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Velform Sauna Belt Complaints
Total Complaints: 75
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4/29/2006 - Emma writes:
I purchased the damn belt and all it did was cause me pain. i thought "hey why not try this out sounds effective and good." and voila! it gave me this disguisting certainly NOT bathing suit rash on my tum. My advice is to just wrap a towel tightly around you waist it probably works much better then the belt. I could also not get a refund seeing as i had no clue who to contact. what frawds!

4/18/2006 - Maggie writes:
I received the sauna belt in January.  I did not get burned by it, but I did get rashes, and I DIDN'T sweat.   I had a terrible time trying to find out how to return the belt for a refund, and I just found the number today.  They refused my refund as I was past the 30-day guarantee, but I thought I'd post the number that I called, in case anyone else out there has had trouble finding it: 1-877-835-2080.

4/14/2006 - Jane writes:
Buying the Sauna Belt is the biggest mistake I have ever made. Excited I was to get the belt, but once I'd put it on, all I could do was cry in pain. Yes I cried. Wearing the sauna belt is like placing a hot iron plate on the your skin and unable to take it off because the velcro is stuck in the back and as you struggle to get it off the pain only intensifies as the wires comes into deeper contact with your skin. A dreadful product, absolutely dreadful!

4/14/2006 - Karen writes:
I purchased the sauna belt from '[]' store in canada and paid over $90.00. All it did was leave a horrible rash all over my stomache. I did not sweat at all. I thought I was doing something wrong. So atempted it a few more times, only to end up with welts all over my stomache. I wish i would have thought to find and look at this web site before purchaseing.

4/11/2006 - Nola writes:
Well, this product did nothing but get hot & give me welts. They also lied re: being able to walk around while wearing it, no, you had to plug it in & lay down for an hour. It also did not turn off like it claimed it would. I would really like to stop company's from scamming people. On top of this I cannot get my money back because I do not know who to contact, they fail to give you that info. and it's not cheap at all.

3/29/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I purchased the product and it only served to confirm what others on this web site have already said. Basically, it's a sham and does not in any way work as advertised. A glorified heating pad, I feel like an incompetent ass for being stupid enough to buy it. The product is not UL approved and may very well be a fire hazard as others have suggested.

3/27/2006 - David writes:
I uesd the belt, for some time, and all it did was bring blisters, and burns on my stomach, it started smoking one day when I was using it, the fabric was melting, very unsafe!

3/24/2006 - Mary writes:
I purchased the Velform Sauna Belt and used it right before Christmas 2005 after seeing it on an infomercial.  I thought I was doing something wrong when I did not sweat like the folks on tv.  The package does come without contact information.  But I saved my credit card bill and took the company's contact information from that.  I am happy to say that I did get my refund from the company after calling and complaining.

3/23/2006 - Lisa writes:
Yes I bought it used it and its like everyone else said, but to top everyones story here, the belts wiring is faulty it burned my house down and everything I owned was lost in the fire! The belt was plugged into wall socket by my bed. My daughter was sleeping in the bed and while she was sleeping she may have accidently hit the knob and the belt was turned on. I smelled smoke went to check things out and found my bed with my daughter on it smoldering. The only thing left   that I saw before my house went up in smoke was the cord burning into my mattress. I lost my house, all our belongings and one of my dogs and all my birds. Most definitly not a very happy person and the company should be held accountable for this.

3/22/2006 - Saini writes:
I bought this so called SAUNA BELT, from [] in Ottawa. It does not work at all. No Sweat at all. My skin is burnt and and I have stains on my back and tummy caused by this belt. Please help me where can i report or sue this company. I have the orgional receipt.

3/18/2006 - Christine writes:
I purchased this product for $34.95, I wish I checked out this sight first because I would have never bought this product. I wore it for about 40 minutes and my stomach was bright red and burned looking for about 3 hours. I didnt even wear it tight & had it on a low setting. It is the worst and this company should not get away with this!

3/15/2006 - Frances writes:
I only used this product one time and not for the full 50 min.  It burned blisters on my stomach. I would be interested in joining the class action mentioned by other people in their comments.  But their email address are not posted I bought this [] so only paid $34.95 but that is still more than it is worth.

3/9/2006 - Frank writes:
I couldn't wait to get this product. When it arrived it was cheaply packaged and had no contact for comments or returns. Yes, I used it.  Did I lose any inches?  No.  Did I get burned?  Yes, on my waist and in my wallet. It's amazing that the actors demonstrating this product are so fit and trim.  My advice.....stick to a healthy diet and workout.

3/9/2006 - Michele writes:
A part of me is disappointed to have found this site, because I kept thinking I was doing something wrong....But, no, it never shut off, no sweat, just burns...

3/8/2006 - Janine writes:
Please do not buy the Velform Sauna Belt; it's a scam! The belt does not make you sweat at all; it merely gets warm and leaves your skin red. And as far as losing an inch - impossible. I tried the sauna belt in several positions over several hours, on the highest setting without any result at all. I can't believe I fell for this.

3/7/2006 - Lea writes:
same story. ordered from "as seen on tv" ,the unit came, burned me ( in more than one way) to the point of blisters, didn't shut off,no sweat..... will send my credit card co this info and ask for them to help get my money back.

3/6/2006 - Sharon writes:
I bought the sauna belt a couple of days ago and have tried it 4 times it did nothing for me ...my husband said it's because you don't have enough fat on your stomach for it to work so i put it on him and the same thing nothing no sweat and it just turned his stomach red ...i paid 115.00 canadian for this ..the store where i bought it said i could bring it back but no money refund would have to take a store credit great this so only sells as seen on T.V products now i have to get some other crap.

3/6/2006 - Andrea writes:
I received my Sauna belt and was very excited to try it.  I followed the instructions and tried it three nights in a row.  It did nothing but burnt a hole in my stomach and I have burns all on my right side only. When I took it off the third night my daughter said, mom look at your stomach.   When I say it burnt a hole in my skin, I mean it burnt a hole.  I have taken picture of my stomach and today was able to wear a pair of non-elastic pants. I did not feel it burning and it only burnt on one side, not the entire stomach.  Obviously there is something wrong and I want just compensation.  I will be writing to my Attorney General and forwarding the picture.  I pray in the meantime I get no infection in the hole. I cannot locate where to send a complaint or forward the pictures, etc.  Please advise. Thank you for your time and trouble. Andrea

3/6/2006 - Carolyn writes:
i got it on the 14 of jan. and used it that day for the 50 min and i had 3rd degree burns where the wire was at and did not sweet and i had a light towel under it and i still burnet and i contacted the consumer product saftey commission if they get more complaints they maybe something they could do and i still cant get a hold of the company.also have pictures of the burns and had to go to doctors and get omint and then got infected and had to get antibodie omint to heal it and im still tring to get it healed.

3/6/2006 - Tami writes:
We bought this product like hundreds of others trying to lose there midsection or where not and I will say I have sweat but I have burned and get red myself. The problem here is also the switch does not go off on it's own and tonight my husband was using it and the switch wouldn't turn for him and it blew a spark. Well to say this is and can be dangerous. I will and am going to return it. If there is others out there that had a spark to it and had this problem speak up. The more people we have here we can do something. Thanks

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