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Walk Away the Pounds Complaints
Total Complaints: 8
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Simone writes:
When ordering the product I specifically told the agent that I wanted no additional vitamins because there was an additional charge each month.  After ordering in October I have received vitamins each month and money is directly withdrawn from my bank account.  There is no contact number, e-mail given. I have written to the company and received no response. 

Julie writes:
I made the mistake of ordering off of a infomercial. They then began to charge my card every month for things I did not agree to. I have called several times and I still can't get them to keep their promise of credit these things off. You call them and you are on hold for up to 1 hour. You ask for a supervisor and it seems like everyone is a supervisor. I wouldn't recommed this company to anyone.

Beckie writes:
I ordered the Walk Away the Pounds video tapes and diet supplements from the Leslie Sansone infomercial in August 2001. Shortly after ordering, but prior to receiving the tapes and supplements I was hospitalized with West Nile Virus. I incurred thousands of dollars in medical bills which caused a financial setback for me. I called the customer service line explained my situation and asked to have my order cancelled and was told that it had already shipped that very day, however if I returned the products I would receive a full refund. A few days later I received the package and took it immediately to the post office and returned it, unopened. I have since called the customer service line eleven times and spoken with at least 15 different people requesting my refund but have yet to receive it. I was billed $52.90 and to date have only been refunded the shipping cost of $5.95.

Pam writes:
I called the customer service at "Good Times" the product marketer.  I explained my problem with the videos being sent.   She quickly said I had joined the club (No I hadn't) and would remove my name.   I had ordered the Firm on Sept. 4 and still haven't received it.  I asked her if they handled the Firm.  She said they did.  She checked on my order and said it was on back order and should ship in 1 to 2 weeks.  She also checked to make sure that I wasn't on a club for them.  Now to make sure I don't get another video shipment.  Overall she was very nice and helpful.  I also saw the other day that you can buy the Firm and Walk Away the Pounds Videos at Sports Authority.

Kelly writes:
After watching an infomercial, I ordered a video set called "Walk Away the Pounds" by Leslie Sansone.  That was in October 2001.  It is now November 2002 and I am still waiting for my tapes--interestingly, my credit card was charged immediately.  I've placed numerous calls to their customer service reps, who expressed their apologies stating they would reorder the tapes for me.  The rep who took my original order, keyed in the incorrect zip code and the mistake has never been corrected.  The last time I was able to get in touch with the customer service department (which does not offer a toll-free number), I was hung up on 4 times--after waiting several minutes on hold.  Finally, I was told that there was never any record of my order and that I would need to provide proof by faxing my credit card statement to them.  Unfortunately, I was hung up on before they would give me the fax number.  My credit card company cannot help dispute the charge because! It's been over a year.  Between paying for tapes I never received ($59.00) and paying long distance changes ($25-$30), I should have taken my money outside and just tossed it in the wind.  I'd love to know who I could/should contact to receive a refund.

Donna writes:
In July, 2002, I ordered the "Walk Away the Pounds" exercising package which included a belt with two bands attached.  After using the belt and bands only twice, one of the bands snapped.   On August 1st, I placed the first call of 10 telephone calls, to the customer service number and requested a replacement band.  On each occasion, after the first call, I was told by each representative that the band was ordered and it can take anywhere from 2 - 8 weeks. As of this date, January 3, 2003, I have not received the band. I keep calling, but they say I have to be patient a little bit longer. During one call, (10/25/02), I talked to a supervisor, Les, who quaranteed that I would be receiving the band because he was putting another order for the replacement. I have asked for another telephone number, a number for the shipping department and an email address, but have been told that they don't have one. Should I fill out a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission?  Is there someplace else I can go to file a complaint against this company?

Douglas writes:
We ordered walk-away-the-pounds. While my wife was on the phone the salesperson tried several times to get her to buy more products, but my wife turned down each offer. After receiving the initial package for $52.90, my credit card was charged twice in the following month on the same day for $38.15!!   Then another charge for $38.15 showed up the next month!  I tried several times to get them to reverse the charges to my account, and they said it had been done.(But I have seen no evidence so far).  This company owes me $95.55.  If you are considering buying this product over the phone, don't!!!  I'm not the only one affected by this shoddy operation.  They are stealing our money.  How can I get my money back?

Isabelle writes:
I ordered the "Walk Away the Pounds" by Leslie Sansome from an info commercial, I'm a dumbie. I tried it found the tape to easy of a workout and returned it for my "Full money back guarantee", I also received numerous phone calls from the marketing company wanting me to buy more Leslie Sansome walking videos I said NO, cancel my account I don't want anymore videos. Guess what they billed my debit card and sent more videos anyway. I have written and called about the POOR service. No luck I still have NOT received my refund. I will continue to fight to get my refund but it gets more doubtful everyday. Please spread the word that the video workout from Walk Away the Pounds is a joke and the service and guarantee is crap. Do you have any suggestions who else I can complain to. I have written a few reviews describing my problem for websites that sell her videos. Thanks

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