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Video Professor Complaints
Total Complaints: 61
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7/10/2006 - Rick writes:
I ordered the "FREE" buy and sell on eBay as per the offer on TV. I reviewed it and only wanted to keep the #1 and #2 disks, because #3 was buying and selling real estate, cars, and other big ticket items and I ahve no interest in doing that. I have written 2 emails and called twice and still have not been able to talk to anyone or get any kind of response!! It says you must have a Return Autorization Number to return the other 2 disks and not be charged the $79.95. My 10 days are almost up and I can't get anyone to give me that number. I really think it is part of the scam so they can go ahead and charge your card. After reading the other complaints, I feel I will be in for a long battle with VP. It will cost me $500 or more for a good lawyer, but it just may be worth it to Nail THE BASTARDS!!!!

7/8/2006 - Ron writes:
For the very first time ever I tried to pursue a free product offered in an add I found in the Drudge Report. After answering numerous questionnaires in the process of getting to the free gift site I was told there were additional free gifts for me. Since the site would not allow me to get pass the page for the free gifts without selecting one I picked the one promising a free video from the Video Professor, knowing this was a $6.95 investment as promised on TV. Having done this, I found that the questionnaires kept coming so I decided to cancel my order and get out of the site. I finally had to C.A.D. out of the site as it would not allow me to exit! I subsequently got not one but two video tapes and a bill to my credit card for $80.00 plus. When I tried to return them the Video Professor people told me I could not because I had had the initial product longer than 10 days. They offered to cancel the second tape and refrain from billing me on the the second one. As I balked, they threatened to charge me for the two tapes alleging I had agreed to certain terms when placing the order. What a scam!!! I'm looking for the California Consumer Affairs bureau to see if they can do something about this matter. Please tell all your friends before this guy victimizes them as well.

7/4/2006 - Bob writes:
I was scammed by this outfit promising to give me some fabulous gift just for trying these products. I wanted to see what the deal was and if it was legitimate. After clicking on two offers for trial I realized that I didn't want any part of this scam and tried to cancel. I thought this was the last I would hear from these people. They billed my credit card later for charges I never approved. I cancelled with them and I'm still being billed. This is fraud and I want to see a class action lawsuit to put them out of business. They ought to put that guy in jail not on TV he is a crook.

6/26/2006 - Al writes:
I ordered the Learn How to Buy and Sell on the Ebay from VP on AOL.
I heard from Seniors that they were getting ripped off. So I tried it for my self. I thought it was a 30 day trail time. Only to find out is was 10 from the date of shipping. When I got it i had three days to decide. I could keep 2 disc and send back 1 or be billed $79.95. A called VP and told them how deceptive the advertising is. However, I pay the $79.95 for only the items sent me. They charge my account $79.95 then $1.00 then $5.95 and again $79.95. What a scam and a bunch of liars. Go to Google and type in Video Professor Scam and look at the listings. Tell your relatives and friends before they get taken.

6/26/2006 - Bob writes:
i guess it ahppened to me also. On June 5, 2006 I ordered the E-Bay 2 disks and was almost forced into taking the third which costs 79.95 and is refundable in returned within 10 days. OK. On June 26 I received all 3. The postage was dated June 8? Where was it all that time? I called ane my 10 day review had passed and they had already charged my card. Something wrong with this picture? I got an RGA and they agreed to refund all charges if I return all three disks. We'll see. Not having looked at the disks, how much information is there about selling on e-bay and why would it take 3 disks?

6/19/2006 - Marissa writes:
I can not recall the exact year, but I know that it was more than six years ago that I was ripped off by the "Professor". I was told that I would pay only S&H charges for a free video, and once they got my credit card- you know the rest of the story. My attempts to recover my money were unsuccessful.

6/16/2006 - Darrell writes:
I tried to order the "free" disk on selling on eBay, the "Video Professor" was offering on Television. I clearly heard him state the disk was free! All that I was to pay was a rather large $6.50, handling charge. If I "for any reason" did not like the lesson, I would be refunded the shipping and handling charge+ an extra $10.00, just for trying the lesson. When I called the toll free number it was answered by a man with a thick accent! I could not clearly understand him due to his limited, broken English. He kept demanding a credit card BEFORE he would answer my questions! Finally, I heard him say something about seventy some odd dollars. Unable to have any kind of intelligent discussion with him, I demanded he not send me anything. He suddenly understood that, and his English improved drmatically. He was Indian. I, again, told him there was no deal and not to send me anything, period. He slammed the phone on me! This Video Professor is a scam artist. I will never make that call again. I also encourage those who feel they have been misled to file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Division in thier State.

