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Vitapower Complaints
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2/14/2007 - Lee writes:
Looks like refunds are out of the question, Had to replace credit card to stop payment and anticipating nasty letter. Isnt free enterprise wonderfull?

2/13/2007 - Malisa writes:
Please Help!!! I ordered Proactiv for my daughter and while on the phone they offered the Vitaclear vitamins. I told them that I would try the product but if I did not want them I would call them and cancel the order. Well, that was in October of 2006. I have called them several times to cancel and they still charge my account and send out another shipment, again and again. I am calling my bank today to block them from charging me next month.I have sent back two shipments and recieved no credit for them. What else can you do to stop them?

2/13/2007 - Marissa writes:
I had purchaced Proactive Solution after calling a number presented ona television commercial. On the phone they cut right to the chase and wanted my credit card number then proceeded to give me options about the product. I agreed to a 60 day trial worth about $40 and then was peppered with questions about other products. One was pushed extensively - "Vita Clear," part of Vita Power. "Beauty is not only on the outside," they explained then proceeeded to talk about vitamins to improve my skin. These vitamins would initially only cost me $1 extra plus shipping. I figured why not and concluded the phone call. What they did NOT tell me was that when these vitamins were shipped that they would not have any contact information attached, so I assumed they would be featured on my Proactive account. I checked online to see what I would be billed for the next shipment and "Vita Clear" did NOT appear on the statement. Just five days ago I was charged an overdraft fee on my debit card, not even close to when I would be billed for Proactive. I called the bank and asked for the contact information, called the number and they stated I needed to cancel the account through them. However, it is through the same manufacturers and they did NOT tell me this when I first called the 1-800 number! They are NOT refunding my account for these stupid things and have just now agreed to cancel my order, an order I agreed to make once and once only. Do NOT fall for this!

2/9/2007 - Debbie writes:
My complaint is about the vitamins. I saw no result with the vitamins. When I ordered, I was told they didn't direct ship, that I would not continue getting the vitamins unless I wanted to. Lo and behold, I have recieved them every two months since. There is no invoice and no phone number anywhere on the package. How do you put a stop to these parasites that just help themselves to your money?!

1/18/2007 - Adrienne writes:
Well, I just got off the phone with "Miss Mills" no first name available, she says that 1 box is billed in two monthly payments of $33.94. She says that I will not receive any further shipments and that billing is complete. We'll see.

1/15/2007 - Fletcher writes:
I ordered an extreme pilates unit and these vitamins were a part of it. They were supposed to come every 3 months but they are coming monthly to the tune of 33.xx each time. They said i could cancel by contacting the number, but the number goes nowhere and there is no "office". Strange they have an office for billing. I am cancelling my debit card to get rid of them. But I do work for the government and plan on making sure that every web site with a forum every where any where knows they are a scam. Being a bit of a Web-head myself I will make sure that any inquiries to this company and any product they adveertise brings my link up too. Plus I entered a complaint for fair business in Indiana.

12/13/2006 - Clarine writes:
I ordered GRC BodyVictory program off of the television on the 7th of October. When I was ordering the body victory program the person on the other end asked me if I wanted to have the vitamins along with the excersise program and I told her no I was not interested in vitamins. About 2 weeks later I got a box that had the name Vita Pro on it and at first I thought it was the excersise program I ordered but I didn't open the box. The next day I got the excersise program and called the company to tell them that I didn't want to have the vitamins and wanted to sent them back all they needed to do was send me a label to return their products. They told me that I needed to take care of that part it was my responsibility to pay for shipping and handling. Was I shocked. I scratched off my name off of the box and circled the name of the company and dropped them in the mail. I called them on the 9th of November and told them to cancel everything because I didn't want them to take anymore money out of my account. Well on the 13th another withdrawl was paid out on the 11th for $33.94 for a total of $71.87. The worst part of it is that in to order stop this nonsense I needed to cancel my debit card to keep them from taking out unauthorized withdrawls from my bank account. Body Victory also withdrew $26.90 from my account. I returned it and have yet to receive a penny from these unscprupulous ****oles

