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Walk Fit Orthotics Complaints
Total Complaints: 25
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2/14/2007 - Florence writes:
First, they tried to sell me everything but real estate along with my orthotics. I declined all. They offered the rush delivery which I also declined. I almost cancelled the order when they told me how much the "cheap" shipping was - it seemed way too high for typical US postal service shipping. When I told the salesperson to cancel the order she quickly reduced my shipping so I went for it, reluctantly. I got them in a reasonable time considering the slower method I chose. I did not like the product and returned it. I got USPS confirmation of the date Walkfit received the returned product and it has been 11 days, no refund yet showing on my account. I called the 800 number, got the sales dept instantly! She gave me the customer service number and I waited for more than 15 minutes to talk to someone. Good business are not run this way.

1/17/2007 - Mary writes:
My latest purchase – WalkFit Orthotics. All of the testimonials on that infomercial were too much for me. I couldn't resist. The man that broke the camels back tearfully spoke of the joy he has now that he can play soccer with his 13 year old daughter, because his back no longer hurts because of WalkFit Orthotics. I had to do it. For $19.95, all of my problems would be washed away. I ordered a pair of these life-altering devices on January 5th via the Internet, and the confirmation email stated, "Standard time frame for delivery is 4-8 weeks, although most in-stock items will be shipped within the next 7-14 business days. All orders are shipped via U.S. Postal Service. Rush orders will be expedited." Rush order shipping costs $19.95. I opted for the standard $9.95, slow motion shipping method. Upon completion of my order, I noticed that the email confirmation did not have the amount that would be debited from my account. I called them immediately to find out why I didn't receive a proper invoice. The lady told me to add the cost of what I bought, and the shipping method that I'd chose together for my "total bill." I laughed. So, I waited for the $29.90 to come out of my account. January 10th $49.95 was taken out of my checking account, and on the 11th, I got an email stating that my order had been shipped on January 8th. I did some quick mathing, and came to the conclusion that they maybe were sending me two pairs. Perhaps that had been the mistake. If that was the case, I would be ok with that, though I hadn't planned on spending fifty bucks, since it was debited, I'd deal with it. I emailed the company once again, to ask where the discrepancy was. I got a reply on the 17th. They gave me the breakdown of my purchase (which is what I asked for back on the 5th) It seems that I've paid $29.90 shipping for a $19.95 product which I've yet to receive. I KNOW I didn't pick "rush" delivery. I would never have voluntarily paid all that money for shipping. I cringed at the $9.95, but decided that it was worth it for this life-altering product. J What kind of "Rush" delivery is this? It's been 12 days since the purchase, and 9 days since shipping. I emailed them once again, and said "For $19.95 Rush delivery, I hope that my package will be delivered by a cabana boy holding my WalkFit orthotics in one hand, and a pina colata in the other. I probably won't hear from them again. Googling "walkfit complaints" didn't yield much, but I did find a handful of people who have been screwed by their billing department. "I'm not alone!"

1/15/2007 - Chris writes:
No,I do not own them because they wont ship them ! even after being charged for 3-5 day shipping. If you call to order a pair you will get a answer within 4 rings however if you call the "customer service" you will be put on hold forever.. go figure .. as for the live chat customer svc ? yeah sure! and try to get a tracking number. thank God I used Amex Express and they have a real customer service dept.

1/5/2007 - Jennifer writes:
I ordered a pair of Walk Fit orthotics in mid-December. I was unimpressed by the fact that the lady on the phone was trying to sell me everything under the sun, as well as the orthotics. I also was dismayed by the exorbitant shipping and handling fee, but went ahead and got them anyway. I received the orthotics in a surprisingly timely matter, despite the fact that I declined faster (and more expensive) shipping. Within the first fifteen minutes of wearing them, I developed a large blister on the arch of my left foot. I tried to wear them for small amounts of time on successive days, but quickly came to the conclusion that they really do suck. I packaged them up with a nice letter explaining why I was returning them for a refund. It only cost me about $4 to send them back. I am a bit nervous about whether or not I will ever actually recieve a refund and if my credit card information is safe with this company. I should have done a little more research before I fell for their wonderful infomercial. I would tell anyone who is even vaguely thinking of trying these orthotics to save themselves a lot of hassle (and pain!!) and just go to their local pharmacy and get a nice pair of Dr. Scholls arch supports instead!

12/2/2006 - Dylan writes:
Well, like the rest of you theses scume have recieved my moine y for this product without holding up their end. I ordered and recieved my confirmation email on aug 26th and was billed then too, it is now December, 02, 2006 and i am yet to recieve the product, what are you guys doing about this or what can be done about this????

