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Video Professor Complaints
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2/4/2007 - Donna writes:
I did order one Video, now every few weeks another one shows up with the amounts showing up on my account. do I now have to change my checking account. going to video professor site I notice there is not a email address to report there miss givings, but a disclaimer telling you they are not responsible. Way to stand behind your product!!!

2/2/2007 - Amy writes:
Charges for over $150 appeared on my credit card for video professor products I never ordered! When I contacted them, I was told I answered an online survey that placed the orders. I had not done any such thing. They said they would close the account and I refused any products from them that came in the mail. My credit card company allowed me to dispute the charges, but I am very upset that video professor can get your name, address and credit card information without you ever being aware!

1/31/2007 - Chris writes:
I found this page just now, by accident, and I'm so glad that I am not the only person who is angry about what Video Professor does. I bought videos, a couple, in fact, and ended up paying more because they send videos that AREN'T free but need to be paid for. I called them on the phone to complain, and the female on the other end was very haughty and rude. I ended up just paying the bill and making a note to NEVER EVER buy from them again and to tell my family not to buy from them. I was so angry, I even threw away their videos. I didn't want that energy around my house. Do NOT buy from Video Professor.

1/30/2007 - David writes:
I am complaining about receiving and being charge on my credit card for discs that I did not order. I ordered Norton Anti Virus on line but not from this company. I have not requested any disc from video professor. I now have 3 charges on my card without authorization by this company.

1/28/2007 - Anonymous writes:
They got me to. I was paying a bill online and was sucked in to their so called free offer.As of now I'm out 80.00.I'm closing my checking account of 15years 1/28/07.I hope somebody out there smarter than me can get these liers and theivies.

1/25/2007 - Connie writes:
I ordered Page Maker through some web site "Offer" and I for somerealson have been charged four times shipping and receiving and have received the Window course now and was chared $76 to my credit card. I don't know how to stop these from comming! Please help. Thanks, Connie

1/21/2007 - Faith writes:
I asked for a free video for the price and continue to receive these useless packages at a price of around $78.00. I mailed one back in the general mail and have now discovered therre is a special number and and return process one must use. I got nowhere with the customer service number. I have now e-mailed customer service and will continue to call them. FW

1/20/2007 - Elizabeth writes:
I worked for a bank and got calls all the time about sudden charges appearing on customers' cards for 79 dollars and change, and when I reported these to Investigations turned out they were the Video Professor. Many customers got more shipments after the free one and sent them back, but still got charged. It sounds like when you call and order the freebie and pay S&H, you get enrolled into something like a club where you get some new disc every month or so, like you joined a rocord club. None of these customers to my knowledge were told about this, and a lot of times the sudden charge would come against other transactions and create a whole slew of bank fees.

1/20/2007 - Karen writes:
Have ordered & received the Video Prof. CD in Sept. 2006. I THEN began receiving other CD's that I DIDN'T order. When I spoke with Customer Svc. they said that if you order on line - you are AUTOMATICALLY entered into their system - to receive additional CD's (whether you want them or not). I was charged the $5.95+ $1.00 (no idea why the 2 separate charges) for the 1st - then $79.95 for the 2nd CD. I returned the CD, as requested; that same day. The next day I received a DUPLICATE of the 2nd CD. Went thru the process AGAIN- checked and indeed the credit card was charged AGAIN. Requested a credit. A month later - the credits showed up. However, in the meantime - I received ANOTHER CD - a duplicate of the FIRST one that I had ordered. Went thru the process again. Returned the CD the same day as received. As of Dec. 20th -I found ANOTHER $79.95 charge - for the original CD that I had not ordered and had returned. Called AGAIN - they said it was recharged because it was received late as a return. I told them I sent it back the same day - should have taken MAX a week to get there. Also told them that if their Shipping & Receiving Dept. is having problems PROCESSING all these returns - that's not my problem. Customer Svc. had me 'hold' while he sent an e-mail to request the credit to be expedited. 9 days later - the credit is STILL NOT on my credit card. This is indeed a scam...yet the commercials continue to be blasted on tv. The latest? eBay! Every dolt knows that eBay is sinking - and no one buys anything on it anymore. eBay is using every avenue they can - including Video Professor - to lure people back. DON'T ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE! Finally - the lesson itself - is for the incredibly stupid! BUYER BEWARE.