12/12/2006 - Marceilla writes:
I cancelled my order back in 7/2006 and final receive confirmation email on 9/2006 that they have stopped all shipments. I receive 2 more boxes in 12/2006 with charges to my credit card. i called and spoke with customer service rep. maria who handed me off to supervisor Mrs Mills - CI # 3178, who could not explain why my shipments and credit card was charged and that i should have called instead of email. Then when i got upset she hung up on me. I contact my credit card dept and they will send letter that the account was cancelled and for me to refuse any shipments from them from now on. My credit card dept will also credit my account. I hope all who was scammed by this company will get reimbursed. This company will not contiune and will fall very soon since i believe they are making such bad causes.

12/7/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I tried to call a couple of days ago to cancel my add on subscription to Vitapower, It was from the Windsor Pilates DVDs I ordered. I attempted to call 2 days ago and was hung up on after a quick message stating their computers were down. Today I talked to a customer service rep named Maria operator ID 3139 and Jennifer operator ID 3399 at 1-888-684-9660 and cancelled these vitamins from auto shipping. Sure enough my account was already debited $127.78 according to customer service. She said all future shipments would be stopped but this one had already left. As if I didn't already have enough of a holiday financial bind! When you call ask the following: - what is your name? - what is your operator id number? - Is there a confirmation number for the cancellation of this product?
- what address should I return the shipment to that has already been sent? - what is MY customer number to reference in the future? Since mine has already shipped I have to return less the shipping and handling. Important - make a copy of your package you recieve to note the cost of the post office charges. Return address given to me over the phone (I called twice and talked to 2 different people to confirm that they were giving out consistent information): GRN Vitapower Attn: Returns PO BOX 17292 Wilmington, DE 19850 I will be sending with confirmation id option and certified. The last thing I want is this company to say they didn't recieve the box back and I am out the money and the product! I have never had so much trouble with ordering in my life. I order a ton of stuff over the tv and internet and this vitamin company just doesn't make sense. Good Luck all!

12/6/2006 - Sheri writes:
I called several times to cancel and have been unsuccessful. I even cancelled online at the web site again without success. There was another deduction from my account today (12/6/06. Just what does one have to do to cancel this product?

12/2/2006 - Diane writes:
GRC Comprehensive. PO Box 17292 Wilmington, DE 19850. Ordered along with Windsor Pilates: I have been attempting to cancel this dietary supplement subscription for 3 months, I returned the 3rd box (marked refused) and are still being billed. Unable to get anyone to answer the following numbers 800 730-3018, 1-888-684-9660 or 888-848-2797. All of these numbers go to the same recording hours of operation 8am to 10 pm central standard time. Please assist me on canceling this subscription.

11/30/2006 - Collene writes:
I agreed to "try" these stupid vitamins for a trial offer around $3.00. Well...$70.00 later I am still "trying" the vitamins that are not different from the local vitamin shop. I have sent emails to their customer service reps who tell me they have cancelled my "membership" (I didn't realize I was an official member of a vitamin group!)but that I have to pay for last month's order in two installments. This is ridiculous. Who can afford $34.oo being taken out for something you never wanted in the first place! Please post if you have gotten any resolution to your problem with this company b/c I am anxious to know if it will really stop or if I need to cancel my bank account!

11/28/2006 - Mary Ann writes:
I ordered the vitapower from a infomercial. When I ordered I was never told that they would continue to send the vitapower again when I did not request it. I have sent back the package twice and today recieved another supply. I feel that this is a scam. I am looking for a phone number to call to have this stopped. It came from GR Nutrition PO Box 17292 in Wilmington De. I don't want to reopen the box and be charged for the postage.

11/28/2006 - Ev writes:
I agree...this is a complete scam. You cancel with them, but they still have a final shipment and billing period. I cancelled over a month ago, and still getting shipments. Each of their shipments are billed and sent out in two parts, so you're in a vitamin purgatory with them, it just keeps on coming! This is supposed to be my last shipment...I have my doubts!

