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Video Professor Complaints
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11/16/2006 - Lee writes:
In October I placed an order with video professor and immediately cancelled that order. Since then I have had 5 unlawful withdrawals from my account for $166.28. I have repeatedly tried to make contact with them to no avail. At this point my next step is a complaint to the FCC.

11/2/2006 - Hadi writes:
In May of 2006, I ordered a program from Video Professor. After receiving my credit card information, they told me that they did not have the product. I called again later after receiving their charge on my credit card and they told me that they would send the program in 5 business days. It is now November and I still do not have the program. I contacted my credit card company and they told me to contact Video Professor. I did and they were still charging my account for a product that I still do not have in September. I welcome anyone's advise.

10/31/2006 - Lori writes:
There are 3 fraudulent charges on my credit (debit) card by Video Professor and Dalbey Wealth institute all at the same time, on the same day. They total over $100. How they got my debit card#, I have no clue. I have certainly never given it to them. I recently made an [] purchase. I don't know if there was some leak there, but I am reporting it to the FCC and attorney general.

10/22/2006 - Robert writes:
I called and inquired about E Bay cd and made the mistake of giving credit card info and ordering the free cd, but when lady started her ''speil'' about receiving additional cds and having to send them back or pay for them, I told her to just forget the whole thing. She asked me if I was sure and I repeated that I didn't want anything, to just forget the whole thing. She agreed and I figured that was that. I've now received 5 cds and been charged $79.95 each time. I go through a hassle with my credit card comp. every billing cycle, but I didn't order these cds and don't think I should have to pay. I have all the cds stacked up on my comput. desk, haven't opened any of them, and will gladly return them, but I've read that it does no good to return anything as far as being credited for it. How can the consumer rights watchdogs allow this crook to get away with this? Would 60 Minutes have a field day with this guy? There's right and there's wrong and this guy is definitely wrong! I just hope some wise lawyer, consumer rights group or postal inspector decides to investigate this scam, cause it sure has soured me on ordering things from t.v. I thought there were groups out there that monitered for these scam artists that prey on the ederly!

10/19/2006 - David writes:
I am a "senior citizen" recovering from heart surgery now. I was coerced into taking a free sample lesson when I ordered some other program (something that wants more and more money to be effective for me to make some big money). I do not remember what or exactly when, but now I have received four "lessons" and want to return them. They are all unopened and I called their number and was told that because of my medical problems, out of the goodness of their hearts and all, they will refund my last two orders (that is two charges for shipping and one for last month's lesson. I find out that I am still being charged for two lessons (the one I thought was free except for the shipping charges and the second one, etc.). I can not afford to be out the approximately $170.00 dollars still being taken out of my charge card that is now over the limit. I am on Social Security and SSI and that is basically my only income. I am screwed.

10/13/2006 - Jacob writes:
I recently "purchased" the Photoshop CD from Video Professor. I didn't really need it b/c I'm already fluent in Photoshop, but I did anyways just to see how good of quality it was. Well, after I put my credit card info on the site. I didn't get any kind of response saying that your order has be made, blah, blah, blah. So I started looking deeper into the site, and found out that in five days, if I had not returned the cd, would be charged $79.95!!! So I immediately called the number they said call to cancel the "subscription"... Well, they only work for like 5 hours during they day and it was asking me to leave a message and "they would get back to me"... Yeah Right!!! So I waited till their "business hours" were in play and called the number back. Got a stupid recording of some girl saying "You are very important to us" blah, blah, blah. The first time I guess I was on hold so long, which wasn't but like 5 min, that they asked me to leave a message again and "they would get back to me". I hung up and called back... This time the recorded voice said they added some "new VIP lines" and she proceeded to give me the number. I hung up and called that number... It wasn't even a number for their company!!! It was another recording of another girl telling me to push a touch tone number on my phone and they would send me 10 text messages about some cell phone company??? That made me furious that they would send me on some wild goose chase just to leave them alone. So I called the first number back. While I was waiting on hold I remembered someone saying one time that they really do monitor you with actual people when your on hold... So I preceeded to tell them what I thought about what they were doing. You can fill in the rest. About 2 mins later a guy mysteriously came on the phone all eager to talk to me about what I needed. I told him that I wanted to cancel my "subscription" so that I wouldn't get charged $79.95. We went though the whole question thing... Name, Zip, Address, Top flying speed of an African Swallow... You know, the usual. And he said that when the CD got there I would have to return it. That's a load of crap!!! Not only did I spend the $6.95 to get it shipped to me... I'm going to have to spend however much it's going to cost me to send it back!!! Now, I do have a CITI Card, but I didn't know about that virtual credit card number or whatever that guy a couple posts back made or I would have used it. I, for sure, will use it from now on... But hopefully I wont get charge anymore than I already am going to be and everything will go without a hitch. (but probly not)

9/24/2006 - Gary writes:
the videio teaching was way too basic. could not reach a live person for returning the video. did mail the vedeo back requesting a refund but never received it. My main complaint was the inability to speak with a person to discuss the return; and not receiving a refund.

