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Velform Sauna Belt Complaints
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2/3/2007 - Kevin writes:
I bought it for 20.00 cheap but it sucks, it doesn't work it burns your skin and gives you rashes i'm throwing this product out

1/22/2007 - Natalie writes:
Well, my father, brother and I were watching t.v. one day, and came across a commercial for this 'sauna belt'. and i thought holy cow! this has to be right because i've always been told that you 'sweat out the pounds' in a sauna, So my father bought us two belts, one for my brother, and one for me.. we ordered it in about july or august, it is now almost february, and it still has not come! On top of that, it apparantly does not work! and i cannot find the number of a representative of the company that i can contact to get the money back because after the complaints and testimonies i have heard, i don't want to come within ten feet of this 'sauna belt'!

12/18/2006 - Taylor writes:
****How often we are fooled**** The sauna belt is NOT worth the $$$$ AT ALL!!! This product did NOTHING for me and I'm doubtful that it will do anything for you!! Well, I can give this product credit for burning the hell out of my skin. I DIDN'T lose or sweat any "pounds" off my tummy, like this product promised. ****Don't waste your time or money****--TRUST ME!!

12/4/2006 - Kavita writes:
Hi I got so tempted tp see the commercial of this product that I too bought it. Now I sit here thinking I eas duped. The belt burned me in my belly area , it wrinkled, got ripped because of the heat from the belt,emits stinky burned smell of wire making you sick & dizzy. & upon all these I didn't loose a inch at all. It was sheer waste of my money, I was cheated in name of weight reducing formula. Manufactuer with these kind prducts are also spoiling the honest manufracturer image... Please tell your friend never to buy this product.

12/2/2006 - Laura writes:
This product is dangerous! We payed twice as much as it said on the tv and shipping and handling was more then the product so we didnt get a free second one at all. The first time i tried it,i got exremely dizzy and felt tired i just wanted to take it off and go to sleep. when the 50 minutes were up i was not an inch smaller but and inch bigger because i had gotten so hot that my stomach had expanded. I used the sauna belt many times afterwards and it just burned me. i had it on low heat and on top of my shirt! the burns lasted for a few days and made me so itchy, my skin actually peeled off of my stomach! and the tiny hairs i have on my stomach were all burned and stank really bad, i was in so much pain it is ridiculous!!!!! no one should buy this product ever!!!!! diet and excercise baby thats the way to go! dont be fooled by all these fast results the infomercials promise you it doesnt work like that!!! if you see something you really want to try wait for it to get patented and buy it at your local walmart and pay almost nothing and if it works u saved urself time money and ur safety because the excercise informercials are all scams!!!!

11/21/2006 - Melissa writes:
After having my baby, and then a major stomach surgery not even a year in beetween, i was so excited to try this miracle worker. we all know that diet and excersise is very important too, but just thought this would help speed things along. boy was i wrong, all i got was burns and one red stomach that lsted for hours. tried it again and again thinking i was doing something wrong, and still, nothing but burns and blisters no matter the heat. very big scam!!

11/21/2006 - KC writes:
I bought the belt and tried it but it did not work so I returned it. I have been emailing the company for several months now and up until recently, I have not heard back.

8/14/2006 - Tami writes:
I too bought the sauna belt. It was late at night and the informorcial came on showing this lady just sweating off the pounds. They showed the lady outside moving around laying down. not once did the show her near a socket. not once did it show the belt not staying in place. i truly wasted my money and it heated up to the point were i just was burned not one drip of sweat. i sweated off more dialing the number trying to get my money back. people if your thinking about buying this please dont.

6/18/2006 - John writes:
I used this product once and it burned a two inch blister on my right side, I've never tried it again.

6/15/2006 - Candace writes:
I wish I would have seen this website before I purchased the Velform Sauna Belt. I am a new mom and thought this would help lose some of the inches I gained and get the elasticity back in my skin in my stomach and thighs. Boy was I wrong. When I saw it on the infomercial it showed you could do various activities while using it. When I got it and it had to be plugged in to use it, I was so mad. There is no way I have 50 minutes of free time that I am not holding my newborn. And you can't hardly use it while holding a baby. I wouldn't want him to get burned. This product is rediculous. And since I haven't had it for 30 days yet I thought I would return it, well it says there is a "restocking fee" for returning personal care items. What crap! I am very disappointed in this product and myself for thinking it would work. Do not purchase this product!

6/14/2006 - Daisy writes:
First of all I only ordered 2 sauna belts and they sent me 3. I called to return the 3rd one and that was fine. I tried the product and realized everything they said it would do was a lie. It only got hot and never made me sweat, so I decided to call and return them. The girl I talked to wouldn't let me return them and asked me to try them for another month so I agreed. After I hung up the phone I regreted agreeing to that because I knew the product didn't work. The time was up and I decided to call again to return them but I couldn't find the number anywhere. I called 411 and they game a number where I couldn't speak to a rep. only leave messeges. I left a few messeges even online, but did't get an answer. finally I found the number by someone who had posted it on their complain and I called. They said it was too late and they couldn't return my money. I am so angry at these people they lie about the product and they take our money. Im going to try to send the belt and hopefully get my money back.