11/27/2006 - Dixie writes:
I don't remember even agreeing to try this product. They shipped it evidently as part of a Windsor Pilates deal that I did request. The company's representative at 888-848-2797 says that I received a brochure on the first shipment that gave me the info to cancel but that I did not call at that time. Perhaps they did, but they never provided any info after that with any of the shipments telling how to cancel the repeat shipments after I found that these shipments were costing $65 each. That smacks of fraud or at least a very irresponsible company. I cancelled today, and am shipping back the last two shipments. I'll post again if that does not resolve the issue.

11/22/2006 - Debra writes:
I took the 30 day supply offer for $1 and shipping. I was told that I could cancel after that time. I called to cancel but was informed that the shipment was already made and I would have to pay for that supply. What no one tells you is that is a 60 day supply and you are screwed with vitamins that you don't want. You are never advised at any time that you have to get the 60 day supply. Calling this company is futile. They are scam artist and Pro-Active should be ashame of thier affiliation with them and decptive practice by this company.

11/13/2006 - Crystal writes:
I ordered the Winsor Pilates circle and they offered VITAPOWER to try. They said it would be no problem to CANCEL that is BULL CRAP because the number on the side of the box was for another info commercial and they would say I had the wrong number and they could not help me. I looked up Vitapowers website gee same number on the box is the one on website so finally I found this website and found the right number. They will not refund my money until I get the product and return it. Thats just GREAT. I donot want this product I am pregnant cannot take the product anymore. They better return my money I am PISSED. By the way her is the right number 1-888-848-2797

11/12/2006 - Nano writes:
Today is Sunday the 12th of November 2006. I officially have begun my journey into the world of grc and their questionable business practices. My email is [], i will welcome any of the past posters, readers and future readers to pass on to me their personal experiences and steps taken to recoup any or all monies lost to this company. I just returned from overseas, yes military, and am catching up on my finances. My fiancé ordered proactiv before i left in may and since then the credit card has been getting charged for vitamins, GRC VITAPOWER PRO PLUS, and have not received any of this product. I have been getting charged $33.94 since May 06, coincidentally the same time she received her first Proactiv shipment. Today I noticed another charge on my card for $69 to a VITAPOWER, notice the different amount and title of the product on my bank statement. On my bank statement there are phone numbers. GRC VITAPOWER PRO PLUS 888-848-2797, VITAPOWER 888-848-2797, called PROACTIV and they gave me 888-684-9660, they are all the same number. Today is Sunday like I said, called them up and got the press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish, then a recording comes on and says call back between 8am and 10pm est, funny they never said mon-fri or anything. Will try again tomorrow Monday and give an update. If anyone wants to email me your experience with this and the steps you have taken, please do so at [] (misp purposely). Thank you for taking the time to red this.

11/12/2006 - Stephanie writes:
I've tried to contact (hard to locate the actual phone number and address not on the box!) to cancel the "trail" offer - scam is right the over-price vitamins just keep coming!Soon I'll have to give a way for x-mas gifts. Tell your friends post a chain letter get the info out there! The star pushing this product should be a shamed of herself!

11/11/2006 - Dani writes:
I ordered the Windsor Pilates ring and video. I was then offered a trial of the vita power. I said sure, but that i only wanted it as a one time deal, that i didnt not want to recieve anymore, the lady said sure. I knew that i would need to cancel my subscription with Windsor Pilates or i would receive more videos, however i did it too late and received a video and my checking account was billed. to cancel this one was quite easy, i called the company, (though getting a number for it wasn't all that fun) the rep i talked to was great, she credited my account right on the spot, before the product was even mailed back. However, i then received the two packs of vitapower, and my checking account was charged nearly 65 dollars. i called the company, they said jsut write cancel and send it back, but i had already opened it, so i had to re-address the whole thing and pay shipping. i was smart enough however to put a track and confirm on the box, so i know now that they have received it, we'll jsut see if my account gets credited now. Lets hope this is the end!

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