1/16/2007 - Karen writes:
On December 16 2006 I received a charge to my credit card for 89.95, I immediately called VID Professor to give me a refund since this was a unauthorized charge. I was told by the representative that I should receive a refund within 15 business days. I called abck on January 3 2007 and was told my refund was indeed approved and because of inclement weather it was taking longer to give my refund but I should receive it within 5 business days since they were expediting it. I called again on January 11th and 12th and spoke with a supervisor in Accounting and I recorded both conversations. On the 11th I was told I would receive my refund in 24 hours and on the 12th when I called and spoke with Stephanie, I was told It would take 72 hours. No REFUND YET! I called this morning and spoke with Stacey, accounting manager and recorded the conversation and advised her of same, she told me I had to wait an additionall 5-10 business days. I told her it was unacceptable and they BETTER refund my credit card by the end of business day TODAY! I told her I would call back at 5:30 Eastern standard time to assure I received my refund. I also advised her that I worked in Retail for years and they can indeed refund a credit card in a matter of minutes so she was feeding me a bunch of bull crap. I then called back to speak to her supervisor Stephanie, Stacey's superviosr and she told me the same bullcrap 5-10 business days. I again told her I was recording our conversation and I demand a refund by the end of business day. I am sending my complaint to BBB and to my credit card company. I am also going to send the recorded conversations for all the promised refunds they claim I would get in X amt of time and have yet to receive. I advise everyone to do the same. CALL TODAY AND DEMAND YOUR REFUNDS.

1/13/2007 - George writes:
I ordered the video professor excell programs because It seemed like a good product and It looked very easy to learn various computer software programs. I got the product I ordered and got charged for it which was fine, but then I started getting charged for other software that they kept sending me. I would later see on my credit card statement that these charges kept coming in on a monthly basis. I contacted the company via email and told them how unhappy I was and told them to stop sending me any future CD's because all I wanted was the one I ordered and nothing else. They replied saying that they would not send me any more of those and even gave me some type of ref# in case I had any problems. Next month comes and I am still receiving the unrequested CD's and got charged once again the $79.95 I proceeded to send them a lengthy email and threatening to take legal action against them if they would keep sending and charging me for stuff that I did not want. They CD's after that stopped coming and I was no longer getting charged but I would not recommend buying anything from Video Professor unless you want to go through the Hassle that I went through.

1/9/2007 - Diana writes:
I have ordered several things from VP. The first time it wasn't at all like they said, I called and it was cancelled. Later, I ordered something for my husband and had no problem. Then after that order I started seeing my credit card being charges different amounts for months. I called my credit card company, reported to them the situation. They investigated it and I was refunded all the money with the interest I had been charged. I would recommend using a credit card over a checking account because the credit card company also has a fraud division and they are all to willing to KEEP their customerrs happy.

1/9/2007 - Genny writes:
i hope this will help me get my money back,most likely no it wont.at least i will feel a bit better.i was at the store going to use my credit card,getting grandbabies meds.any ways my card was over drawn by 20.00.so i simpley did not get the movie.i was totatly shocked,i had just checked my account before leaving the house.when i get home and call my 1-800 # and heard that video professor is why i was over drawn,i couldn't belive it.what was video professor?well i have called left mess, emailed two different emails one being the ceo's..sure!!!!!nothing.no reply of any kind.now i have looked into if you are not happy return it.well i am not happy,i would return it,if i had the product.i do not even have the product.there is no record of any kind that i can find that even shows i have it on order.i do not,because i see this as a scam from the get go.never once have i ever wanted any thing even close to it.all i want is my 80.00 plus dollars back,and a person w/a heart beat from this company to answer any of my attements to contact them to say yes,we will refund your money,sorry for any problems.so if any body could help me get action please contact me,i can not just give money away or allow it to be taken w/out my ok.this may seem little to some,but it is a weeks worth of food for my childrens lunch and breakfast for @ school.I have 3 and like i said a new baby grand-daughter.thank you for just letting me vent,hope somebody somewhere can help me recover much needed funds i did not ok to be taken.i did take ways to protect my accounts.wont say how due to video professor took my funds once,and i can not afford for them to do so again.