9/21/2006 - Zach writes:
Well, the story starts just about like everyone else's. I got the Quickbooks set, waited a day too long to return it, next thing I know I've been charged 80 bucks and Excel is on it's way. Finally, after 2 weeks, I managed to get a response back from VP with RMA numbers, and my account was credited 159.9. Fast forward to two weeks later, my account is in the red again. Why? VP never cancelled my account in their computers, even though they sent me a postcard stating that fact. I was charged the $160 again! I called them on a Saturday (got a real person!!!) and explained the whole thing, and I was told, get this, that it must have been a newer rep who handled my account but didn't do it right, so she would take care of the refund, but first, "what do I like to do on my computer?" Are you kidding? This was like a bad dream! I told her I want my refund and I want nothing else from VP. I'm still waiting for my $160 to go back into my checking acct. Its been less than a week so I shall wait and see. Meanwhile, my online bank statement has so many debits, refund credits, and refund credit reversals for 79.95, you'd think someone was doing it on purpose.

9/5/2006 - E. Joyner writes:
I ordered what was suppose to be a free copy of Quick Books. I was asked for a credit card and was told that it would not be used until I ordered other CD's. I then received 3 CD's of Quick Books and then another 5 CD pack. I checked my credit card and noticed that I was charged $79.95. I have tried calling for a return authoriztion and they are always helping other customers. I shutter to think what will be charged next on my credit card.

9/1/2006 - Dave writes:
I have not recieve the video professor yet but have been charge from my card for 2.69 plus 1.00 this has cost me 50.00 for over the limit from my bank

8/24/2006 - Michael writes:
I, like the rest of you thought the $6.95 was the only cost for a so called "FREE" lesson. I was shocked when I opened the box and discovered that they were going to charge me $79.95 if I didn't return the product. I promptly went to the Internet and then read the bad news about the scam. However, I protected myself because I am a suspicious person by nature. I am especially suspicious about giving out credit card numbers to strangers over the phone unless I really know who I am doing business with. Informercials are a shot in the dark at best. So, I use a product from Citibank called Virtual Account Numbers. With this product you can generate a one-use credit card number with a specific dollar amount. I proceeded to set one up for $7.00 and gave them that virtual number instead of my real one. When I read about all these complaints I chuckled to myself and said, "Let's see them try to do that to me". There is no way they can bill me more than $7.00 on that account number. I urge everyone to consider getting a Citibank credit card so that you will have access to their Virtual Account Numbers to avoid these scams. It looks like it might have really saved me here.

8/24/2006 - Jean writes:
This guy is a con artist. He keeps sending lessons that I do not want. I have send every one back to Denver. He is a crook. my credit card has been billed at around form $70. How can he continue get by with his scam. I cancelled my credit cards and will NEVER place a number on line.

8/24/2006 - Jean writes:
I do not want to see anymore of this crooks lessons. He keeps sending new ones and thinks I am going to keep the. WRONG. The cost alone tells me something smells here. He send "lessons" not ordered and charges my credit card. what a mistake that was. I have had to cancel my credit cards to keep these crooks from billing my credit cards. I have new cards and will never put any of my credit cards on line. What an idiot I have been. He says he will send money back, I have sent all I received back to Denver. My credit card company has done a good job of giving me charge backs.

8/17/2006 - Damien writes:
I usually never fall prey to scams, but I really wanted to learn more about HTML programming for my ebay business and called and ordered his instructional CD. I should have been turned off by the fact that they asked for my creditcard info first, then went through about 20-30 minutes worth of offers for every crappy magazine subscription and cheesy product under the sun. I interuppted the sales rep who could barely speak the english printed on the cards she was obviously reading from, and explained I wasnt agreeing to anything extra, just the item I was calling about. She said It was mandatory that I listen to this crap, that she had to go through her spiel. I was like oh yeah? and hung up. The CD came 2 days later. then a few more came. aperently, she signed me up for everything. I was charged $90 for my "free CD". That being said, I did call customer service when I got my credit invoice, was able to speak to a person immediately with a good grasp of the english language, and he assured me the charges would be reversed and I could keep everything I had recieved thus far. He was good to his word, 3 days later I was credited $90, and I still have the CDs and they were actually pretty informative, though not all that comprehensive, I still needed to go elswhere for additional information, but all in all I guess I am the exeption to the way they treat customers.

