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Walk Away the Pounds for Abs Complaints
Total Complaints: 10
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Sandy writes:
I ordered above product in July 2002 - after I had completed the order form via e-mail, I discovered that it would not be shipped for 4 - 6 week -- I called customer service immediately and 'cancelled' the order.  however I received above product anyway - I decided to keep it.  I used it for only 3 weeks - approx. 3 - 4 times a week when the belt that comes with it broke.  I have called at least 4 or 5 times to request a replacement - I am put on hold for long periods of time and then advised that they will ship me a new belt --- it has been at least a month and I haven't received anything -- please do not waste your money on this product - the tubing they use on the belt will not hold up to the exercise program. 

Jennifer writes:
I feel I have been scammed by the customer service that handles Walk Away The Pounds For Abs. I ordered the product back in July. I called almost 2 weeks ago and the customer service lady told me my order was pending. When I ordered back in July by check over phone I expected the amount to be taken out of my account. I was told my ordered product would take 3-6 weeks to arrive. Now when I called 2 weeks ago and 10 weeks after my order I find they haven't charged my account. Now by this time I no longer have that money in that account. I ask them to not take it out of my checking account but to please charge my credit card. I gave the lady the new billing info. Now I called back 10 days later and find that they have no info of the change of billing. So who is out there with my card number for their use? I am very frustrated with all the run around so I canceled my order on Oct. 22. So what happens on Oct 23? They charge my checking account so I'm now responsible for a $20.00 bounce fee for a product I canceled. I am very upset at all this! I feel the product would be worth the original amount of money but now it is costing me more for their stupid mistakes! When my husband tried to help by calling them, he wanted to talk to the supervisor. The lady hung up on us 2 times then my husband told her she purposely hung up on him and asked for the supervisor. She put him on hold, long distance call for us, for 14 min. She then returned and refused to let him talk to a supervisor. He said he did think they even had supervisors and how rude she was for putting him on hold for that long. She laughed at him, by the way all we know is that her name was Sandy. We feel like we have been ripped off.

Pat writes:
I loved the doing the first workout with the weighed balls, and liked what I saw with the second one. The tapes have good workouts on them, but the tubing used on the belt sucks. The first belt broke within a week and a half. We called and got a replacement. The second one broke after two weeks, and got replacement handles for them. The final belt almost broke after two weeks but I stopped using it before I had a chance. I still use the tapes because they have good workouts on them. The trouble is the belt kept breaking down. Leslie Sansone should've gave this product more thought.

Dawn writes:
I ordered the Leslie Sansone Videos from an infomercial that I saw on television.  I should have known I was in trouble when the operator who answered my call asked if I would also like to purchase a plethora of additional products.  I told him that I ONLY wanted to purchase the videos that were being advertised.  I didn't want vitamins, other videos, or anything else.  He said he was required to ask all of the questions in his script.  I politely refused all other offers.  That was in September.  Since then (I am writing this on November 14), I have received two more bundles of videos, and my checking account has been debited for THREE additional charges. I contacted Good Times customer service and was informed that I would receive a refund for the unauthorized charges.   Don't order this product from an infomercial.  The videos are available at various sites online and in bookstores.  I am saying nothing about the product itself, as I believe it is a good product.

Amy Jo writes:
After using Walk Away the Pounds for the Abs for about 4 weeks the belt broke.  This was in June, 2002.  I have called three times since trying to get the belt replaced.  They kept telling me different stories but always assured me that they would send a replacement.  They never did.  This last time I called I was told they didn't even have a record of my purchase because it was too long ago.  I originally ordered it in April 2002.  The operator I was speaking to spoke broken English so I told her I wanted to speak to someone else because I wanted to make sure everything was right.  She totally ignored me.  After asking three times I yelled "I want to speak to someone else" and she hung up on me.   I of course called back and I believe I got the same lady but she denied it.   She told me they would send me a replacement and I would receive it in 2 to 3 weeks.  Fat chance.  Don't order this product.  It's not worth the hassle.