6/14/2006 - Linda writes:
Its me again and guess the professor still is getting my money. the company just charged my account after telling me no more charges would be made. I guess his next batch of CDs should be on scamming so we all could learn.

5/31/2006 - Linda writes:
What a rip off. TheCD's just keep coming.So do the the rather sneaky charges of 1.00 5.95 79.95 77.95 1.00 5.95 1.00 5.95 waitng on next 79.95 to show up.He is making quite a killing on people just trying to learn something new. The bad guys on wall street could take lessons from him. He will keep bilking people 80.00 dollars at a time and nothing will be done to stop him.

5/20/2006 - Camellia writes:
The following is a true copy of a letter I wrote to Mr.Scherer. I have been unable to procure an email address for him. His phone rep said he would get that to me in one day's time. It has now been three days. I only wish I had looked on the net prior to purchasing any of his products. I could have saved myself a world of hurt. I hope this letter will add to the validity of your case and hopefully provide your client with some much needed relief. Good luck with the outcome. Mr. John W. Scherer, CEO and Founder of Video Professor, I feel raped by your company. I ordered your product on-line and even though the onerous was on me to read the fine print, I didn't. I'm sure the majority of people who order your products on-line, don't read  the fine print either. I am retired, due to a medical disability, and I live on a fixed income. I opened your product several hours ago, only to find out that you are billing me for almost $80.00. That is a large amount of money out of my monthly Social Security check. Just after I received your product, there was a very large family crisis that I had to devote my time to and I didn't realize that I should have been investigating your product at all, much less within a certain time frame, since I had already paid for it.  I just don't think it is a fair practice, especially for elderly people like me, to pull off  this sort of deception. It may be good for your cash flow but it certainly has turned me off. You have gotten all the money you will ever get from me and I will tell everyone that I know how you mislead your customers. I also was not told anything about my original order being part of a set. I thought I was getting whatever it took to teach me Access. Boy, was I wrong. I do not wish to do any more business with your company and I will tell anyone that mentions your company to me what a rip off it is. I use to enjoy seeing you on TV, seemingly caring about the people in your commercials, but now I know it was just for show. That's really very sad. You probably could have made it as an actor, had you chosen to go that route, because of your ability to make people believe that you really care about them and their ability to utilize your products. I hope that someday you might get a small taste of what it is like to be trapped in this same sort of situation. With all the money you have earned, by your deceptive practices, you will probably never know what it is like to be used in this manner. I feel certain that I am not the only person who has written to you expressing this same type of concern and it is obvious you have turned a deaf ear to each and every one of them. I will use your product that I have paid so dearly for, but no matter how beneficial it may be, I will never sing your praises, because I feel so duped. Enjoy your life, as I am sure that you do, because of the money you 'steal' from people like me.

4/24/2006 - Julie writes:
I ordered video professor over the phone.  They told me I had 30 days and if I did not like it I could return it, by ordering it I would get a free digital camera that I could keep just for trying it, if I wasn't satisfied I could return 1 of the cds and keep the other 2 They told me to give them my CC# for the cost of shipping, when I got the package in the mail and after I was charged $79.95 on my CC I read the pamplet, the return policy said I had to return it with in 10 days, I tried to call the 1-800 # a recording said to leave the phone # and they would call back, I doubt they will call back, and I doubt I will get the camera. I was scammed!

2/18/2006 - Steven writes:
no where in there tv ad do they say anything about any other charge to your bank account other than the shipping charge. within about 3 weeks a charge for $79.95 was taken out of my account without my authorization. they led me to believe the cd was free and i only had to pay for shipping. do not give them your bank account number or you will be charged again and again month after month.video professor leads you to believe if i wanted another cd i could let them know and i could buy one, after the first one which i only paid for shipping. not so,this company is one big con and the ceo & founder john w. scherer should be arrested for fraud and decieving practice on tv.

1/30/2006 - Rachelle writes:
My husband ordered the Photoshop CD with the understanding that only $6.95 for S/H would be charged to his account. He called the bank and found out that they actually charged him $79.95 for this "class". We havent even used the CD and I dont want them. Now I am in the process of calling them, to get a refund. if I dont get satifaction from them I will call the Better Business Bureau and the local t.v. networks and the police. We can not afford this charge. Their website and informicails are all misleading.