8/15/2006 - Michael writes:
I took this crook up on his offer for a FREE, except for shipping charge, lesson disc. In less than a month I received an unsolicted second lesson so old, it came on a VCR TAPE! My credit card was charged $70 + shipping. When I tried to return the item, I was hing on by the cutomer service rep who first advised me I could not simply return the item without prior authorization. I called my credit card company ([]) and they advised me that I had to first return the item before I could dispute the charge. This viscous Catch-22 cycle went on for 11 months, until I finally just stopped paying the card off every month and when late fees took it over it's limit the card was cancelled. It took my refusal to discuss payment for nearly a year until the balance was charged off. THEN I got a call from an auditor who agreed to deduct all the Video Professor charges if I would pay the balance, which I did immediately to restore my credit. There is something fishy about why credit card companies are so complicit in this scam. Some shark attorney should file a class action suit or the Feds should file a RICO case against this crook. His tactics and modus operandi make organized crime look like cub scouts.

8/4/2006 - Dan writes:
I initially ordered video prof to learn about e-bay. Expecting the shipping charge only on my credit card. However, a short time later, I was billed approx $70.00 for the product. I have tried multiple times to contact the company by e-mail and phone...only to receive undeliverable e-mail and repeated phone disconnections when talking to their representatives. After reading all the scam information about this company, I'm starting to believe it's true. I have contacted my credit card company to alert them of future billing by Vid Prof. They told my that I would have to wait for the billing to dispute the claim. I however had received another unauthorized and unordered set of discs by this company...and am waiting to see if a charge shows up on my next billing. After all my attempts to contact this company to stop sending me new program discs... I am waiting to see if another one pops up in my mail box. If so, I will go to whatever extent it takes to contact all national agencies that investigate mail fraud. Including the FBI, CIA, etc. This apparent rip-off cannot, and should not, be tolerated by any public taxpaying citizen. The FBI and CIA welcome rip-off and Scam information at their websites, feel free to contact them. They usually and directly get to the bottom of fraudulent scams and stop them.

8/1/2006 - Nan writes:
My elderly relative purchased the CD then tried and tried to get them to stop charging and sending more. Eventually he had to cancel his credit card to get them to stop charging that monthly fee of over $75. A company that takes advantage of elderly people like that ought to be shut down.

7/21/2006 - Dale writes:
I bought one of His Products online as a gift to give a friend. I thought I was only being charged for the shipping of the FREE cd.Since the item was for a gift I never opened it. Then I started getting other CD's in the mail about once a month, I thought they were all the same price as advertised on TV so I never gave it a thought and didn't open them either. After the 4th CD came my curiosity was aroused so I opened the package to see how I was being charged for the monthly editions being sent. There was no invoice with the mailing label that was stuck to the package, and no contact info on the label but on the back of the label there is a notice about 10 trial and 20 day grace period and no products will be accepted for return after 30 days. Since I had received the 4th cd I was even more curious and without examining the contents of the opened package, I went online to do a search for the Vid Pro products to find some contact information and inquire as to why I continue to receive the CD's monthly. WOW, what a shock to my eyes to see the info the search returned, Numerous reports of Deceptive Advertising and people like me being ripped off by the Vid Pro, I had no idea I was being charged so much money to my CC monthly, ( I have online CC bill pay and most of the time I just click PAY without examining the statement which is displayed on a separate page) OH boy, what an oversight to say the least, being so lax on my part has contributed to the Vid Pro's wealth. I will never again be so complacent with my CC info and will examine charge in detail. Now, if I can get this Vid Pro to stop taking my money, I advise any one who thinks that they are getting something for free from Vid Pro that is not the case, DO NOT give them your CC number, that is just validating their License to steal from you monthly. I thought I was very aware about online scam and phishing schemes, I didn't think that a Nationally Advertised on Television product could be so deceptive. "Buyer Beware"

7/19/2006 - Gary writes:
The only reason I own these products is because they charged my checking 79.00 before the free trial was up! Then I canceled my account twice and kept recieving videos!!! Again I was charged 79.00!!! I just recieved another video yesterday. This is an outrage. The company is making a fortune scamming hard working people. I want my money back since I canceled twice. Im watching for the next debit on my checking statement, me and my lawyer that is! Gary

7/10/2006 - Diana writes:
I ordered the free (learn E-Bay) I told the lady I ONLY wanted the free one and if I liked it I would call them for more. But I told her only the free one, she proceeded to give me the spill and I stoped her and said what part of only the free one do you not understand? She said ok and that was that until I got my credit card bill for 79.00+shipping. I think the government should put a stop to these types of scams. The TV channels that allow them to get by with this should also be responsible. I tried to call them several times and even give my number for them to call me back, guess what? That will never happen! That company should be prosecuted!

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