I told my mother about the purchase, she advised me to send it back to avoid hurting my father's feelings (he's still in denial). So we shipped it back about a week after I received it.  I called the company to make sure they had received it and to make sure they would credit me, and I never could reach anyone in customer service, even after an hour of waiting on hold. Furthermore, when I received my statement, the company had charged me the full price for this product- almost $40.00! My further attempts to contact the company were unsuccessful and I still have never gotten the refund, over 6 months later! So they got my money and their product back to ship to another sucker. I have also used the University Medical Thigh Cream for cellulite removal, and it is a total joke as well (of course, which cellulite cream isn't?).  I would not recommend ordering from this company. 

Kate writes:
I purchased the Collagen 5 "face-lift" system, which was advertised as "only $9.95, no shipping and handling." I received a very crummy product which had no effect whatsoever ever, either on myself (22) or my mother (50). I am pretty sure this product is just Aloe!!! To make things worse, I was enrolled in a $50 a month club I didn't asked for and charged over $250 on my credit card over the next 2 months, without even receiving another shipment. I have called this company probably 20 times, with all kinds of run-around and rude service, disputed the charges with my credit card company, and now, 4 months later am STILL trying to get the charges removed. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM UNIVERSITY MEDICAL!!!!

Connie writes:
Hmm. I used that sam cellulite creame also.   It doesn't work. So I am sticky to working out my legs, which works pretty good. But that cream is such a damn joke.  After I bought it used it then tried to close the flip cap bottle the stupid label came off into my hands...I'm like WTF!  I kept using it and saw no results whatsoever! NO ONE BUY ANYTHING THAT'S SEEN ON T.V. (even though I found this product in the store, but same manufacturer!)

Jaime writes:
I ordered the thinning hair treatment back in March of 2002. They charged my credit card in September for over $40, when it was only supposed to be $9.95, and sent the package in October to my former address (I moved in May). I contacted them in October and told them that the package was being returned and that I wanted a refund immediately. It is near impossible getting through on their 800 number, so I looked them up, found their mailing and internet address and will pursue my refund that way. Do not order from them! They will take more money than they say they will and run away with it!

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