1/18/2006 - Susan writes:
I was somehow steered into purchasing video professor cd by telephone salesperson.I was told they were fully returnable if I didnt want to keep them.money back guarantee! NO WAY. didnt get money back,$79.95,actually they shipped me more cd s and took another $5.95 plus 69.99 from my bank card number.THIS IS RIDICULOUS!I cant afford to have my money taken for things i dont want or need.HOW CAN I STOP THEM?? I HAVE TO GET THEM TO STOP,THIS HAS ACCOUNTED FOR A FEW BOUNCED CHECKS AND BANK CHARGES. THEY ARE THIEVES.

1/13/2006 - Neal writes:
I had to wait for months for a program that I was mistakenly sent.  These people are terible, forever asking for another purchase. Do not get into this if you can.

12/31/2005 - Allen writes:
A Video Professor TV ad stated I could get a "free" computer learning CD for a shipping cost of $6.95. 12/05/2005 $6.95 was deducted from my checking account and I received the "free" CD. After receiving it I found that I did not need it. Being disabled I tought that returning was not worth headaches and the $6.95 and thus donated it to a local libary. On 12/23/2005, $79.95 was deducted from my checking account without any notice, so I considered this a unauthorized deduction. After calling Video Professor they told me that since it was not returned I was responsible for the $79.95. Nothing was stated in the TV ad , on the mailing jacket or any other visible place about anything "time sensistive" or additional cost involved. I filed a "disputed payment" form with the bank,cancelled my debit card but still got stuck with overdraft charges because of this payment, so now that "Free" CD has cost me over $140.00 as of now, until this is resolved. I've contacted Direct Marketing Ass. and the State's Attorney General about their misleading  and fraudulant practices.

12/3/2005 - Delilah writes:
Lucky for me, this was given to me as a gift so I wasn't out of any money, but I DID try to get the person that gave it to me to send it back and get THEIR money back. Everything on these disks are things you can learn on your own just by tinkering with your computer in one day. The "intermediate" and "advance" disks to me were more on "beginner" status. I was totally disappointed with this as I expected it to be something that could teach me things that I didn't know. Don't buy this. Save your money and ask a friend to help you learn the "basics" cause that's all you're really going to get out of the COMPLETE set of disks.

10/9/2005 - Steve writes:
got suckered by the infomercial for a friend that is just learning to use a computer.. what a ripoff! called them, asked for the "free" disc,  got charged $1 then $5.95, THEN $79.95 called to complain,got nowhere... then anoterh set of discs came inthe mail, agian another charge on the debit card of $79.95.. called agian, mad as hell, returned all disces and asked to be taken off,, then got more discs!! and another charge of $79.95!!! WTF.. had to finally close the account and file a notice of claim to get the money back, so far three months later nothing, thes people are scum,, take that back that makes SCUM bad, they are lower than bacteria..  they are making money by scammin, slight of hand and deceptive advertizing.  dont do it. tell your friends tell everyone they are liars, cheats, scum of the earth.. lower than dirt. VIDEO PROFESSOR DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE AND THEM DIE MORE!!!.

8/19/2005 - Paul writes:
It started when I contacted AOL for computer assistance. AOL insisted on rewarding me with a free Video Professor lesson despite fact I advised I already have a degree in computer knowledge. The guy was insistent; said video 1 was only a dollar for shipping, the second $5.95 and I could cancel anytime. Well, I received the first and funds in the amounts of $69.95 , $5.95 and $1.00 were removed from my bank account by Video Professor without authorization. When I telephoned V.P., I was told that the first package cost $69.95 because it contained 3 CDs. I told him the package was unopened as I intend to return it and he said I would not receive any money back and more withdrawals are pending. Video Professor is a con & thief, pure and simple.

C writes:
I ordered a program from Video Professor. At the time that I ordered, I told the order taker that I only wanted that particular program. I did not want to receive future programs unless I specifically ordered them. I received the program I ordered. However, some time later I received another program that I did not order and did not want. I called customer service. They said to send it back. I said I had no intention of spending my own money and time standing in line at the Post Office. Then they offered to send a self-addressed, pre-paid mailing label. I agreed and waited for them to send it. Apparently, more than one month went by and I still had not received the label. But, they deducted $69.95 from my checking account anyway. I called them about this. They said they would make sure the label got to me. A month later, it still had not arrived. I called again. They promised another label. To date, I haven't received the return label; but, they still have $69.95 of my money taken at the end of April and now it is July. 

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