6/27/2006 - Susan writes:
On March 25, I tried to purchase one woman's walk fit and one man's walk fit. I was sent five mens size G. I called them, they were to send me a label to return the wrong ones at their cost and send the one womans and adjust my credit card. After several months of fighing with them I did receive the return label. We had agreed that I could return all of them, I never did receive the one for a woman and receive a full refund. I returned everyone of their walkfits. Finally in August I received all but the last $29.90 refund. I never got that and they refused discuss it further, wouldn't return calls etc.

6/6/2006 - Neil writes:
After viewing the infomerial I decided to order three pairs for myself and my sons. I placed the order and at the end of the order was informed that it woulod be 4 to 8 weeks before the item would even ship, or I could pay an additonal $9.95 per pair for faster shipping. I told the rep to cancel the order and hung up. I called back to confirm that the order had been cancelled and was informed that none of my info was maintained, yet moments later I got a call from Sylmark, with my name and I provided no phone number although the rep asked as if he did not have it. I returmed and the woman had hung up. I then receive another call a few minutes later from a hidden number. It again was Sylmark, although the young lady said it was fro somewhere else. She offered me $5.oo off of shipping, She then offerred me free shipping and a guaranteed arrival time of 14 days. I hung up on her. It seems like some kind of scam in all respects. BEST NOT USE THE PRODUCT, IT APPEARS THAT WHAT THEY WANT IS A DATABASE OR CREDIT CARD NUMBERS. I TOLD HER THAT PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF BEING LIED TO AND TREATED LIKE FOLS AND THAT THE COMPANIES HAVE TOO MUCH ACCESS TO PRIVATE INFO AS IT IS. NOONE THERE WAS FORTHRIGHT NOR TRUSTWORTHY

5/18/2006 - James writes:
I decided to buy for the whole family.  To start with I asked for a rush order, but it was ignored.  When it finally arrived the order was shot 4 of the 5 I ordered, though I received all the gel cushions.  I was charged for the order as if I had been given everything I ordered.  I called the complaints number I found on the Internet.  The person taking my call asked me to fill out a US Post office form that claimed I lost part of my order, even though it was clear from the packing list that the order was shipped incomplete.  Despite my protest, I received a postal insurance claim form a few days later.  I then emailed Walk Fit.  I was told to just fill out the form, despite the fact that it would be fraud on my part to do so, as I had stated in my email.  After several emails where the line "Just fill out the form" was repeated, I called again and asked for a supervisor.  The supervisor pulled the packing list and admitted that I was shorted on the order, and told me the order would be completed and shipped.  After not receiving the rest of the order, I finally did receive a refund of the product not shipped, leaving me with 4 walk fit cushions with no supports.  The people working in the order and complaint department are simply incompetent.

5/18/2006 - Joe writes:
I have tried ordering the Walk Fit product.  Advertised price on tv (19.99) did not include shipping.  I found this as I was placing the order over the phone and told them to cancel the order.  Immediately I received a call back from Walk Fit, they assured me I would be able to purchase the product for $19.99 total.  I again gave all of my credit card information.  Two months later and several emails and phone calls to Walk Fit I have not received a response and don't know if they even placed my order.  I've never been able to reach anyone over the phone as I have been on hold over 30 minutes every time and give up.  Terrible service!!!!!

3/31/2006 - PJ writes:
What a terrible product. I fell for the infomercial, because my fiance and I both work on our feet alot and this sounded like something that would help. Well, the insoles don't even fit within 5 of my favorite pair of shoes with my foot and the insole both in the shoe. The only shoes they would work with would have to have laces or an open stretchy top. Not to mention, they are terribly uncomfortable in the *one* pair of my shoes I could actually use them in. Also, the 30 day guarantee is a JOKE. I only had the product in-hand for 9 days when my time period had expired It is not my fault if they take a few weeks for shipping, and that time should NOT be counted off from the 30 day trial period! How can you know if a product will work for you if you haven't even received it yet? I woudl ahve only had the product for maybe 3-4 days before I would ahve had to ship it back (at my expense, of COURSE), in order to comply with the fake 30 day guaranteed period. Beware, Major rip-off!!!

3/24/2006 - Doris writes:
ordered walk fit insoles on feb. 2nd, 2006 and have yet to receive them. They have taken my money out of my account but have been told they was not mailed yet, still haven't received them. Isn't there something that can be done about this company it's hurting the advertising for lagitimate companies.

1/24/2006 - Jessie writes:
I recently ordered the 'walk fit' orthotics. After a mailing problem & never actually receiving the product, I've made several phone calls to the company in california... one one occasion the cust. serv. rep told me they had no record of any order - the previous day, they had given me a tracking & customer order number. hmmmmm.... When it's all said & done - for me, it's really a matter of terrible customer service. I'm now out $60. Ultimatly, that's not even what really bothers me... it's that the company should'nt be in business.

