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Velform Sauna Belt Complaints
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1/7/2006 - Michelle writes:
I bought one of those belts and it got hot but it burned my sides and stomach. The burns were there for a couple of days. The sad part is they don't send you any paper work so how can we send these things back to get our moneyback on it?

1/5/2006 - Stephanie writes:
I just received my sauna belt today, I had to go to work so my boyfriend tried it first...he called me and said "this sauna belt dont work I didnt sweat at all", so when I got home I tried it.   The full 50 minutes or whatever , no sweating, just burny red on the sides of my stomach, and when i got to hot and i turned it down, it seems like it dont heat at all!   If someone knows the number to call to send it back PLEASE let me know, I am not wasting 80 dollors on a piece of crap. If I needed a heating pad, I would just go upstairs in the closet and get the one I already own!

1/5/2006 - Leslie writes:
The TV commercial is very misleading.  Product does not work, does not get your body to sweat, and I can't even find an address to send it back to.  Help!

12/31/2005 - Vanessa writes:
sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!    dont buy a waste of time and pain, pain that is from the redness and burning that this crap causes invest in a treadmill if you want to lose weight thanks for reading

12/25/2005 - Warren writes:
I have just begun to try my belt.I should say BELTS, because I went for the "buy a second one at half price". I was afraid that one might not go all the way around me, so I figured I could velcro the two of them together.They don't tell you that they include a black velcro stretchable extender strap in the package. The first thing I noticed was that you have to plug it in ! It has a power chord about 3 to 4 feet long. I don't remember seeing an appliance plug and chord on the television ad. I also DO NOT SEE A CHORD ON THEIR WEBSITE! (other than the 1 foot chord with the yellow heat adjuster) I had figured it was going to be battery powered, so I could move around or wear it as I go for a walk. PLUS, it has an automatic shut off on the heat after 50 minutes.

11/17/2005 - Louis writes:
i order velform sauna belt and i tried it,but that peace of crap didnt work at all it just burn ur stomach and left my stomach red but i didnt lose any weight. I hope somebody sue them

11/4/2005 - Tina writes:
Watched the Comercial   I bought it. was very exicted about using it.. I was very dissapionted more because i fell for the comercial..I hate it!!! I cant believe i fell for it!!! All it did was burn my skin bad!!! Family says i should sue but I dont have the time or money.. wanted to return it but have to pay more shipping. Big hassel.. If you ask me DO NOT BUY THE SAUNA BELT VELFORM.. IT DOES NOT WORK. IT WILL BURN YOU AND CAN BE DANGEROUS

10/31/2005 - Michael writes:
I tried the Velform Sauna Belt and was very disappointed. I have a 32" waist, but maybe a pound or two of stubborn brown fat. I wore the belt for several hours a day for one full week, did my normal crunches and workouts, dieted and stll lost NOTHING.  The velform sauna belt did nothing for me except give me a red and sweaty stomach.  However, I was refunded promptly.  A waist of time.

10/5/2005 - Catherine writes:
I bought the Velform Sauna Belt and once it, finally, got to me, I tried it and it didn't work! It just heats up and makes my skin red but it doesn't make me sweat at all. No calories are burned, nothing! You're better off working out than buying this product.

8/23/2005 - Kei writes:
I ordered the Velform Sauna Belt. First of all, it took FOREVER to get to me. Second, i could not find a "converter" for the prongs the Velform Sauna Belt is connected to. it is a European 3 PRONG, not like our 3 prongs that have the 2 vertical prongs on top and 1 circular on the bottom. NO... it was 2 vertical prongs (twice as thick) at the top and 1 on the bottom. No one in sells that type of transformer. this is ludicrous. i have tried numerous times to call and return the item, sent emails, and i have not yet reveived a response. the sad part is that i ordered 2 of them, one for me and one for my sister. 

1/2/2005 - David writes:
i tried the belt. it barely got luke warm.tried to get return address.left messages at 1905 817 0471.no call back. now voice mail is all full.can you help. thanks. david

Anonymous writes:
I bought the Velform Sauna belt at [] (yes, []) and I paid $89.00 dollars for it (Canadian). When I put the belt on, I wore it for the time recomended and after that time I didn't sweat! I didn't do anyhting but turn red and burn! I noticed that they took all the claims off the product. It lets you assume it will help. I had seen it on an infomercial. The product claims to melt the fat off. A few more minutes and it might have melted the fat. It also may have roasted my flesh to a golden brown and then I could have been basted as well! If I want to have fat melted that way, I'll lean over an oven! This product is a joke! Don't buy it. I'm so glad I went back the next day and got my money back! I can't believe this scam is in Canada!

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