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Vonage Phone Service Complaints
Total Complaints: 15
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12/27/2006 - April writes:
I will never defend Vonage. They lied from the get go. I have proof that they lied. I would never say anything good about Vonage... Wait one word i can say about them is.... SCAMERS

10/12/2006 - Margaret writes:
I ordered Vonage and I was pretty happy with them until they called and wanted me to get the second line for 2 months free. I told the girl numerous times that I really didn't need it but she was persistant so I figured that it was free so finally I gave in and agreed. I got billed for the 2nd line after 1 month. I was told this was because they bill a month in advance. So I cancelled the 2nd phone line and they deducted 45.19 from my account for a disconnection fee when they clearly state that the disconnection fee is waived if cancelled within the free period. I feel this is nothing more than stealing money from hardworking people under the guise of false advertisement and they should have to return the money with interest.

10/1/2006 - Cindy writes:
When I called about getting Vonage, my first question was will I be able to keep my number that I have had for 17 years? I was told yes I could. So I ordered Vonage.When I got everything set up, they gave me a temporary #. When I called about transfering my old number, they told me I would have to wait until the end of my 30-day trial period. So I never gave the temp. # out to anyone because I thought I would have my number transferred soon. (All the while I had d both my land line and Vonage: NO savings there). After the trial period I called to transfer my # and was told I didn't have a transferable #. I thought of what I would be saving a month and reluctantly gave up my old #. After giving out my new #, family called from 2 miles away and wanted to know why they had to dial long- distance to reach me. I called Vonage and was told they had no local #'s to give me. I talked to more than 6 people from Vonage throughout the 30 days and after, and was never told the same thing twice. I am still in the process of getting rid of them. They told me because I was past my 30-day trial I would have to pay a disconnect fee and that they would not take the equipment back, so I would have to pay for that also. I got my old number and service back and that cost me as well. Vonage has been a nightmare. They tell me I can't cancel until the end of Nov. because of the terms of the agreement. And it will still cost me, but not as much as the original disconnection fee. This is just a short version of my Vonage experience. All I can say is: Don't go with Vonage.

9/14/2006 - Danny writes:
Vonage fails to tell you that your fax machine might have to be replaced that a VOIP compatable fax machine. After many months of trying to change the fax settings with a customer service agent in India, they informed me that my HP fax was not compatable and I would have to buy a new one. When I told them to disconnect the service, they didn't want to let me keep my number. DON"T DO IT!

8/25/2006 - Crystal writes:
While this service has worked OK for us, it requires a good deal of technical know-how and time to install and troubleshoot. Also, make sure you realize that 911 operators do not automatically know where you live as with regular land line services. There can be a good deal of static on the phone at times too. You will probably need a multi-handset cordless phone to really enjoy this because there is only one place to plug the phone in. This really is frustrating because you can't just plug it into your old phone jacks, and limits your phone selection if you need phones in more than one room. The free long distance really ofsets the frustration for me however.

8/19/2006 - Pedro writes:
I was pressured into signing up for a VONAGE second line, after telling the operator that I didn’t need the second line, the operator kept talking and talking. She again pressured me to sign up for VONAGE and assured me that I could cancel the account easily if I needed. When I tried to cancel the second line in the VONAGE web site I could not. Actually all the CONTACT US options require to make a phone call to VONAGE. There is not way to contact VONAGE by
e-mail. Making phone calls to technical support is not easy and requires a long procedure. Finally I could get the cancellation of the second line after paying $42.49 for it. It seems that VONAGE business has changed from phone services to scam his clients with the “second line”. There is no way to submit any complain to VONAGE. I had to wait 30 minutes without any response.

8/16/2006 - Lee writes:
I signed up with Vonage back in Novebmer of 2005. To date my number still has not been transferred. Since December I have been paying double billing from my old carrier and from Vonage. I have called Vonage more than a dozen times. The calls last anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours. Vonages equipment does not work well with Satellite, I specifically told the Vonage salesperson that I had Satellite and I was told this would not be a problem. Not true the equipment never worked. Dealing with Vonage has been a nightmare. I dread the thought of calling them because I know I am going to get the run around and waste valuable time on the phone. So as it stands, instead of saving $100 on my phone bill, I now pay my old AT&T bill and I am being charged by Vonage every month even though my number has not been transferred and the equipment does not work with Satellite (which a tech from Vonage finally admitted last month). Oh yeah, to add insult to injury they billed me for the equipment, that never worked, because I didn't return it within 14 days. I had no idea of the time limit, never mentioned, and I am still in shock that they wanted me to pay the shipping to return equipment that never Could have worked. And last but not least, if I want to cancel they are going to charge me a $39 fee. The worst thing is that they don't seem to be governed by any regulatory board.

7/11/2006 - Alta writes:
I was pressured into signing up for Vonage, after telling the operator that I had a contract with Southwestern Bell, and I needed to verify the date that the contract would end. She again pressured me to sign up for Vonage and assured me that customer service would cancel the account if I needed. Immediately, I call SWBC and discovered my contract would not end as soon as I thought. I called Vonage, and hung up after waiting for the mystical Account Manager after 25 minutes. I called back and waited around 30 minutes and was told that I would be put through, and after another wait, I was told that I was cancelled. Since then I have called several times, being bounced around like a rubber ball. One time I was actually transferred to a recording indicating that the department was closed. Now they're trying to charge me cancellation and equipment fees. The SERVICE IS HORRIBLE, YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT COUNTRY OR WHO YOU ARE TALING TO. THEY ARE OPERATING ON THE CHEAP, MAYBE THAT'S HOW THEY'RE ABLE TO PAY FOR ALL OF THAT ADVERTISING AND LOW PRICES! WHAT R I P OFF!

