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Velform Sauna Belt Complaints
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3/3/2006 - Jenna writes:
After waiting for weeks to receive the belt I called customer service.  They told me that I could cancel the order or have it resent.  I told them to cancel and thankfully my credit card was credited!! But the belt arrived at my door 2 weeks later.  I can't believe how cheap the packaging and instructions are.  I tried it on because like everyone else, I thought this would be a great way to get rid of my stomach pooch.  The Sauna belt did NOTHING--not a thing.  It didn't even heat up enough to burn my skin like others have gone through.  What a total scam and the infomercial is full of lies.  How can they get away with this?? I called Customer service to try and return this piece of junk (because I had been credited) the CS agent told me to throw it out and not bother returning it.

3/3/2006 - Robert writes:
Was praying for an answer to losing my belly fat, and saw the tv commercial and gullably thought that this must be an answer to my prayer.  Ordered it quickly and just couldn't wait to receive it.  I have used it several times and am greatly dissapointed.  It just gets hot, but not as hot as a normal heating pad, and I have never once sweated!  I want my money back.

3/2/2006 - Alicia writes:
Do Not Buy This Worthless Thing!! As everyone else is saying, its a heating pad and thats about it. I luckily got mine on ebay so I didnt pay full price($80) like a lot have. I placed the belt on laying down, had a cup of hot tea, left it on for approx 50 minutes(60 actually) and never sweated a bit. I did have 2 burns though on either side of my abdomen. Overall dont waste your money...Hey,anyone want to buy a new velform sauna belt???  LOL

3/1/2006 - Christina writes:
To all who have purchased the Velform Sauna Belt,  I am sorry that you were deceived like me.  The product claims to help you sweat away unwanted inches and pounds by wearing it up to 50 minutes.   I followed the enclosed instructions, checked after 5 minutes ( as they suggest)   continued to wear it for an additional 45 minutes, and the only outcome I had was a red and unsweaty stomach.  The redness lasted for 3 days, and the measurement   around my waist after was no different than before. I did contact customer service at 1(800)835-2080. I was given a return address:  Fulfillment #136, 6960 East Gate Blvd.  Lebanon, TN.  37088.  You need to call and receive an RMA number to place in the lower left corner of your return package to receive your refund.  They do not refund the shipping and handling.

2/24/2006 - Brandy writes:
oh my gosh every bad thing you here about the velform sauna belt is true. It's nothing but a large heating pad that gives you second degree burns. Luckily I only paid 12 bucks for it on ebay but I am still seriously pissed about even spending so little on a piece of crap product.

2/22/2006 - Trisha writes:
I am so glad to see that I am not the only one that got taken by this product.  Not that I am happy that others did but, I felt as if I had done something wrong.  I had the same experiences as everyone else. It just makes your skin red, no sweat, no calories burnt off, nothing.  A total lose.  I hope that someone can find a way to do something about this.  I too have tried to return my product.  No phone calls or emails to the company have been a success.  I am unsure of what else to do other that realize that the $80 I spent was a waste.

2/21/2006 - Diane writes:
This product is worthless!   Nothing more than a heating pad at 3 times the price!  It burned my skin and did nothing else.  I returned it to the manufacturer and they refused delivery!   They sent it back to me!  This is a ripoff, avoid this product at all costs.

2/16/2006 - Susan writes:
This product is worthless.   Blatent false advertising. The consumer is led to believe there has to be a battery pack, when you see people doing cartwheels etc, while wearing it.  I called the customer service number and asked how could somehone be out in their backyard in a lounge chair, and was told they use an extension cord.  There is no extension cord on the infomercial. I think a class action law suit should be filed against this company. I am going to phone the customer service number back and tell them I am Amish and do not use electricity, so I want my money back.  Customer Service #  877-835-2080.  I urge all of you to bombard them with phone calls.  From posts I read about this product on another site, you will have no luck getting your money back.

2/16/2006 - Carolyn writes:
I recently bought the belt off the internet for $46.00. My experience was nothing like the infomercial. I used it for a week and never broke a swet. I even drank hot tea while wearing the belt. Yes I was upset to find that the device was not coardless. This is truly a heating pad. I have red marks from on my abdomen from it burnig me. Everyone no matter where this product was purched should be compensated.