12/21/2005 - Nicole writes:
I went to buy the product in July and recieved them in August. When I got them I was very excited, but to my surprise they were very painful. I immediately returned them for a full refund and they told me I would get one within a month or so. It's now the end of December. I have contacted them numerous times and there has been no reply. I am fed up and really want to contact the better business bureau. Anyone who is reading this....please DO NOT buy these-IT'S NOT WORTH IT_THEY ARE A HORRIBLE PRODUCT AND THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS DISGUSTING!

12/4/2005 - Larry writes:
I own an Orthotic store and have purchased a walk-fit.  I sell the Alznner type mold in which our maufacturer makes a high quality made in the USA.  I tried the orthotic for 1 hour and it killed my feet. I also got a crack in the heel area.  It was to little support in the heel area and the plastic is to hard and to much in the upper part of the foot. We have many people that ask us if these are the same quality as what they see on tv.  I show them the support and cushion and than show them our quality support and very few people, after looking at the quality of the mold will go online to purchase it.  The other problem we see is the sizing of the walk fit is not correct for the arch size.  The arch size and show size are two differant things.  Its hit or miss when someone orders anything without an impression of foot.  People want to believe that a $30.00 purchase will change the life of the end user.  Its like anything else, you usuaally get what you pay for no matter what it is.  The shipping and handling charges is where they are making the money and many people I  have talked to do not even send them back for a refund because it is to much hassle.

11/24/2005 - Maggie writes:
Well I saw this product on TV and I think they are a solution to my pain so I called the number.  I called the number the first time and no one picked up the phone.  So I called again and I waited an waited and finally someone picked up the phone.  As soon as she started talking she asked me if I am going to pay by visa and master.  And I answered her and the next thing she asked me is my credit card number!  She didn't even bother giving me more information regarding to the payment (how much I am paying in total and if I am paying the 3 easy payments or one sum) I don't even know if she knows what I am buying!  The customer service is so unprofessional.  What a turn off.

11/4/2005 - Benny writes:
I canceled my order because of customer service. They said it would be 4 to 6 weeks to deliver. I sent 6 emails to try and cancel and they would not respond to me. Finally I had to call and still do not know if I have got it canceled or not. I would suggest going else where to make this purchase.

10/7/2005 - Greg writes:
The Dr. said I needed orthotic insoles. I can't afford the $200 plus they would cost. On comes an infomercial........20 -30 bucks........why not. I ordered some in June 2005.........the ordertaker could barely speak english.......... In September I was told.....they were shipped out, but they had the wrong address and were returned to the shipper. "We'll credit your account and rebill you for just the insoles... no shipping charge...they'll be there within 3 weeks."Today is October 6, 2005........cut me a break !!!!!!!!!!

9/23/2005 - Joe writes:
I ordered these things over a 2 months ago after being told it would only take 5-10 buisness days, called the other company that handles complaints and told they were sent out 3 weeks ago and they would send another package, 3 weeks later, still no product, been over 9 weeks now, money taken out of account but no product, same run around with different service people, will be contacting better buisness bureau.

9/15/2005 - Cherilynn writes:
They are RAPING people with their "SHIPPING/HANDLING FEES". When ordering, I questioned the amount for shipping.  I was told that tere were gifts etc that were also included.   However, there was only one little trial size bottle of foot lotion.  I ordered insoles for my husband and I both.  Then they try to sell you cushions to go with them.  It all arrived in one med. sized envelope package that couldn't have cost more than $6-7 to ship, yet they charged me $24.80 for shipping.  This included a shipping/handling fee for each item even though they were all shipped in one package.   In addition, to return them for my "full refund," I must pay for the return shipping.  Ironically, there is only a $5.95 shipping/handling fee for any orders after the first order.  They are raping people with the shipping/handling fees.  They are making money on the shipping and handling fees.  All of which, I believe, is going untaxed because that won't show as a part of their profits.  It is just a scam to get your money.  I'm considering contacting an attorney to see if there is any way to help others that have had this experience (and hopefully prevent others from having the same experience)with them via a class action suit and/or other avenues.  I am also going to check into shipping regulations and contact the state of California to see if they can find out how much money they have actually been making with the surplus from the "shippping/handling fees" they have been charging.

8/24/2005 - Liz writes:
I placed an order for walk fits for my son and orderd the wrong size.  I called back within 5 minutes of my original order to order the correct size and was told that they couldn't access my order in the system for 3 days and to call back.  When I did, the order had already been sent out.   I talked to 5 or more different customer service reps who gave me varying stories.   I did get my order and sent it back but I have yet to get my promised refund.   I called back yesterday to check on my refund and was told that the system is on overload with all of the people sending back their walk fits.  Beware of this product!  Terrible customer service!

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