6/12/2006 - Nancy writes:
My husband bought this product from an "As Seen on T.V" store and it guaranteed this product. The store owner went on to say that the product made her husband lose 5 pounds. The next day, after much contemplating, my husband went and purchased the product. Upon paying for the belt, the owner told my husband to wear a shirt and the belt over it as sometimes the heat of the belt can cause the skin to become red....WELL>>>>> becoming Red was the least of my husband's problems. After wearing the belt OVER HIS SHIRT, and him lying on his back for 50 mins (as stated in the instructions), he took off the belt to find 3 dime-size welt, blister and burn marks. I'm telling all of you to STAY away from this product. As for any Class-Action Law Suits - count us in.

6/1/2006 - David writes:
I bought one (okay, I'm 2x as stupid, two) of these belts, and tried it out. I'll admit I didn't follow the rules specifically: I had recently eaten dinner, and I wore it sitting down (YOU going to stand for 50 minutes?). Unfortunately, I went 3 for 3 and fell asleep too.. I assume the unit shut off after 50 minutes; but I'm not certain. What I do know is that it only got hot directly under the heating units (there are two, and I can point out EXACTLT where), and I never sweat. What I did do is burn and blister, and now I have marks (it's been about 6months) permanently on my stomach (scars). I saw someone mention a civil suit...well, I've got lovely marks showing the damage of which this piece of c*$* is capable...so I'm game. Be smart(er than me) and avoid this thing like the extremely dangerous garbage that it is.

5/30/2006 - Daisy writes:
I'm sick of people thinking that thry can just scam people. Anyone who want to File a Civil Suit about this I am ALL IN. I ordered the Velform Sauna Belt for a First payment of 39.99 and two additional payments of 39.99 plus shipping and handling. So it cost me about 120.00 to get burned. Not right at all. The switch does not turn off after 50 minutes like it says and I can move around the way I want. I'm stuck somewhere around a socket. This is ridiculus. This Belt burned me and gave me rashes. Please read just any one of these complaints and you will decide not to buy it. IT DOES NOT WORK, NO SWEAT NO NOTHING. On top of that the company that they deal with to give you a free 50 wal- mart card got me too. When my package came DealPass said that I would have to be a member in order to receive my free gift card. Of course membership is not free. I cancelled the free membership they had provided me with before 30 days so that I would not be charged. I figured it makes no sense to pay them 14.95 a month just for a free wal mart card along with the other worthless perks. It takes 4-6 weeks for me to get the card, SHIT I would have alreday paid for it. On top of that I dont look at my credit card statements much because i pretty much no my balances and 14.95 is pretty hard to miss. For 5 months They were still taking 14.95 out off my card. They said the computer showed that i had never cancelled. Shit and how I wish i hadnt threw away my confirmation. They refunded me for the last 2 payments. I still never received the gift card.

5/28/2006 - Tommy writes:
Velform Sauna Belt is just a DEATH Trap waiting to happen , its going to have to burn someone up before they get what they deserve . My wife bought in on that buy 1 get 1 half off DEAL ( WOW DOUBLE THE CHANCE ) it set our couch on fire before the belt got HOT on the skin . I would like to know if anyone knows of a class action law suit against these people . DONT BUY IT YOU WILL GET BURNT !!!!!

5/14/2006 - Ray writes:
I have the Sauna Belt and i kept using it  and it didn't burn me it just got really HOT!! I only sweated Once out of like 30 TIMES!!!! It a peice of crap ! BUY IT  ONLY if uwant  a peice of crap

5/11/2006 - Aish writes:
I had this product delivered from Canada. It's a waste of my money. This product is CRAP. Everyone keeps getting burnt but my Sauna Belt only worked for a minute before the remote stopped working, so now the whole belt is fucked up. It does not work and this company doesn't take the complaints seriously.When I emailed the frauds they did not reply. So please do not buy this product. Just get on a treadmill or bike instead and burn your calories. This company should be held liable for thier faulty products. I'm not happy with thier bloody service.

5/1/2006 - Lily writes:
This product is crap.I should have never purchased it.Its the biggest ive ever made.It burns your stomach and does not make you sweat even a drop. For anyone who is thinking about getting it.im telling DONT it does not work.I want my $ back.

4/29/2006 - Emma writes:
I purchased the damn belt and all it did was cause me pain. i thought "hey why not try this out sounds effective and good." and voila! it gave me this disguisting certainly NOT bathing suit rash on my tum. My advice is to just wrap a towel tightly around you waist it probably works much better then the belt. I could also not get a refund seeing as i had no clue who to contact. what frawds!

4/18/2006 - Maggie writes:
I received the sauna belt in January.  I did not get burned by it, but I did get rashes, and I DIDN'T sweat.   I had a terrible time trying to find out how to return the belt for a refund, and I just found the number today.  They refused my refund as I was past the 30-day guarantee, but I thought I'd post the number that I called, in case anyone else out there has had trouble finding it: 1-877-835-2080.

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