12/20/2006 - Frantz writes:
I ordered the FREE "Learn how to use E-Bay" lessons. Then I proceeded to return one of the CD (a condition for the free offer): called to get the Return Authorization # and return address. The woman gave me a return address in British Columbia. Paid 13$ to send it, only to get it returned to the sender because VP "moved to unknown place". Called back, (twice because the first it hung up) they gave me a return address in Colorado (how sorry we're having problem with the BC location). I notified the woman there they had given me the wrong return address, she's suppose to extend the limit date, I HOPE they are not going to charge my credit card or else I'm filling a real complaint.

12/14/2006 - Bradley writes:
My VP story isn't so much about the infomercial but about ordering online and not even from their website but from another site where they were offering this as a bonus for ordering from them. Once again it was a shipping only offer for the set. Of course there was nothing on the webpage to say that Video Professor was going to get my credit card much less that I was signing up for a subscription to some service that I had no need for. But I had hoped to up my Excel skills and since I was familiar with ordering from this other site and had no bad experiences with them, I thought I was safe. Was I wrong. (and trust me the other site has heard about the "offer") So far I have gotten three extra sets that I wasn't expecting along with calling them to return each one and try to get my name off of their list. At least my credit card company has been happy to reverse the charges.

12/13/2006 - James writes:
this professor video individual would have fit in nicely with the enron boys.What a bunch of thieves please dont do business with these people they are manipulative lying pathetic scum. To mr video poofessor and his pathetic little brain washed employees i dont care if it takes 100 years im gonna do everything i can do to make youyr life miserable and see your pathetic fraudulent company go down the drain. ill begin with a meeting monday with the texas attourney general fraud division.mr video prof your gonna regret that you and your mindless liuttle thug employees ever heard my name

11/27/2006 - Douglas writes:
I called video Professor to purchas a video for my little girl & my self i ordered word & sell on ebay & talk & tipe the charges were suppose to be $400 dollars.I just keep getting other disk of all kinds & most don't even work.When i got to checking my bank statement he has charged me $749.00 & still billing me for more money.When i call to try to cancel all i get is a message i call you back that doesn't happen.John W.Scherer you are a crook & a liar and scam artist.

11/22/2006 - Bill writes:
I will get back to you because I'm prety ticked off right now and the money that it has already cost me... It's Thanksgiving eve right now 5:25PM EST I want to kill this guy. Oh Did I say That out loud!!! He just screwed up my whole checking account for the the next few weeks and cost me about $400.00 buck for a few dollars in F----- --. I'm prety ireate. Don't mind the spelling, I'm trying to think and keep my mind off this guy... E-mail me, I'll be more than glad to talk to you or any one that is interested... Thanks Bill Would I be interested in sharing this with the media COUNT ON ME!!! I hate to see people getting ripped off, especially me. I'll talk to you, e-mail me and we'll go from there. Bill PSS: If you have some advice for the moment, I'm all ear's? Thanks [] I want to nail this PRICK K... I would love to have help behind me...

11/17/2006 - Anonymous writes:
We ordered the free video computer lesson in late Sept. only to try to cancel right away. We were not able to reach anyone live via phone and left repeated info for them to call back. No one ever called. We also sent emails and again no response. Subsequently they have made unauthorized withdrawals from our ATM account totaling $167.24 No one has ever contacted us so we can get the so called return # needed to return the product we received. We believe this is their modus operandi and how they make their money and this is a total scam!!!!

11/16/2006 - Lee writes:
In October I placed an order with video professor and immediately cancelled that order. Since then I have had 5 unlawful withdrawals from my account for $166.28. I have repeatedly tried to make contact with them to no avail. At this point my next step is a complaint to the FCC.

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