7/9/2006 - Rich writes:
When they say you can keep your number they mean as long as you keep Vonages service. I have lost 1/ 12 months worth of incoming calls while Vonage transfered by old number to them. Now I want that number transfered from them to somebody new. NOT It seems some one either at Vonage or their 3rd party Broadwing changed or incorrectly entered some information associated with my number now they are refusing any transfer request due to wrong information from the new company. I can not get Vonage or Broadwing to fix this situation. All they can say is I have to give the correct information. Gee kinda hard when they screwed it up and refuse any kind of fix. Right now I have both Vonage and SunRocket on the same modem and Vonage sucks, no one can hear me on it but on the SunRocket everything is load and clear. I currently have complaints filed with the FCC, BBB, and State Attourney Generals Office.

6/25/2006 - Jeff writes:
The Vonage service itself is acceptable. I had the service for nearly 1 year with only a couple of problems, which a modem reboot resolved. I decided to cancel vonage and try a different VoIP provider because Vonage continues to add additional "Governmental Taxes", Local taxes, etc...etc... I was Completely UNSUCCESSFUL in trying to cancel the service. I was put into call queue's with hold times of 45+ minutes on 3 different occasions (Same 3 hour time period).. I then decided to lookup their corporate office and try to explain this issue to someone there... Nope! They simply hung up on me. So here is what I did to cancel.. Called my bank and reported my Debt Visa as "Lost", my Bank sent me a New card within 10 days and cancelled the old card number.. Now Vonage doesn't have a Valid Credit Card on my account to charge. I still have the Vonage modem, which they are certainly welcome to come to my house and get, if they want it! I won't ship it to them now that they gave me a "Dead-end" Call Queue when I tried to cancel.

6/22/2006 - Barb writes:
I was called by Vonage, they had a grat deal, modem free, 2 months free service all i had to pay was 16.19 for shipping and tax, told them I had DSL no problem thet said we have alot of DSL customers, Told vonage I needed to kepp my exsisting phone number, no problem we can do that.. I received an invoice in my email. Vonage had given me a new number... A Watertown number!! I live in Richfield Springs. That's long distance!! I called Vonage, I was told I could keep my number, but I needed to get a seperate line.. This is less than an hour I signed up. I told them to just cancelle my account. Told Vonage repeatedly to cancelle this account. I kept getting hung up on. I was on the phone 3 hours!!!Every time I kept telling them to cancelle.The debited my account,, not once but twice!! they charged me for a second line wich I never agreed to.. This company sucks!! I finally got ahold of a lady from Vonage today at 10am. just got done arguen with her. She told me she could only cancelle my account if i paid 39.99 .!! What!!!?? They will refund my account when they receive the modem back... This is a SCAM!!! I told her that. My package was free, vonage says i was mis informed, it's not free you need to pay 39.99. I also told Vonage the modem should not have been shipped since I cancelled my account numerous of times. I feel sorry for any body who gets suckered into Vonage like I did. I hope this company goes down!!! It's pretty bad you can't trust alot of people, I don't know how they can live with themselves screwing people over, lien about free services!!! I am making acomplaint to Elliot Spitzer about Vonage... I will help bring these scam artist down!!!!

5/12/2006 - James writes:
I have been trying to cancell my Vonage service for four days and spoke to 11 people at Vonage and was promised call backs o no avial spent iver 5 hours on the phone.  Cusotmer serice does not do cancellations only a mystical "Account Manager" tried them twice and after over thirty minutes on hold each time the phone wnet dead.  Each time I have called to speak to an account manger it says the wait time is atleast 25 minutes...I am on the phojne with them now again still trying... do not use this service!!!

4/8/2006 - Kurt writes:
I couldn't get a dial tone. The "support" page on the web really had only one suggestion (unplug everything, then plug it back it). Finally, after a long call with folks in India (they were very polite, but I think they were reading from a script), they got the thing to work. A dial tone at last. Next morning, though, the dial tone was gone. The dial tone would reappear briefly, then disappear for most of the time. Their "contact us" link on the web site does not contact anyone -- it just takes you to a FAQ page, which doesn't help. I emailed them and never got a reply. Finally, I called to cancel, as I didn't see why i should spend $30 a month for phone service that didn't work. It was then that I was informed that it would cost $42 to disconnect. They wanted to connect me to the tech support people in India again, but by this time I didn't relish spending more time on this "project", with the likely outcome being a phone that would work less frequently than the phone system in Baghdad. I decided to pay the $42 ("risk free" was the come-on, "no contracts") and be done with it. Vonage is highly marketed -- but mhy experience is that it's a very bad phone system and it's customer care is also very bad. Caveat emptor on this one.

4/7/2006 - John writes:
Make sure you like thir service as you will have a hard time canceling it.  You can't cancel online. You have to call customer service to cancel ony from 8 am to 5pm M-F. I called the number on the site but low and behold there was no cancel option on the customer service line so I just hit 0 and waited for a half hour only to be told that I needed to call a different number to cancel and that they could not transfer me! So I waited another half hour after calling the second number and fincally canceled after they demanded all kind of information from me. All of this is designed to make it hard to cancel something you should be able to do with one click on the internet!

2/10/2006 - Patreasa writes:
This company sucks major ass!!!   i oredered service from them, and it took them 2 months to get everything straight.   i ordered the service dec 1th, and i am just now getting everything online. the phone adapter i ordered wasn't in stock, and it was supposed to be the FREE promotional one, so they ended up sending me one that cost 80 dollars. they were rude to me, and also, the people could hardly understand what i was saying. all in all, i am totally disgusted with these people. they ended up giving me 2 months free service, but that was after i bitched them out everyday....don't waste your time or money... 

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