Sharon writes:
Do NOT Buy this product from the infomercial's contact number.  If you want to buy this product buy it from a reputable company.  This is not a review of the product but it is a review on the scam that happens when you buy the product from the infomercial's phone number.  I called the infomercial's number and ordered the product.  I refused to buy all of the extras that were offered during this initial phone call.  I was billed for the product but never received it.  I called the customer service department several times and I was told that it would be shipped.  Then I started to receive a different exercise video monthly that I never ordered and they were being billed to my credit card.   Every call I made to the customer service department was useless and a long distance phone charge. I was promised that everything would be taken care of, but I continued to receive the videos and still never received my original order.  I kept challenging the charges on my credit card and finally got my credit card company to help me.  It took a three-way conversation between my credit card company, customer service and myself to finally get all of my money back and to have the shipment of the monthly exercise videos stopped.   Customer Service did admit during this phone call that when you order Walk Away the Pounds for Abs you are automatically enrolled in their monthly exercise video program and that when you receive your original order; it includes the paper work to cancel your enrollment. You are NEVER informed of this when you place your original order.  And it is hard to cancel this enrollment, when you never receive your original order in the first place.

Ellen writes:
I have been injured three times with Walk Away the Pounds for Abs belts snapping in various places and  giving me welts. I called 9 times, wrote several e mails to various locations, they could CARE LESS. FInally after months I got new belt which they said was improved. Today it snapped and my arm is on fire with welts again. I have been on the phone for THREE HOURS and got NO satisfaction, they best they will do is send belt in 4 weeks, I said that is unacceptable and what are they doing about injury producing belt? NO comment and got hung up on. I am out 39.95, my arm is injured and I am beyond aggrivated. Leslie Sansone does NOT care about customer service, at all, that is obvious. Tape did give me great results and that was why I endured the wrath of broken belts but it is impossible to get any further replacment, RIPPED OFF IN NJ and PISSED OFF IN NJ, Ellen.

Kaye writes:
Tape is great, but the belt is a health hazard. It broke within 2 weeks, snapping so hard it left a mark. Company does not CARE about customer or our complaints. Neither does Leslie Sansone. No response to complaints about cheapness of belt.

Sandra writes:
I had recently purchased Walk Away The Pounds DVDs from a local store and I have to say I love them-they are fun/easy and help to lose inches/pounds! However, I ordered the Walk Away Weights from GoodTimes and was told my credit card would be billed on July 11th. My card was not billed until Aug 2nd and I did not receive the weights till Aug 8th. No problems with them-they are exectly as described. However, I noticed a second charge on my credit card on Aug 6th! Both transactions have been completed, so I called Customer Service and asked why do I have a second charge, will they reverse the charge or at least send the 2nd set of weights, I was rudely told I'd have to call back in 1-2 weeks, because the 2nd charge isn't showing up on their computer screen!? I asked how could that be possible considering it was completed. I was told rudely they do not know and to call back! I did not know this order went through GoodTimes-there was a paper inside the DVD of WATP advertising the weights for only $9.99-I thought this was a good deal since on the WATP website they are sold for $19.99-had I have known this would be through Goodtimes I would not have ordered them-I have heard countless times how they overcharge and send you things you did not order-is this legal? I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau as well as the authorities and my credit card company-I recommend all who order from them do file a complaint once this happens! I will continue to call customer service and complain and ask for my money back-to everyone who is experiencing this as well-don't give up! We need to put an end to this!

Patti writes:
I also ordered the Leslie Sansome Videos, Walk Away the Pounds from an infomerical.At that time they asked me if I would like to receive one new walking video about once every 6 weeks and if I decided to keep it they would send me the bill if not I should return it to them within 30 days ad I would not be billed. Well I received the video I ordered originally and then 2 days later received 2 other videos shipped separately each with their own bill encosed for $31.85 apiece.I promptly went to the post office to return them and got a receipt.  This certainly was not 6 weeks between orders!  The next week I received my credit card statement and lo and behold  there were 3 charges on it.  The first was for the original video and the other 2 were for the subsequent mailings of the 2 other videos which I had returned.I contacted my credit card company immediately and filed a complaint with them.  I had to send all documentation to them about this and they handled the rest for me.  I had my account credited for the videos I had returned but was told to keep all correspondence fr 6 months because their bank may dispute the reversal of the charges.  I guess I was one of the lucky ones.  I will never order from them again!!!

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