2/14/2006 - Eunice writes:
I wish I had read this site before purchasing the belt.  Firstly, I paid $80+ after watching the ad on TV only to find that is is cheaper if bought online. And yes, definitely, I did not sweat at all. It was just heat but thankfully I took it off before I got burnt. I'm just very disappointed in being scam and wasted my money!

2/13/2006 - Jessica writes:
The Sauna Belt looked like the solution to my problems!, I was like "finally, I can stop looking for a way to lose weight!" ....oh my goodness was I wrong!!. It's horrible, I never once sweated a drop, it actually burned my stomach and it was red for a while. I think I payed 60 or 80$ dollars for it and had to wait 2-3 weeks to get it in. When I saw it, it wasn't as big as it was on tv. That girl must have been a size 0 already, because it looked HUGE on here. I hope people read this and never even consider buying that crap.

2/11/2006 - Rose writes:
I began using this product per the instructions on the box.  I was lying on my bed with the sauna belt around my waist, when I smelled something burning, I got up and saw smoke coming from the belt and realized that the heating element on the front of the belt had burned through the vinyl coating of the belt and had begun to burn my comforter.  I immediately removed the belt and turned it off!  It nearly started a fire.  I didn't suffer any burning to my skin, because the underside of the belt did not get as hot as the outerside.  I was lucky I didn't suffer burns to my skin.

2/8/2006 - Maria writes:
I have come to the realization that the belt is a heating pad.  It doesn't work, no sweat - got red and turned it off.   It did not include their return address or nothing about the company - someone post their information please...!!

2/8/2006 - Natelia writes:
I purchased the Velform sauna belt and no it does not work and it will burn you.  If anyone here's of a class action suit please e-mail me.  Someone has to sue them sooner or later.

2/6/2006 - Matthew writes:
This item is only good for burns. The item doesn't do any thing that it was told it does.

1/26/2006 - Mariesa writes:
I bought it via infomercial which I will never do again. I knew I had been scammed when it arrived and there was no purchase info with the box to see my invoice.  Big red flag.  I used it and it is just a heating pad, I didn't sweat at all and I didn't lose any inches.  All the reviews say you can't seem to get your money back either.  I wish I researched it better. Do not buy this product.

1/23/2006 - Tanya writes:
I ordered the velform sauna belt [], when I rec. it I read the directions completely. I used it on my abs for only 40 min simply because I was tired of standing for so long. They not to sit or crease the belt. I was burned very very bad. I need to go to the doctor but I have no medical Ins. I have prescription burn ointment and I have been using it now for 2 weeks. I keep it bandaged with sterile gauze, I also took pictures of my abdomen. I have had this burn for 2-weeks now. Its that bed very deep. Please dont use this defective product!!!!!!! It can be very dangerous! Also if anyone knows how to contact the co. please let me know. I would love to sue this co. as well just for the fact that they have injured alot of people and scamed them!! If anyone has any info let me know. Thanks Tanya Carter

1/19/2006 - Chris writes:
This thing sucks!!!!  I waited 8 weeks to get it and when i finally got it and used it all it did was give me 2nd degree burns on my stomach because it malfunctioned.  I was going to take a crap on it and send it back to the company but i decided instead to sue them for millions of dollars.

1/14/2006 - Amy writes:
F*** THIS PRODUCT. First of all, it took FOREVER being delivered. Second of all, I thought it was a cordless belt. THird of all, I only sweated but its just plain crap. ALlright, I've just learned that saunas and steam rooms doesnt make you lose weight. It only makes you sweat and it makes your muscles relax. This product is just plain crap and if you want to lose weight, just go walking outisde. This thing costed me 42.98 and iono if they're going to give me back the money. Anyone know the phonenumber? I bought mine at [] and its just a piece of dog shit. Whatever you do, just don't use the velform sauna belt.

1/10/2006 - LaTonya writes:
Where do people get these things!   This was the worst investment of my life.  The item did nothing for me; never had one drop of sweat.  There was no return information in or on the shipping box.   I have been trying to return this thing for days. If you want to get rid of some weight, please try something else.

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